LEGAZPI CITY: Touted as the most sought convention and tourist visited city in the Bicol region, however, local government officials here have to brace themselves often monitoring movements of visitors and the public transport known for overpricing and fleecing passengers particularly tourists. The city is among the known for what local residents dubbed as a home of the vultures in roads with more than 2,000 tricycle operators preying on hapless passengers. The other one is Tabaco, a crowded city of more than 5,000 units of locally known as “padyak.” Mayor Noel Rosal has admitted that for more than a decade now since he became mayor in 2001, operations of close to 3,000 tricycles to include colorum continue to give bad names to the city as many foreign and local tourists complained they were victims of extortion and overpricing operators.


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    1. I was also a victim, and I’m not even a tourist since I’m a constant commuter from Guinobatan-Legazpi almost weekly! The tricycle driver wasn’t satisfied and kept complaining even if I already paid him 50 pesos for a trip from legazpi terminal to the boulevard( he didn’t even drop me off across the bridge for pete’s sake!). I will never ride a tricycle in Legazpi specially in the terminal.

    2. Jonathan Magistrado on

      How these tricycles flooded the streets of Legazpi? Its because someone gave them the franchise. Why they cant apprehend and eradicate colorum tricycle? Its because tricycle drivers and their family are voters every 3yrs of the person giving them their permit

    3. I agree. for a short distance from the Legazpi airport to the United Institute, they bill me P30. Is someone checking on their franchises and insurance coverage? They have a rate chart but this is not being followed. Time to discipline them.