Beyond the dream



    Gregorio Andaman and Dominga Anico dreamed big and it came true for them and their children.

    Gregorio and the supportive Dominga had a mission in life. The couple envisioned a St. Dominic Medical Center, which became a reality.

    Beyond the dream, however, was their goal to help their community.

    The Andamans envisioned a hospital that would provide medial services to the poor, a vision that arose from their experience during their childhood when their parents went ill and died because they were unable to receive proper medical treatment.

    Diligence, perseverance and discipline motivated the couple to give their best shot to also start their own businesses within the community.

    By living an honest and a simple and frugal life, they were able to raise six children, who each finished higher education.

    When Gregorio envisioned putting up a hospital, he was guided by his business instincts. He got information that a new road system (Cavitex) was going to pass through Bacoor, the gateway to Cavite from Manila. This became an inspiration to build St. Dominic Medical Center and subsequently a school in Bacoor.

    The Andamans bought a parcel of land where the hospital is currently located. Initial funding for St. Dominic Medical Center came from its predecessor Hillside Clinical Hospital (1984-1996). The hospital was constructed in 1990-1992. Its realization was a testimony to determined efforts of the couple and their children, namely Potenciano, Marita, Emeteria, Monte, Lina and Gregorio Jr. The hospital opened its doors on July 30, 1992.

    The hospital was named St. Dominic after Nanay Inggay, Dominga. St. Dominic is the patron saint of astronomers and the Domincan Republic. He is also the founder of the Dominican Order (Order of Preachers). It is an order that has espoused the lifestyle of poverty, ministry and evangelization to all especially to the poor.

    The medical center is located along Bacoor Boulevard in a place where the terrain meanders, where grown acacia trees abound, where you and your family can revel in a central area.

    Its world-class facilities deliver cutting-edge healthcare services, with centers of excellence in pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, surgery, internal medicine, family medicine and dental, occupational and hospice care.

    St. Dominic Medical Center is well known for its quality, comprehensive yet affordable diagnostic services, which include laboratory, X-Ray, ultrasound, electrocardiogram, 2D-Echo, Stress Test and Pharmacy. It has become synonymous with medical excellence because of its highly trained doctors who expertly utilize trailblazing medical equipment and technology to deliver effective, safe and compassionate care.

    Its doctors are leaders in the medical field and include the most respected names in clinical practice and the medical academe, in both the local and international arenas.

    St. Dominic Medical Center Satellite Clinic was launched on January 21, 2017. The hospital opened its first medical and diagnostic clinic at Main Square Mall with a full array of board- certified specialty doctors, experienced staff and a well-equipped diagnostic facility.

    The hospital is accredited by the largest and major HMO companies in the country together with its business partners, making St. Dominic Medical Center in Cavite, one among those hospitals offering the best quality healthcare today.


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