Biazon should go after big time brokers


After saying that a reshuffle among port collectors of the Bureau of Customs (BOC) will take effect, Commissioner Ruffy Biazon should now focus his attention on big-time brokers and importers to rid smuggling in the piers.

Names such as “Santos,” “Tang,” Tebes,” “Cruz”, etc. who are known big-time brokers at the South Harbor and at the Manila International Container Port (MICP) allegedly refuse to pay the right amount of duties and taxes, in connivance, of course, with corrupt bureau personnel who are ironically assigned at the Office of the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence.

Rumor has it that this group of brokers enjoy protection from the staff of the office of Biazon and Deputy Commissioner Danny Lim in exchange for a hefty sum of money every Friday.

According to the grapevine, each of these brokers facilitates the release of hundreds of containers a week yet they end up paying only less than a hundred grand per container for its highly dutiable contents such as sugar, pecking duck meat, liquors, and onions.

Lim, on the other handm should monitor the activities of one “Roy Tan”, “Nemesis Mango”, “Jord Hover”, and “Dick Ribon, who introduce themselves as agents from the Office of the Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence.

They reportedly extort money from smalltime brokers yet protect the big ones.
Biazon and Lim should act now before Pnoy totally loses his patience.

Why not fire Isorena?

Eight members of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) are facing homicide charges for death of a Taiwanese fisherman off Babuyan Island last May.

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) did not buy the alibi of the Coast Guard personnel of self defense for strafing the Taiwanese fishing boat and killing one of its crew.

According to the affidavit of the PCG men, the fishing boat tried to ram their boat that they were forced to shoot the said vessel. However, on the video acquired by the NBI from a reliable source, the Coast Guard personnel were never in danger.

The investigators said the video submitted by the PCG to the NBI was doctored to show that the fishing boat tried to ram their vessel even though it was trying to run away from them to elude arrest.

The question now is, why punish only those on the ship? What about Coastguard Chief Admiral Rodolfo Isorena?

Isorena announced shortly after the incident that his men acted on self -defense.

Isorena was qouted as saying that he will stand by his men’s words. Now that his men are facing a criminal complaint, is he willing to join them?

This nincompoop official should quit his job now out of “delicadeza” as part of his command responsibility.

Move out Isorena!

Good-bye Jim
Jaime B. Perez, a veteran sports and news writer, quietly left this world early Wednesday morning at the Novaliches District Hospital after losing his battle with liver cirrhosis.

Perez, 56, who is known as “Mejay” to his close friends and colleagues in the newspaper industry, left a wife and four children.

I met Mejay and worked with him at the University of the East (UE) school paper, The Dawn. He was the assistant sports editor while I was a rookie reporter.

After college, we both joined the opposition paper, “Ang Pahayagang Malaya” of the late Joe Burgos during the last days of martial law.

We worked again together on the defunct Today newspaper until I joined the broadcast industry in 1996. Mejay moved on and did PR work for government agencies.

In my several years working with this guy who loves to drink after work to unwind, never did I hear him talk ill against his colleagues or his enemies.

He never complained about work nor share his problems, if any, about the family.

Indeed he was a man of pride and dignity that he rarely asked for help from friends.
Even in his last days, he never asked help from me but just thanked me for our friendship

Bye Jim… we will miss you.


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  1. All these glaring anomalies being uncovered should be followed up until satisfactory investigations and conclusions are attained. There is so much poverty in the country and the poor may become impatient knowing that they are being taken advantage of by their leaders and the rich. There should be no let-up by the media on all these anomalies in the government, lest we might all suffer.