• Big kickback on M113 purchase


    Common sense dictates that buying 28 units of armored personnel carrier from Israel will generate fat kickbacks for some defense and military officials rather than getting it for free from the US

    Actually, my source at the Joint United States Military Action Group (JUSMAG) in Camp Aguinaldo said the US has donated 114 M113 armored personnel carrier to the Philippine armed forces in 2013.

    The same source said that the US military top brass in the country were surprised upon learning that the Department of National Defense (DND) has approved the purchase of 28 used M113s from Israel worth P880 million rather than bringing into the country the APCs from the US that were given free.

    Rumor has it that some DND officials earned a whooping P180 million in commission from the purchase of the said APCs from Elbit Systems Ltd. of Israel.


    This contract should be terminated right away for obvious reasons.

    * * *

    Lady contractor seduces officials to win DND, AFP deals
    Perhaps, the true to life story of a lady contractor would spice up a Senate inquiry into the massive anomalies at the Department of National Defense (DND), particularly the overspending and overpricing in its procurement deals.

    Who would have imagined that a comely young woman from Visayas working as a guest relation officer (GRO) in one of the nightclubs in Makati in the 90’s would eventually become one of the wealthiest military dealers or suppliers in the country today.

    Now in her 40’s, this contractor is said to be one of the most sought after contractor by defense and military officials because of her big offer of commissions or kickbacks on every DND project awarded to her. In addition, she has turned the officials’ sexual fantasies into reality.

    This attractive woman had dealt with the DND to supply the AFP with a wide variety of items from small arms ammunition to protective gear over the past years, amassing a fortune out of sweetheart deals.

    But she had apparently paid her dues to turn her life around from being a struggling GRO who hardly made both ends meet and slowly but surely made it big in the contracting business.

    Her true-to-life Cinderella story began when she worked as an agent for several contractors and suppliers.

    Using her irresistible beauty, she started closing deals by sweet-talking officials DND and AFP both in the war room and in the bedroom, as well.

    Her big break though did not come at Camp Aguinaldo but rather at the auspices of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) with which she transacted business in 2001.

    Again, she capitalized on her seductive beauty to captivate the heart of a high-ranking official who served her the juicy PCG contracts on silver platters.

    Insider info has it that the former Magdalena was impregnated by the official but had the baby allegedly aborted in the guise of a miscarriage for which she was taken to a hospital in E. Rodriguez Ave. in Quezon City.

    When her PCG official lover retired from the service, this lady contractor brought her business back to Camp Aguinaldo.

    The mother of two stayed in great shape such that a ranking officer of the Philippine Army got crazy about her and made her his mistress sometime in 2013.

    It was when she began cornering most of the juicy projects of the Army through negotiated or rigged biddings.

    Her Army general lover eventually retired from service, too, leaving her with the luxury of a plush subdivision in Paranaque and a fleet of lavish cars.

    She continues to transact business at the DND and AFP to this day.

    But the problem, according to some military officials, is her frequent failure to deliver the goods on time when they were badly needed in combat operations.

    Some goods, like mortars for the Army, turned out to be defective.

    There were also instances when she did not deliver goods, at all.

    I’m wondering if this contractor honestly pays her taxes and on time?

    That’s for our next issue folks!



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    1. I wonder what happened on the high profile witnessed who was supposed to come out and expose the “anomaly” on the Huey helicopters? its been weeks now, when?

      • Very good comment against lousy journalism! Facts are needed not hearsay, fabrications and allegations without solid evidence.

      • Nevertheless at the end it is the newspaper allowing such style and unsufficient research and investigation

    2. PNoy should file charges right away against those involve. Matagal nang niloloko tayo ng ating mga Generals sa Arm Forces. Remember the almost one billion pesos given to them during the typhoon Yolanda. They spent almost .001% for relief and the rest they pocketed it. The military in fairness said the use the money to pay for fuel and salary of flight crew. Do you mean that if they were not given money they will not obey the civilian government to use the C-130 to ferry and carry cargoes to and from Tacloban? What kind of Arm Forces do we have, they have billions of pesos budget enough to declare war, and yet, they are charging the civilian government for a service which is part of their duty? What kind? Tell me?

    3. I wonder why such a reputable newspaper allows publishing unproven allegations starting with “perhaps” to avoid being brought to court. If someone has proven facts that are properly documented why not just go to court instead of maligning people’s reputation? May karma ang lahat.

    4. Sir Erwin bigay nyo ang tunay na pangalan ni magdalena at yung mga opisyal na mga kurap, pag iisipin nyo pa kami kung sino ang mga hinayupak na yan, pangalanan nyo kung may balls kayo at saka nyo ipasa sa senado kung talagang may ibidensya kayo para matapos na yan, o kaya ipa tumba nyo na para mabawasan ang kurap na opisyales sa pinas…

    5. Ka Tulfo huwag tigilan itong news na ito tungkul sa pagnanakaw ng DND mafia organization na pinapagunahan ni Godfather Gazmin ang kawawa dito ay ang low level nating sundalo.Get the firing squad on standby in case it is needed to clean up the DND.

    6. unless they start prosecuting and jailing this crooks, then they will not stop stealing.

    7. These things do not happen under “Daang Matuwid” of this president who is the child of a former president. Pinas does super-A-okay when its president is the child of a former president, di ba?

    8. Isn’t it ironic mr. President, that man you probably “loathed” and whom your father fought bravely (unlike you), it is by His shadow that you are now rulling? Doing the same thing by being unwilling to admit and take responsibility for the misdeeds of his men during M.LAW
      You are NO DIFFERENT whether you admit it or not. And history have already judged you by your own undoing… worst of all, your sins will haunt you FOREVER!!!

    9. And what’s this about PnOy stopping certain deals at DND? Tapos na po ang holy week. Tapos na ang “sinakulo” at mga pakulo… Lumang style na yan!
      Pa-lie low effect nyo nila Gazmin sa bata niyong si Velez at Manalo. Ano, mag wawalis kayo ng kalat? Babalik din yan… dapat sa kalat “sunugin” :-)

    10. These three are d devil’s trinity sa DND. Kakalungkot lang mga opisyal ng AFP na pinagpalit ang dangal ng uniporme at medalya sa “pera”. Then again, pag-malapit ka nga naman sa “grasya”, kahit medalya at estrelya nabibili.
      Hindi lahat sa AFP ay “corrupt”. Mas marami lang ang mga nagbubulag-bulagan at walang mga b__s

    11. Sir Erwin, kung alam niyo lang ang nagawa at ginagawa niyo through M.T. You are flushing-out these “rats” from their holes!
      Please keep it up and don’t lose heart. A lot is at stake and many, many, many lives are at stake. Infact many have lost their lives, husbands and families because of this “Jo M.”
      But, please take note, she’s just a FISH. Yung Velez at Manalo ang mga “balyena” sa DND.