Biazon quits


The rumors that had been floating for the past few months that Customs Commissioner Rufino ‘Ruffy’ Biazon was on his way out were finally proven correct Monday night.

Biazon, obviously stung by the scolding that his bureau got from President Benigno Aquino 3rd during his State of the Nation Address, submitted his resignation but the Chief Executive did not immediately accept or reject it.

The President reportedly told Biazon that he was aware of the challenges facing whoever heads the bureau, one of the most corrupt government agencies.

In a radio interview, Biazon said he had a “moral obligation” to resign after failing to hit the Bureau of Customs’ collection target for the year. He said he felt that he had been losing the trust and confidence of the President for the collection shortfall.

President Aquino had criticized the BOC “whose personnel are trying to outdo each other’s incompetence.”

Also, the BOC had been receiving flak from the local business community for the unabated smuggling of petroleum products.

The 44-years-old Biazon is the son of former senator and now Muntinlupa City Rep. Rodolfo Biazon, who was also a former Armed Forces chief of staff. Both are members of the ruling Liberal Party.

“I have direct access to the President so I offered my resignation just minutes after his SONA,” Biazon said.

During the interview, Biazon said his resignation was the proper thing to do after the President openly criticized the Bureau in his SONA. He also admitted that he felt slighted by the President’s remarks.

“I was hoping that he would tackle the importance of the Customs reform bill which I have been advocating,” he stressed.

Asked if his resignation was “irrevocable,” he replied: “It’s a matter of the President’s trust and confidence.”

Biazon claimed that some people wanted him out of the Bureau because of the reform measures that he has been implementing. He admitted that there is a well-oiled and funded campaign to oust him from the agency.

“These people will not just sit down and watch as I reform the Bureau. They’re there to protect their interests . . . but I will not back down from this fight,” the Customs chief emphasized.

Biazon said the tasks of a Customs chief is daunting.

“Kalakaran at kultura na dito sa [BOC] and pinipilit nating baguhin. Ilang Customs Commissioner na dumaan at sinubukang kalabanin ‘yan,” he explained.
With a report from Joel Sy Egco


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  1. Was the resignation irrevocable or one with a rubber band? Understandably, PNoy may not accept it owing to barkadahan’s strong sense of “iba na ang may pinagsamahan”. Had Biazon made it irrevocable the likelihood is that the president would have readily accepted it. Now, ‘magtapatan’ tayo as PNoy is wont to say, Comm. Biazon isn’t cut out for the job at the Bureau of Customs. He is too ‘softie’ for comfort when the job requires someone who eats bullets for a midnight snack. Maybe, some other jobs which wouldn’t require one to leave the fear of god at home everyday may suit him.

  2. It is time for biazon to resign hiyain ka ba naman sa buong mundo dapat nagwalk out siya ng upakan siya ni pinoy kahapon sa sona. Yong kamalian niya kamalian din ng Secretary of finance dapat resign din si purisima for delacadeza. Di ba dapat may command responsibility? Pati si pinoy dapat magresign. Di kaya kasalanan ito ni gloria?

  3. If I were the Customs Commissioner, I would have rendered an “IRREVOCABLE” resignation. That would make him sincere, otherwise, it’s moro-moro again. He had all the time in the world to clean up this dirty Bureau but he failed. There should be no excuses; ultimate responsibility lies on his lap.

    Besides, what would one expect from a Med Tech graduate. It’s a classic case of putting a round peg to a square hole. I wonder why he was appointed in that position, in the first place.

  4. Eddie de Leon on

    If Biazon quits, shouldn’t Gen. Danilo Lim also do?

    BOC Commissioner Raffy Biazon and the supposedly heroic military man Lim were heralded as saints who were brought in to reform Customs. In the course of giving them their positions, the President and his Palace officials unjustly made it look as if the past commissioner was very evil when in fact he was working hard to fight the powerful smugglers.

    Shouldn’t General Lim be seen as a failure as much as Commissioner Biazon?

    Eddie de Leon

  5. If this report is true, then Biazon’s gesture is admirable. It can be honestly said that he is a gentlemen. As one who had been dealing with customs almost one-half of my working life, I can attest that the Bureau of Customs is a nest of corruption which needs to be completely overhauled to erase that stigma. I hope the other department heads in government which are also facing scandals, scams, incompetence, non-performance and the like will stand like ladies and gentlemen and follow Mr. Biazon’s lead. This will very much help Mr. BS Aquino’s dwindling performance.