Bianca King now lives to travel but misses acting


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It’s already mid-September but Bianca King still has four to five local and international trips scheduled before the year ends. She has the time to do so because she has successfully taken on a career as an online celebrity blogger and influencer.

When Bianca relaunched her two-year-old website from to the straightforward, she was given the opportunity to travel to Berlin in Germany over the summer to interview the cast of the Netflix hit Orange Is The New Black! She was then invited to South Korea and Bali, Indonesia.

Bianca tells In The Know, “A lot of the work inquiries that I get are mostly through my blog. I receive emails through there and I’ve also been handling my career already for a year so I’m really getting to do the things that I want.”

Good thing Bianca is busy traveling now since her relationship with on-again-off-again boyfriend Julio Villafuerte dwindled for good. Or has it, really? Even Bianca isn’t sure, but she is very happy.


Bianca King

“We can’t say what’s going to happen in the future but as of the moment I don’t see myself being in a committed relationship with anyone for a very long time.”

Going back on topic, Bianca said that opening her career to social media allowed her to use expertise as a digital film graduate from De La Salle-Saint Benilde. This is also the reason for her effortless and well-curated social media presence.

“Social media and my blog has really taken my passion and my interests and hobbies to a whole new level that it became my lifestyle already, and it makes me really happy.”

At this point in her life, the 30-year-old celebrity nonetheless opened up to In The Know that she misses what she calls her “first major passion in life,” which shaped who she is today—acting. Unlike before, Bianca is now open to mother roles and even reprising her talent as screen villain.

“Now I’m more open to roles that I would have been more cautious of in the past because I was too young.”

Her last TV projects included TV5’s Mac n Chiz and Showbiz Konek na Konek with In the Know and IC Mendoza in 2015 where she discovered her talent in hosting.

“I’d really want to do one show to act again but long-term it’s really hosting. That’s where my interest lies now.”


Sunshine Dizon

In The Know caught up with Sunshine Dizon at Quezon City RTC on Thursday, and the strong mother of two made it clear that she is focused to pursue her Violence Against Women and their Children (VAWC) suit. The hearing for the Unjust Fixation and Concubinage complaints she filed against her husband Timothy Tan and alleged third party Clarisma Sison has been reset to September 29.

Furious, Sunshine was quick to clarify that she is already in good terms with her estranged husband. Admittedly, she allowed Tim to see their two children at the mall recently and explained to In the Know she was just being civil and a well-mannered human being.

“I’m not one to be rude, and I neither think it’s right to do that, especially when children are involved,” she added.

In the end Sunshine asks netizens to pray for her as she gets ready for an ugly battle in court.

“I will appreciate prayers, especially with so many things I’m hearing that the other camp plans to do. I really hope the law will protect me and my children,” she ended.

Guess who? Though far from a good habit, in showbiz, it’s quite normal to start an event an hour after the call time. But this starlet who was set to be the subject of the event arrived at the venue an hour after the program was scheduled to start. To top it all, the starlet’s hair was still wet and was clad in pambahay (home clothes)! The press in attendance were shocked not only at the sight they saw, but the starlet’s attitude in greeting them as if being late was her birthright.

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