• BI collars ‘Elvis Presley,’ 15 others


    India’s Elvis Presley and 15 others were arrested by the Bureau of Immigration (BI) for engaging in employment without proper permit after their concert at the Cuneta Astrodome in Pasay, City.

    Immigration spokesman Angelica Pedro confirmed that the BI has apprehended Tejinder Singh, known for being India’s Elvis Presley together with 15 other Indian for engaging a gainful activity by performing a revenue generating concert on December 4 without procuring a special working permit (SWP).

    “At the airport when they arrived they were advised to secure an SWP by the supervisor, but prior to that there was no effort to secure an SWP from us,” Pedro said.

    Pedro who watched the concert of the Indian nationals said that the tickets were sold at P2,500 to P3,500.

    The immigration said that the respondents arrived in the country on December 3.

    Reacting to reports that the Indian was staging a concert for the victims of the Super Typhoon Yolanda, Pedro revealed that they did not read in the tickets sold the concert’s intention.


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