Beyond the face of a goddess

    Marian Rivera is proud to be a part of Avon as she shares the brand’s vision to empower women

    Marian Rivera is proud to be a part of Avon as she shares the brand’s vision to empower women

    Hailed three times as the “Sexiest Woman in the World” by men’s ma­gazine FHM Philippines, and recognized by an American-based online media company as the “Most Beautiful Filipino Celebrity,” Marian Rivera-Dantes is truly an epitome of beauty and grace.

    “A woman who has it all,” is how global personal care brand Avon aptly describes Rivera, in fact, whom they were proud to launch as their newest celebrity ambassador for make-up on Friday at Mango Tree Bistro in Bonifacio Global City. Believing she has always inspired and empowered women in her shows, movies, and her personal life, the female-centered company is simply thrilled to have her on board growing family of famous names and faces.

    Ideal woman
    As a wife, mother, philanthropist, and superstar, Rivera always comes across as a sincere and straightforward individual.

    Despite her stature as an A-list celebrity, the public can easily relate to this goddess of beauty what with her everyday woman goals and priority of being the best homemaker she can be. Husband Dingdong Dantes is eternally all praises for his wife who takes such good care of him and their firstborn Maria Letizia.

    Also aware that with success and stature comes social responsibi-lity, the 32-year-old actress always sets aside time for noteworthy projects. In the past, she has organized charitable endeavors including “Kapuso Adopt-A-Bangka” in partnership with her home studio GMA Network to help victims of in 2013’s devastating typhoon Yolanda; and her “Yan Ang Smile” advocacy program in 2014, which saw her working with Smile Train in helping children afflicted with cleft lip and palate.

    As part of the CSR-conscious Avon family, Rivera said she is one with the company in their thrust to empower women, specifically to encourage those unemployed to get into entrepreneurship.

    “Those without jobs can engage in small businesses, like selling Avon products. So even when you’re at home, busy taking care of your children, and attending to your husband’s needs, you can still help augment the family’s finances,” she explained.

    Launched as the face of the brand’s Indulgence Lipstick, Rivera vowed not only to inspire women to take good care of themselves no matter how busy they are, but also to take part in the company’s various outreach pro­jects for women empowerment.

    Ever a standout when it comes to beauty, The Manila Times nonetheless asked Rivera for her advise to fellow mothers who eventually become insecure about their looks.

    “It should never be a reason that just because you’re married, bore children, and you’re taking care of them, you forget to take care of yourself,” she insisted.

    “You must make time for yourself, because the more you take care of yourself, you will be able to give more love to and draw more love from others.”

    Eager to set an example, Rivera admitted how she has become more meticulous in her beauty routine as she grew older and now that she is a wife and mother.

    Recalling how she was kind of boyish as a teenager, she only started experimenting and applying make-up when she took on her most famous role as the Philippines’ “Marimar.”

    Looking back at her first big break in showbiz, she related, “It all started there, and being an actress, you can’t just go out without even blush-on. You owe it to the public to become presentable.”

    She added, “But even moms should make an effort to be presentable. Even a little lipstick can make a difference.”

    Rivera further stressed the importance of keeping of following a daily cleansing and moisturizing routine.

    “At the start of the day and before you sleep, make sure your skin is thoroughly clean,” she stressed. “I’ll even share this simple tip with my daughter when she grows up.”

    Perfect life
    As the topic of the interview went back to her family, Rivera glowed all the more and openly shared the joys and challenges of being a working mom.

    “It’s no joke to breastfeed and work at the same time. Especially now that Zia’s teething!” she laughed. “But like I always say, every­thing is possible—everything can be done as long as you love what you do and you love your child.”

    At 10-months, Rivera is proud to say that her baby is purely breastfed, even as she returned to TV work.

    With an almost perfect life, Rivera is grateful she is ably juggling her multiple hats for and because of the people she loves.

    “I married a handsome man who is very understanding, very supportive, and always there for me. I’ve always said I couldn’t do all these things without my husband pushing me, add to that my baby who’s giving me a different kind of high and fulfillment,” she related.

    With her beauty beyond skin deep, Marian Rivera Dantes is certainly a perso-nality modern women can look up to. One who values family more than fame, and love more than life’s luxuries.

    “Whatever you lack, don’t pursue them anymore, just love and enhance what you already have and be thankful for them. I guarantee you will be happy.”


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