Bianca’s ‘Better Days’


Bianca Gonzalez is in demand

It is indeed better days for TV host and model Bianca Gonzalez. The 30-year-old celebrity is currently on a roll with her endorsements deals, and is experiencing a second wind of sorts since joining show business in 2001.

In the last two months alone Bianca renewed her long-standing contract for Globe Rewards; was launched as brand ambassador for Samsung Galaxy Note 8; and finally introduced as the face—and smile—of Close-up White Now.

On Tuesday, she added Betadine Feminine Wash to this ever-growing list of endorsements at a well-attended launch at the Crown Plaza Galleria Manila. No less than the country general manager of the product’s German makers, Mundipharma’s Lito Ardeta, officially welcomed her to the company.

Sitting briefly with The Manila Times, Ardeta explained why they chose Bianca to represent the feminine hygiene product after so many years without a celebrity endorser.

“Our product is one that is largely prescribed by doctors to their patients, not as a daily wash, but specifically for ‘red days’,” he began, pertaining to a woman’s monthly period. “Betadine is prescribed to women during this time because this is when they are more prone to infection.

“So as you can see, consumer education plays an important role in marketing the product,” he continued, “and when we were brainstorming for a modern woman who is articulate, credible and confident to speak her mind, we had no one else in mind but Bianca.”

To Mundipharma’s delight, they discovered when finally meeting Bianca that she had long been a user of Betadine Feminine Wash, and was very open in sharing her own experiences.

“In our culture, Pinays in general are too shy to talk about matters down there,” said the lady of the hour when she took center stage in a program hosted by her manager, talk show king, Boy Abunda. “I myself was so embarrassed when I first had to see an OB-Gyn, but it’s something every woman must do.”

Taking the opportunity to promote feminine hygiene through her latest endorsement, she added, “ We should get the protection we deserve because we need this against infection, itchiness and irritation during red days.”

Echoing the product slogan “Better Days,” Bianca cheered. “This is why this campaign means so much to me. It empowers women, reassuring them that they are not alone in their worries, and that a product to help them with their worries is readily available.”

Truly in full bloom—and apparently in demand—Bianca’s enthusiasm is quite contagious, what with her refreshing face, her lovely smile, and, more importantly, her genuine knowledge behind the products she endorses. With such qualities in this intelligent and sophisticated TV personality, she may even have the best days of her career to look forward to very soon.


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