• ‘Big 5’ Spanish firms eyeing PH

     Ambassador Luis Calvo

    Ambassador Luis Calvo

    More Spanish businessmen have expressed interest in investing in the Philippines preferably in projects that are open for public-private partnership (PPP).

    In a recent roundtable interview with The Manila Times editors, Spanish Ambassador to the Philippines Luis Calvo said the “Big 5” companies in Spain are eyeing the Philippines as their preferred investment site in Southeast Asia.

    “There are groups, Spanish companies, very important at the global level, coming to the Philippines because they know you are regenererating your resources,” he added.

    “They really want to invest in this country. You have public works, financial services, and so on. You have so much to offer and you have your own means of regeneration in the political class as so we do. We have things in common,” Calvo said.

    These companies, according to the Spanish ambassador, “are coming back to the Philippines.”

    “I’m talking about companies who were present in the Philippines back in the 1980s and they left because they didn’t see any reasons to stay. But now they’re coming back because they see different things in line and are very optimistic about the future of the Philippines,” he said.

    “And I can tell you that they’re building high-rise buildings and hospitals all over Canada, United States, Mexico and so on and so forth. So they say, if we can offer that experience to Latin American countries, why not in the Philippines,” Calvo added.

    “I see them coming . . . I’m witnessing that they’re coming back to the Philippines and I’m using every occasion to persuade them to come here.”


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    1. I am tired with this kind of news. It does’nt always come true specially in this administration.Always take it with grain of salt.