• Big, small firms hooking on mobile devices


    With Philippines ranking as the fastest-growing smartphone market in Southeast Asia, more and more businesses, big or small, are venturing into the use of mobile devices.

    “The real opportunity in innovation is in mobile,” said Hans Roxas-Chua, co-chairman for Mobile Festival 2013 and co-director of International Institute of Digital Marketing.

    Mobile phone users are experiencing an evolution—from once visiting their favorite store to now checking if their favorite products are available online. From calling cab operator and ordering delivery from an online menu to booking an entire vacation online, all of these can be done using a mobile phone.

    “Today’s mobile users became more mindful in choosing such devices, as they want them as tools that will enhance their personal experience. This paves the way for marketers to realize that mobile is no longer just a fad but a necessary to business and marketing strategies,” Chua said.

    There are about 1.2 billion people worldwide accessing information through their mobile devices, while mobile commerce is further bolstering the ease and convenience brought on by e-commerce.

    “E-commerce began the revolution and its remarkable footprints is still apparent in how mobile works right now,” said Arthur Policarpio, head of Mobext Asia Pacific.

    He added that, “And now that the world is going mobile, we might as well look into more options that will help local business understand how customers utilize mobile for purchase.”

    Filipinos also known for being hyper-social which means that they post Facebook status on a lot things, do geo-mapping, and Tweet and re-Tweet information.

    Policarpio also said that, “Basically, we already got our foot in the door. It’s just a matter of educating today’s local business further and to change their mindset that we no longer need to be the ones to follow trends. It’s time to establish our own, and the edge is right in the most-used gadget in the country, [which]is mobile.”

    Mobile advertising
    Meanwhile, TV 5 through its mobile arm, Smart Communication Inc., will roll out mobile advertising services next year.

    “We want to enhance the whole viewing experience, basically we’re using mobile capability to actually make people enjoy the ads because it’s a holistic experience,” said Noel Lorenzana, chief executive officer of Media Quest Holding Inc. and president of TV 5.

    He added that, “You are not just watching the ads but if you want to know more what about is being shown let us say sports or entertainment, the mobile experience is there.”


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