• BI grants work permit to air supply


    IMMIGRATION Commissioner Jaime Morente has granted a special work permit (SWP) allowing the soft rock duo Air Supply, composed of Australians Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock, to hold a concert in the country this December. Russell is a British-born singer-songwriter and guitarist while Hitchcock is the lead vocalist. The work permit allows foreigners, only for a short duration, to engage in gainful activity in the country. In the absence of an SWP, foreign concert artists, talents and musicians may be subjected to deportation proceedings if they do so. Aside from the duo, Morente also issued SWP to their backup performers – Americans Derek Frank and Aaron Mc Lain, Israeli Aviv Cohen and Dutchman Amir Efrat. The work permit allows the band to perform in Cebu City on December 6 and at the Resorts World Hotel in Pasay City on December 8.


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