• BI officials admit receiving P50M


    THE Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) urged President Rodrigo Duterte to apply quick justice to two Immigration officials who on Tuesday admitted having received P50 million from Chinese online gambling operator Jack Lam.

    NOT A BRIBE? Immigration Deputy Commissioners Al Argosino and Michael Robles present to media P30 million, part of the P50 million given them by Jack Lam to secure the freedom of hundreds of arrested Chinese found illegally working in Pampanga. PHOTO  BY BOB DUNGO JR

    NOT A BRIBE? Immigration Deputy Commissioners Al Argosino and Michael Robles present to media P30 million, part of the P50 million given them by Jack Lam to secure the freedom of hundreds of arrested Chinese found illegally working in Pampanga. PHOTO BY BOB DUNGO JR

    The P50 million given to Associate Commissioners Al C. Argosino and Michael B. Robles was allegedly in exchange for the release of 600 illegal Chinese arrested for working without permit at the Fontana Hotel and Leisure Park in Clark, Pampanga.

    The transaction took place on November 27 at the City of Dreams Hotel and Casino in Pasay City.

    “These two commissioners were practically caught flatfooted in the act of receiving bribes. We have video footages, witnesses, “dirty” money in bags. What more do we need as evidence?” VACC founding chairman Dante Jimenez said.

    “Let’s skip the judicial red tapes and all the delaying tactics and go right to prosecuting them. We have a case here, clearly there’s a payoff. So then, let’s do the EJP,” he added.

    He explained that EJP, or extra judicial process, cuts the lengthy process of filing a criminal case to ensure immediate resolution of a complaint or legal action.

    “Snappy legal action, cutting corners from the slow processes would prevent other crimes to be committed. Let us not give corrupt officials the opportunity to circumvent the law by more bribes, more payoffs and who knows, to hide evidence or eliminate incriminating people permanently by resorting to extra judicial killings? Instead, let’s do it right legally but swiftly through the Extra Judicial Process,” Jimenez said.

    He suggested that EJP will expedite the legal process from the Department of Justice which investigates to determine probable cause to the Office of the Ombudsman and quickly to the Office of the Court Administrator where the case can be raffled off before a marathon hearing can be conducted.

    “That’s EJP, fast on the draw against corruptors in government,” Jimenez said.

    Framed up?

    Based on the CCTV footage, the money was handed to the two Immigration officials by retired police general Wally Sombero.

    In a news conference on Tuesday, the two officials claimed that they were framed up. They added that they kept the money as evidence against Lam and his cohorts.

    “We don’t look at this as bribe money, we look at this as evidence of corruption,” Agrosino said.

    He explained that they did not have Sombero arrested so as not to blow up their operation since they were still collecting evidence against Lam.

    “That’s why it reached this point that we are being accused of receiving bribe money from Lam,” Agrosino said.

    The two officials accused retired police general Charles Calima, the acting BI intelligence chief, of conspiring with Sombero in setting them up.

    Agrosino presented only P30 million during the news briefing. He said Sombero took P2 million while Calima pocketed P18 million.

    The two officials yesterday filed corruption of public officials charges against Sombero, Calima, Lam and his two interpreters.

    Agrosino and Robles had filed a 30-day leave of absence.

    However, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre 2nd said he has recommended to President Rodrigo Duterte the duo’s dismissal from the service.


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    1. my god you are a disgrace to the law profession, an associate commissioner doing a personal investigation? why not coordinate with the NBI and other law enforcement agencies to do the entrapment instead pf yourselves personally doing it. You are caught inflagrante delicto mga paneros!

    2. November 27 pa nangyari yan tapos nung lumabas video tsaka nila sasabihin na evidence yun? Dapat nun pa lang nag file na kayo ng kaso or hinuli agad sa akto, parang buy bust operation. Usong-uso na yung kakambyo ka pag mahuhuli na, parang yung kay Tolentino sa motorcycle scam, ngayon lang nagsosoli ng pera. Yan ang bagong mga palusot ng mga bagong magnanakaw na naka pwesto.

    3. No need for warrants of arrest. These BI officials have committed economic sabotage. Perhaps they can later on be meted the death penalty and executed at the Luneta by firing squad……

    4. Whilst I strongly support quick justice for those who took the bribe, why is there no similar cry for the person giving the bribe to be prosecuted? He is equally guilty, or maybe even more so if he initiated the attempt.

    5. This is what they call in the law practice an AFTER THOUGHT which is akin to having the answers and all is needed is the right questions.

      The problem with Argosin and Robles is they think the Filipino are fools or stupid thinking that their AFTER THOUGHT story would be taken by the Filipino people hook line and sinker.

      If indeed that the operation was sanctioned, how come it took the Secretary of Justice flat footed.

      How come it took them 2 weeks to return the money and after returning it, only 30M was given out of the 50M.

      The gall of this people to pocket 20M in the eyes of the public.

      This 2 should receive the maximum penalty for betrayal of public trust.

    6. Framed up O’ hindi tumanggap kayo… BITAYIN NA YAN…sumisira sa dignidad ng batas….at sa image ng PILIPINAS na kailan man ay hindi na naka-ahon dahil sa mga “kurap’ na gobyarno…

      Go Du30, quickly impose your clean government campaign! Still many of the Filipino support you..dont worry minority lang yang mga sumisira syo. (mga dilawan lang na hindi makatanggap nag bagong pamamalakad)

    7. If not seen on CCTV, things could have gone smoothly and these two, fraternity brothers of Digong, and Sec. Aguirre. could have been P50 million richer. We can speculate more, but that’s it for now.