Biazon stays at BOC


Following his resignation after the State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Benigno Aquino 3rd, Customs Commissioner Rozzano “Ruffy” Biazon will stay in his post at the Bureau of Customs (BOC).

In a blog posted in his Twitter account on late Monday, Biazon admitted that he did resign from his position to make way for new leadership in the BOC.

“In light of the President’s statement regarding the Bureau of Customs during his State of the Nation Address, I offered my resignation from the post to in the agency, considering that a Commissioner’s tenure is only as good as the President’s confidence,” he said.

He also said that his resignation was the “proper response” to the President Aquino’s SONA. Aquino scolded the bureau for its failure to stop smuggling drugs, arms, and other contraband into into the country.

Report from the Department of Finance, estimates that the country losses at least P200 billion in revenue a year through smuggling.

“While I am firm in the belief that I have been faithful to the performance of my duty to lead the Bureau to the path of reform in spite of the deeply rooted and long standing culture and system of corruption among the ranks, I felt that it was the proper response to the statement of the President,” he said.

Biazon added that in response to his resignation, the President said, “Ruffy, we both know the difficulties in the agency you are trying to reform. My confidence in you remains the same.”

The Customs commissioner also thanked the President for acknowledging the difficulties in pushing for reform in BOC.

Biazon also admitted that although reforming the BOC was difficult, he took on the challenge motivated by the President’s will and vision to reform the entire government.

“Although the risk that I will just leave the institution frustrated and damaged is great, the prospect of achieving something significant in reforming government gave me the drive to forge ahead,” he said.

“Although as of now I remain in the post, all of these I have to absorb and process. Do I give up the fight in the name of delicadeza? Or do I stay on armed with the confidence of the president that I can do the task assigned to me?, he further stated.

Lastly, Biazon said that he is ready to lose the Customs position “without shedding a tear.”

“But what I do care about is retaining my dignity, my honor and the clear conscience that I do my job faithfully, sincerely and with the best of my ability,” he said.


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