BI chief investigates illegal alien workers


Your people in the immigration branch on that area are in cahoots with this chinese chinks businessmen who for years have worked and JUST NOW YOU REALIZED the gravity because it balooned to more than 3000 illegal chinks. HOW ABOUT also in Surigao del sur and norte wherein mining is also being run by illegal chinks been there for 2 years now and yet same scenario with your immigration KURAKOT personnel in cahoots with them also.. hayyy..bakit naman ngayon ka lang nag respond sir ngayon ka lang ba nagising sa iyong mahimbing na pagtulog??? HOY, MISON taxpayers money yang binabayad sa yo kaya gawin mo yang trabaho mo..buwisit talaga kayong mga nasa gobyerno puro kurakot walang itulak kabigin kurakot lahat.


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