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Bianca Gonzalez’s secret to always looking good are quick yet reliable beauty fixes, which she willingly shares with women of all ages

These days, sacrificing beauty for lack of time is no longer acceptable. Bianca Gonzalez—whose days are filled with TV shows, hosting gigs, editorial responsibilities, advocacies, photo shoots and endorsements—believes so. Despite how busy her day may be, she always makes it a point to look good and feel her best.

So what is Bianca’s secret? It’s quick yet reliable beauty fixes, which she willingly shares with women of all ages, thanks to her latest CloseUp White Now toothpaste endorsement.

“Lack of time is not an excuse for women to not look good,” Bianca reiterated during her official launch as CloseUp girl at The Peninsula Manila in Makati City. Her pointers were brought out during a Q&A with event host Sam Oh, with the first one being, “Keep your beauty and fashion rituals simple so you can easily follow them.”

Bianca said that when it comes to make-up, she survives with just the basics in her kikay kit: A lip balm, a lip liner and concealer.

“I love playing up the lips. Even when I don’t have make-up on, I still wear lip color. And I really love lip liner because it wears longer. My tip is to apply lip balm first to smoothen the lips,” she shared. Her favorite shade is a vibrant red.

“I always have concealer especially for days that I lack sleep,” she continued. “I really need to cover up the dark circles under my eyes.”

She then revealed a beauty secret to use a concealer palette that includes, green. Yes, green. “For me green concealer is important to have because it is perhaps the best thing to use when trying to cover up those difficult red blemishes,” Bianca said.

Moving on, Sam then Bianca about her fashion. “I’m such a jeans and t-shirt type of girl,” she quickly replied. But though she chooses to be comfortable, she is always ready for the need to dress up. She explained, “I always bring with me a nice sharp blazer and a pair of heels, which really does wonders when switching from a day in the office look, to a post-evening meeting at a fancy restaurant.”

And to double up in hiding her eye bags, Bianca also always brings a pair of sunglasses to cover up when she needs to. Her favorite are aviators, which she has in different colors.

Bianca rounded up her sharing with a final quick fix—a small tube of Close Up White Now. She said, “It’s perfect for people like me who love to drink coffee. If you suddenly have a meeting, just brush and you’ll get instantly whiter teeth thanks to this blue foam technology.”

And because a beautiful and confident smile can be one’s best accessory, Bianca concluded, “It’s always important to wear a smile with whatever outfit you decide to wear, because it just shows how confident you are with yourself.”

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