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    For some reason, I had hoped I would get over the idea of Ferdinand Marcos being buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. After all, the people I would call my heroes are not buried there, and one gathers that given the law that says presidents have a right to be buried there, the name itself must be a misnomer.

    After all, not all presidents are heroes. In fact, it is important that we know to question our leaders’ heroism, consistently and constantly, especially when you’re faced with one who has a hero complex.

    Like Marcos.

    The biggest fraud
    President Duterte has said that Marcos deserves to be buried in LNMB because he was a former President and a soldier who fought in the war. Either fact allows for this burial.

    No one argues that he was a soldier, and maybe he was not dishonorably discharged, but his Commanding Officer, Col. Romulo Manrique, as well as the US Army itself, have put his honor as a soldier into question.

    “According to US Army records, the Maharlika unit (of Marcos) that existed during the war never consisted of more than 100 or so men, and its military activities were ‘of very little value.’ An extensive investigation of the US Army in 1948 concluded that Marcos’s claim to have led a unit of this size was not only ‘fraudulent’ but a “’malicious criminal act.’” (Raymond Bonner, 1987)

    Sergio Osmeña Jr., in 1965, told the Philippine Free Press “Those who actually fought at Bessang Pass say that they had never seen Mr. Marcos there or his whereabouts. There are those who attest to the fact that Mr. Marcos was during all that time at Luna, La Union, attending to military cases as a judge advocate.” (Primitivo Mijares 1976 via Jarius Bondoc 2011)

    Col. Romulo Manrique: “I consider Marcos to be the greatest impostor that World War II has ever produced. He is a master of hoaxes. All those medals of Marcos – all 32 of them, are fake. As his commanding officer in Mt. Province when he served under the 14th Infantry, I can certify that he was never engaged in any combat during the time he was in my unit. But he claimed medals for his tour of duty … I never recommended him for any medals.” (Col. Boni Gillego, manuscript, 1982)

    President Duterte says Marcos was a soldier, and in that early morning Q&A with the press on August 7, dismissed data against Marcos’ war record as “paninira.”

    But when President Duterte does that, he does not only put into question historians who have put in the work to reveal an ex-President for what he truly was, he also puts into question Marcos’ military superiors, Col. Manrique and Capt. Vicente Rivera.

    Sure, Marcos was a soldier. But whatever claims to heroism there may be are cancelled out by historical data and research that tells you he fictionalized his own war record. He was a fraud, a hoax.

    And when someone like him is buried at the LNMB, do we not look down on the bravery of soldiers who did fight for the nation?

    All those real soldiers buried there would be turning in their graves.

    Question of history
    And this is the thing about the LNMB: it is a shrine of heroism.

    Yes, it’s clear what the law says. But what it does not capture is the value of the LNMB as a historical shrine, one that stands for the many heroes who have fought wars for the nation, of our National Artists and Scientists who have advanced the cause of the nation through their work.

    The LNMB in itself is a mapping of our history, and it stands as a reminder of real history, the kind that is not falsified, the kind that is not written by one man so that he might go down in history as a hero. This is what Marcos did. This is what his family continues to do.

    Sure, it has been 30 years. And yes, we have had five other Presidents since Marcos. But the poverty and hunger, the inequality and feudalism, the reign of oligarchs, patronage politics and cronyism – the things that President Duterte stands strongly against – all these were enabled by the Marcos regime.

    The Marcoses lived off the backs of the people. They lived extravagantly and ostentatiously – all well-documented – while so many were hungry and poor. They kept their friends close, and built such strong connections with cronies by being generous with them, giving them money, property, favors, and creating the strongest political dynasties in the country in the process.

    If President Duterte cared to acknowledge history, he would find that, in fact, regardless of his family’s loyalty to the Marcoses, on the ground and in reality, Marcos enabled everything that the President hates in the present: the corruption and patronage politics, the poverty and need.

    Not just the law
    I understand that the President is falling back on the law, and what it says about who can be buried at the LNMB.

    But I refuse to believe that it is only the law on which we must base this decision. That is because there is historical data that proves otherwise. There is the importance of national shrines, and how these must not be corrupted by one whose heroism has been questioned, whose reign as President was a reign of terror and fear, violence and death, corruption and poverty.

    President Duterte himself, in the less than 100 days that we have had him as President, has declared often: I take sole responsibility. I take responsibility.

    Marcos never took responsibility for anything. And his wife and children continue to deny responsibility for what happened during Martial Law, for the aftermath of the Marcos dictatorship that has brought us to this state as a nation.

    In fact, his family has continued to rewrite history, and this burial at LMNB is the greatest ending they can imagine for the fiction of Marcosian greatness. After leaving a nation in debt, with a trail of millions of dollars spent on grandiose living while the Philippines became poorer by the year, as the number of those killed, jailed, tortured, grew, 30 years after the people toppled the dictatorship, 30 years after EDSA1986, this dictator will be buried a hero.

    Beyond the law, we are letting the Marcoses rewrite our history as a nation here. Beyond the law, Mr. President, we are telling our children and our children’s children, that those who steal from the national coffers, those who are corrupt, those who enabled smuggling, those who made the poor poorer, those who oppressed farmers, those under whose leadership many were killed, tortured, raped, disappeared, we are telling our children that he can be called a hero.

    You hate drugs, President Duterte. I hate the worst drug of all: that one that the Marcoses continue to feed our nation about Ferdinand Marcos being a hero.


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    1. I don’t like saying this, but I honestly believe that the ultimate / underlying reason/s for anyone to NOT want ex-Pres Marcos to be interred at LNMB is non-forgiveness, lack of compassion for the person; regardless of the sins (and regardless from who’s viewpoint either), no matter any ‘justification’ presented.

    2. Hope u see d light..Marcos should be buried at the Libingan
      posted August 12, 2016 at 12:01 am by Fr. Ranhilio Aquino
      When a man is gone, human decency dictates that he be remembered for the good he accomplished, and not for his mistakes. None of us wants to be remembered for his failings, and worse, to be condemned to oblivion because of our frailties. If that rule is good for us all, then it must be good for Ferdinand Marcos.

      On many counts he was an outstanding Filipino: outstanding as a law student, outstanding as a lawyer, outstanding as a legislator, with a degree of intelligence few Filipinos have matched and can match.

      He had the courage to do what was unpopular though needful at the time: declare martial law —something the Constitution of 1935 allowed him to do, the metes and bounds of which, that Constitution never set.

      I refuse to blame him for every single act of abuse of his subordinates, considering that if that were our mode of reckoning, all our past presidents would be condemnable on account of one or the other wicked deed of some underling.

      The most important reason, however, is that I do not want one version of history to be absolutized and enshrined as historical dogma. This is the version of those who oppose Marcos, because there is another version of the story (one which I favor) that maintains that he acted in his best lights, as the law and the system at that time allowed, and committed the sins and faults to which all of us must in one way or the other plead guilty!

      My real question is this: What exactly is the opposition to his burial at Libingan ng mga Bayani? By what logic? By what philosophical principle? By what ethical norm? By what legal precept? By what equitable standard?

    3. mikhail hieronymus on

      For Chrissake, the man had been dead for so many years now. Let your anger go and allow that cadavers of his be buried under the ground. (His body had suffered long enough inside that refrigerated enclosure. It must be very cold there.) It is 2016 now. You are talking of those years gone by babe.

    4. In view of all the favorable comments on behalf of the Marco, I wonder why the people of the Philippines threw him out? And why did he run away instead of facing his accusers?

    5. The writer is good for entertainment news and tsismis! Serious matter she doesn’t know anything about. Yellowtard!

    6. This writer….your so pathetic anti FM.Get real .You’re just showing yourself a paid troller of the Yellow brigade.Move on….open your eyes wide….mas talamak ang corruption after FM….from the lowly tanod to the Five star Generals…and look at the LRT…puro bulok.Di ba kayo mahiya? During Macoys time…disiplinado ang bayan at kaliwa kanan ang progress. Why don’t enumerate kung may nagawa mga Dilawan?

    7. Maximo Tumbali on

      MS.Katrina,you are no different from those others who don’t see the good in others but choose to see only those that will diminish their reputation, and even magnify them. Yes,Ferdie may be the worst president we had ever had, but we should be more Human to forgive and forget all his wrongdoings no matter how gruesome. If you are in your right senses, do you think it will do you good to continue hating a dead person because once he did you some wrong. Marcos has long been dead, and it would have done us good as a nation if only we had buried in oblivion all our harrowing memories of him. Recalling again and again all his misdeeds like reciting the rosary will only nurture in us feeling of hatred,which according to psychologists, may later have an adverse effect on how we think, act, and behave. The feeling of hatred and an unforgiving heart will only stall all efforts to reach out to others who may not be as perfect but are ready to change for the better because they see others who care for them despite their faults or shortcomings. It’s self-defeating if we allow ourselves to be continuously mired into a feeling of hatred because we simply cannot erase from our memories the wickedness of Marcos. Recall the good side of him and you will say he deserves some respect and honor. And we appreciate Digong,our new president, for while so many don’t like Marcos to be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani because he is a fake hero and a ruthless dictator, he came up with a very unpopular decision allowing the Marcos family to inter their deceased at the LNMB.He sees the wisdom of burying Marcos at the LNMB,after a long a wait caused by strong oppositions, as this will finally put to rest the issue that has caused divisiveness among the populace. It’s a start of a new dawn of true healing and reconciliation. It takes a soft heart to forgive an offender, but a lot of uneasiness and annoyances if we cannot dispel a feeling of enmity or hatred. Forgive and forget-the secret to having a peace of mind and a clear conscience.

    8. I don’t understand why are you blaming FM for the misfortunes of Philippines pertaining to the people who were killed, tortured, raped, disappeared,etc… Are you saying that he allowed these things and all of these are according to his will? Are you saying that since he is the President at that time he must have done something to stop these crimes? Are you saying that a President has that much power to command every citizen to do only good things? Are you saying that all Marcos’ loyalists are all evil and those who do not are saints?

      It seems that you hate FM so much. You rationalize things based on your own perception and maybe because on the kind of environment you were raised. You simply neglect other source information and you do not care to validate them.

      Is there any third world country that has a zero crime rate? Crime is part and will be forever part in the norm of society. Even the most developed countries cannot eradicate crimes. Also, did anyone proved that all crimes committed under his time were all his fault? Was he convicted for all of these? Certainly, you are part of the society where your job is to discredit the things that FM did for our country. Is it like saying that the Philippines must be in a better place if FM were not elected as a PRESIDENT of the Philippines.

    9. Ms. Santiago, the accounts that you are telling is the accounts from yellowish propaganda. Please not that history is written by the victor, thus when the victorious yellowish ascend to power since 1986 they re-write the history books for the sole purpose of discrediting marcos and the martial law years.

    10. Under Marcos, it is true the RP saw its external debt balloon from $360 million (U.S.) in 1962 to $28.3 billion (U.S.) in 1986. Much of this debt was for the government to finance economic development projects, which had to rely on borrowing from international lenders—such as theIMF—Thus, the characterization of Marcos’ administration as being “Debt-driven”a prime example of wasted loans is the Bataan Nuclear power plant, which until this day has not been used.

      The estimated Philippines foreign debt under the Aquino administration in early 2016 was US$77.659 billion. Aside for the foreign debt, PNOY BALLOONED RP’s PUBLIC DEBT TO $163 BILLION BY 2016, that makes out at $1,515.28 per each Filipino person for the public debt alone. After taking over from Arroyo’s who left the RP US$64.738 billion in debt, after 2009 PNOY IN JUST 6 YEAR BALLOONED THE FOREIGN DEBT BY $10 BILLION, compared to Marcos borrowing for national development during 20 year period, PNoy borrowed at a rate 4 times selling the country deeper and faster into debt than any previous president.

      In the end what did Pnoy use the borrowings on… PDAF, BUB, CCT, Second hand helicopters, Tralac super highway, and other wastefull anomalous spendings. Ironic of all he authorized a 1 billion dollar philippine contribution to the IMF-EU bailout for the Greece economic crisis, what was his commission on the deal? Aside from selling out the west Phil. Sea to China.

      So after deposing Marcos the country is plagued with the most expensive electricity, slowest internet, worst traffic, worst airport, most dangerous places for media. The ENDO system unheard of under Marcos is now commonplace, and so are the narco-politicos and narco-Taipans.

      The facts and figures do not lie, Marcos is a hero, because in comparison the Aquinos are the biggest crooks, traitor and incompetents in the history of the Philippines.

    11. Amnata Pundit on

      Do you know why your hero Ninoy Aquino can’t be buried there? Because he was sentenced to death for his involvement with the NPA by a military tribunal. Don’t you wonder why Cory and her son Boy Sayad never bothered to reverse that ruling? Because they could not prove that the charges against Ninoy were fabrications. So to save the yellow narrative, they have to continue fabricating lies about Marcos. Are you still in the dark – or in denial – as to who really bombed Plaza Miranda which Ninoy accused Marcos of masterminding? You still have a long way to go in your journey through the grey area, my dear.

    12. President Ferdinand E,Marcos was intellence officer of PQOG guerilla forces under General Vicente Umali his classmates ,then allow to have a units of Maharlika Forces under his commands during Japanese time World War Two….As a Soldier he is justified to be buried in libinggan ng mga bayani..there are only two kinds of people that exist,those who like it and those against it……For me he deserves to be burried in Libingan ng mga Bayani as a soldier and veteran of world war two…..I agree…..

    13. Regardless of what you say or officers / historians brain washed by the yellow cult. Marcos was a president and soldier. Period. He is definitely qualified to be buried there and you cannot turn a blind eye on all the good things he did during his term which are still being used as of today. Always remember you are not the only people of this country, there are thousand or even millions of Filipino who look up to him and consider him as their hero

    14. I respect your beliefs about the late President Marcos. What you believe is how you behave. But let us face the reality that all of your beliefs are based on the writings of people whom we do not know what their motives in writing those things about Marcos. I know some facts also about Marcos. And the truth that some of you in the media are being paid to write to dishonor and to discredit certain personality. I know for a fact that media is the instrument to paint evil thoughts and condition the minds of the people. There is still a power group wanting to stop the Marcoses at all cost! But in considering whether Marcos deserve to be buried in the LNMB, let us just respect President Duterte’s decision. Huwag na tayong makidagdag pa sa hindi pagkakaisa ng ating mga mamamayan. May kanya kanya tayo ng prinsipyo and paninindigan. Ngunit para sa pagkakaisa at kapayapaan let us all rally behind President Duterte. Let us give him our support in his undertakings for now.

      • Wolfgang Struck on

        Well said, Mr. Luz, in diplomatic language. I got so mad when I read that stink and I swore on THE MANILA TIMES. How can they allow such stink to be published and served to the Philippine public when it is the opposite of the truth? RP was No. 2 in Asia during Marcos time behind only Japan. It may sound so wrong but there as no corruption then. The crooks hated Marcos when he asked them to leave office. So, therefore, readers of a good newspaper, do not read anything any more from this unfortunate lady what’s her name? Either she is stupid, unfilipino, or paid to rite this stink.

        And just for the sake of it. The human rights victims of SELDA lost their case in court (Makati). They have no rights as long as they did not and do not file a case involving human rights violations. BTW the head of the CP was FVR. Nobody dared to file a case against him. Same with Enrile, then Secretary of Defense. Thanks, Oskar Struck

      • I know the motives of the people who write against Mr. Marcos: TO EXPOSE THE TRUTH. I think that is enough motive. THE TRUTH IS THAT MARCOS IS A FRAUD. Is that enough for you?

    15. Kati na, you you are a liar, what’s this yellow zombie doing writing opinions in this paper? A majority of people love Marcos, we don’t need your Aquino coax opinion. Get lost bitch.

    16. “All those medals of Marcos – all 32 of them, are fake.”

      I wonder then how did Ferdinand Marcos fake them or acquire them. I suppose medals of this kind were specifically and specially crafted for the supreme distinction that they represent and were awarded with befitting meticulousness by the US Armed Forces to highly deserving men and women. Well, unless there already was a Recto-type medal faking industry then and Marcos bought them there. Or maybe USAFFE was actually awarding these medals on a whim.

      • You wonder how? All those medals just suddenly appeared, without any documentation. You are right. There should be processes to acquire those medals. But in the case of Marcos, there were none, that is why they are all FAKE. I hope I enlightened you.

    17. I voted Du30 and admire him in his sincerity, determination to serve well our country and citizens. I will stll vote for him , should he be allowed to run, in the 2022 election. However, i do not agree with his decision to allow FM to be burried in LNMB and will join the sunday rally in Luneta. If He hate and dont respect the drugs offenders, the victims of Marciial law hates FM. Hope Pres Du30 change his decision. If they succeed in burrying him in LNMB there may no longer be peace in that cemetery.

      • Kesa mag rally ka, magtrabaho ka n lng! kahit maglupasay ka pa sa kalye, wla na kayo magagawa. Imbes na makatulong, dagdag kappa sa traffic. Try mo mag move on kuya, 30 years ago, feeling mo affected ka talaga.

    18. Vincent de belen on

      Martial Law was declared in 1972 to install a stronger republic that is being threatened by a sweeping communism across Asia at that time. A president cannot declare it unless the congress concurred with it. The victims presented may have been nameless and used and pawn by those hungry for power like Joma , Ninoy and the likes. Marcos might have borrowed funds but his projects are still being used almost 30 years after his death. The 5 presidents after him would pale in comparison to his achievements and his corruption would pale compare with his , not to mention corruption ingrained after his departure . Those who are against his burial could have change the law to prevent his burial at the LNMB but they did not , they went on their ways advancing vested interest . Left leaning party list as they have the number propose a law banning Marcos burial but they did it lift a finger. Move on and realize that we have been duped by the opportunists Marcos fought during his tenure as president

      • Have you been sleeping all these years. READ PLEASE. Historical accounts, statistics, personal manifestations, living victims. They are all there. Just be open to accept that your hero is a fraud.

    19. President Duterte is right to have Marcos body to be buried in LNMB. He wants to close the chapter which is so controversal yet others want it to be alive by summarizing the bad things that Marcos did during his reign. Fake or hoaxes it maybe but the fact that he was a filipino with soul and body can we once and for all forgive and forget the past. Just like the saying look back enough to see the future. I believe also in the saying that you can say anything to a living but say just one good thing to a dead person. Going back to the main issue of being buried in LNMB I know there were soldiers that were buried there but who didn’t die on combat they just passed away naturally but buried there. Others were saying that it will again open the old wounds please for heaven sake lets bury Marcos and the wounds that you were saying and silently pray for his forgiveness.

    20. Dear Ms. Writer: Your accusation about President Marcos is very revealing to your personality- that is, you are a complete virago, spewing a lot of hatred to a man who could not anymore defend himself. Why continue to vilify a man who has been dead for many years already? Is there something you can gain for this? Release your bitterness and hatred for God said from the Holy Scripture, ” But if you not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses,” Matthew 6:15, NKJV. And, if we do this, we will become a better person in the sight of the Almighty God. Let us all show that we belong to Jesus Christ, not only in words, but also in actions. Relax, you are a very good writer, but I think you can become more better if you motivate and encourage instead. The place of burial is immaterial. What is important is God’s judgement to all of us, whether we are buried in a Heroes or man’s designated important place or not, it does not change God’s will and decision.