Biggest secret of all: Aquino’s P220 billion pork barrel


In my column on Friday, I explained that behind the pork barrel furor engulfing the nation are three cover-ups managed by the Aquino administration.

The first is the fact that with the utter demonization of “pork barrel queen” Janet Lim Napoles, the Aquino government has covered up the bigger operations of a mysterious person or gang that in fact siphoned off P4 billion of taxpayers’ money into legislators’ pockets. That is practically double the P2.2 billion Napoles allegedly handled.

The second cover-up involves the fact that out of 325 House of Representatives members and 17 senators, the Justice Department, the Ombudsman’s investigators, and their stable of whistle-blowers have singled out only three senators—Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada, and Ramon Revilla—leaders of the opposition, with the latter two in fact having declared that they would be running either for president or vice president in 2016.

Isn’t that way too convenient, that the barrage of charges against the two, their arrest and incarceration have painted them as crooks, two years before elections in 2016? Isn’t that too convenient, with the ratings of Mar Roxas—Aquino’s bet for 2016—slipping from about 17 percent at the start of the year to single-digit levels in recent polls, with his rival Jejomar Binay, allies of Enrile and Estrada, moving from 53 to 57 percent?

The third cover-up is the Commission on Audit’s (COA) failure, refusal, or foot-dragging in undertaking an audit of the use of funds from the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) from 2010 to 2013, or during Aquino’s watch, as well as of his patently unconstitutional new form of pork, the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) funds.
The PDAF releases from 2010-2013 (already the Aquino administration) totaled P62.5 billion, double the P26.1 billion from 2007 to 2009, which is the subject of the current pork-barrel cases at the Sandiganbayan.

But these are dwarfed by the DAP, which totaled P157 billion from 2011 to 2013 according to official data from the Budget department itself (

That is, Aquino’s pork barrel since he assumed office amounted to P220 billion –P62.5 billion PDAF released in his first three years, plus the P157 billion DAP. Yet so far, the COA has turned a blind eye to these suspicious siphoning off of public funds committed during the term of Aquino.

COA Chairman Grace Pulido-Tan—who provided the theatrics in Napoles’ demonization by calling the use of 2007-2009 pork barrel funds as “kahindik-hindik”—must answer four questions:

• Has she issued the office directive ordering the COA’s special audits unit to undertake an audit of the PDAF from 2010-2013, and of the DAP from 2011-2013, in the rigorous manner the agency audited the funds released from 2007 to 2009? It is not just me who’s asking for an audit of the PDAF funds from 2010-2012. It was the second highest official of land, Vice President Jejomar Binay, who as early as last year, and as reported in newspapers on August 31, 2013, demanded that the auditing should not only include the years 2007 to 2009, but also the years until 2012.

• Is the Department of Budget and Management cooperating fully in providing the COA all the documents it has been asking for? (For the 2007-2009 audit, it refused to surrender all documents the COA asked for, most probably those dealing with Aquino’s allies and Liberal Party stalwarts.)

• Given the fact that such an audit of Aquino’s PDAF and DAP would clear the COA and this administration of the accusations that they are not really on an anti-corruption drive but on a campaign to bury the political opposition, has Tan deployed more auditors so the audits can be accelerated, considering the amounts involved are eight times bigger than those for 2007-2009?

• Can she promise the nation that the audit of Aquino’s pork barrel will be finished this year, and not after the 2016 elections?

Would Tan stonewall the audit of Aquino’s pork barrel as a quid pro quo for her to be appointed soon as a Supreme Court justice? We hope not.

COA must immediately audit Aquino’s pork because it involves a much larger amount of P220 billion, which is eight times the P26 billion pork for 2007-2009.

More importantly, Aquino had blatantly used the PDAF and the DAP especially in 2011 and 2012 to bribe first members of the House in filing an impeachment complaint against Chief Justice Renato Corona, and then the senators to convict him.

This has been established not only by testimony of those receiving the funds (it was Jinggoy Estrada who exposed it in October 2013), but also by the timing of the funds’ releases. (See my columns: “P559 million released before Senate vote vs. Corona”, Sept. 29, 2013 and “DBM data confirms P100M ‘bribe’ to 16 senators each,” Oct 3. 2013.)

Another P4 billion was disbursed to congressmen in 2012, at P15 million each, for having filed the impeachment case against Corona.

Think about it. With Aquino bribing congressmen and senators by throwing at them millions of pesos worth of pork barrel funds, would he or his officials have tightened up procedures to make sure that the legislators don’t steal the proceeds, as they had done in 2007-2009?

Or, as rumors have circulated, was it Napoles herself and another still unidentified mastermind of the pork barrel scam who helped the legislators, with Aquino’s endorsement, to steal from the pork barrel bribe the president gave them so they’d remove Corona?

Was Napoles’ participation in the pork barrel bribes in 2011-2012 the reason for her inexplicable confidence that she would survive her current nightmare, for Aquino to personally see her in Malacañang when she surrendered in August and accompany her to the police headquarters?

Or was it an Abad-Napoles tandem in this bigger pork-barrel scam under Aquino? Note that Abad was a congressman for nine years, from 1995 to 2004, who religiously collected his pork barrel that was used for his 16,000 constituents in his tiny province of Batanes.

Especially since the COA had asked him for documents for its 2007-2009 audit, it is impossible that Abad did not know how people’s money was being stolen through the pork barrel system.

Did he advise Aquino that this is the easiest way to bribe Congress so it would remove Corona, and recommended Napoles to help out? Was it this that Napoles was really referring to when she wrote in her sworn statement that it was Abad who taught her how to use NGOs for the pork barrel scam?

For all of Aquino’s sickening blah-blahs about “walang mahirap kung walang corrupt,” did he ever talk against the pork barrel system before it was exposed in 2013?

Since he, and he alone, directed the use of the DAP, Aquino used these funds as his own personal treasury. Undeniably, Aquino’s hands are tainted with pork barrel money.

Note also COA’s wrong priorities to support Aquino’s fake anti-graft campaign.

In another move to persecute former President Arroyo as well as to pin down Napoles and the three senators, the COA undertook a special audit of P900 million of the Malampaya funds coursed in 1999 through the agrarian reform department starting in 2011.

But what may be compared to the Agrarian reform department’s Malampaya scam is the P8.6 billion—ten times the Malampaya money—Aquino gave to the ARMM from the DAP funds, purportedly to accelerate the region’s development.

And how were these distributed? Through Aquino’s hand-picked ARRM Governor Mujiv Hataman who even had a media-covered ceremony distributing P10 million in checks to officials of the region in January 2013. Aquino even complained at that event that Hataman wasn’t disbursing the funds quick enough!

For all its posturing as an anti-corruption body, the COA under Tan will be judged by history as another institution prostituted by Aquino, unless she orders the audit of this president’s P220 billion pork barrel, the biggest amount of government money ever put under a president’s sole whim in our history, and the biggest secret of all in this saga.
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  1. geofrey Vergara on

    Pdaf, daf ano ba mga yan? Naiintindihan ba nating parang agad nang nanghusga na guilty o hindi ang akusado? May responsibilidad tayong saliksikin ang katotohanan. Ang gantong paratang pag napatunayang di totoo ay kamatayan ang parusa coz it demonizes a whole nation. Whenever one gives a statement that is so crucial so as to determine a nation’s fate for another six years, he has to exhaust all means to be exact about it purifying his accounts from even logical presumptions to facts coz of the gravity of the matter it is to determine, just imagine a great position like that just easily making presumptions as a teenager without moral obligation at all. It is an act of twisting minds and denying the truth and therefor a hienous crime at that. So only those who know facts and who will tell the truth not lies will dare such an act.

  2. geofrey Vergara on

    Mag isip isip ng isa dalawa tatlo. Ikaw naman dito. Magsabi ka ng expose na ganito billion pesos na sa banco mo. 2016? Binay nananalo, matatalo pa? They have everything to defend and do dilly dally rhings to puzzle the 99M filipinos. Iaangat nyo ang pinas mr PNOY

  3. geofrey Vergara on

    Yan na naman. umaangat ba ang pilipinas? Nagigisa ba ang pagnanakaw? Pwes, tayong kumon na pilipino na 98milyon tayo ang magisip. Gusto kayonglituin ng ilan lang? May motibo ba ang ganitong expose? Just a bombshell kind of expose like that could easily bag
    tens of millions of pesos whoever dares
    such a move. Malakas ang kinapitan ni tiglao at kalakip nito ang 2016 election result. tiglao has nothing to lose coz he is trying to salvage a whole and very strong and seemingly pacesetting 2016 party. Expose ang ginagawa kina napoles at factual. Pag di malakas ang ebidensya kahit

  4. Mga kasinungalingan ni NOYNOY AQUINO
    sa kanyang speech noong Oct. 30, 2013:

    1. Ang DAP ay legal ayon sa Saligang Batas at iba pang batas.

    Si Noynoy at si Lacierda lamang ang naniniwala dito.
    Ang mga pinakadalubhasa sa saligang batas,
    tulad ni Fr. Joaquin Bernas
    at ang Philippine Constitutional Association,
    ay pinagkakaisahan na nilalabag ng DAP ang ating Saligang Batas.

    2. Ang perang inilaan sa DAP
    ay mula sa tinipong savings na nalikha
    sa paglaban sa katiwalian sa government contracts,
    sa mas mainam na paggugol ng budget,
    at sa magandang pamamahala
    ng mga korporasyong pag-aari ng gobyerno.

    Ang pera ng DAP ay galing sa pondong
    inilaan ng Kongreso para sa mga proyekto
    ng pamahalaan na nakasaad
    sa mga General Appropriations Law
    mula taong 2011 hanggang 2013.
    Ang mga pondong ito ay tahasang inilipat
    sa DAP upang gastusin
    sa anumang ninanais ni Noynoy at ng kanyang cronies.

    3. Si Noynoy ang nag-umpisang umusisa
    sa katiwalian ng PDAF
    at siya ang nag-utos sa Commission on Audi (COA)
    para busisihing mabuti ito.

    Ang COA Special Audit Report on PDAF,
    kung saan nabunyag ang katiwalian ng pork barrel,
    ay iniutos sa ilalim ng
    COA Office Order No. 2010-309
    dated May 13, 2010.
    Ang pangulo noon ay si GLORIA ARROYO.
    Ang mga tao ni Noynoy na sina Grace Pulido-Tan
    at Heidi Mendoza ay
    WALANG KAUGNAYAN sa pagbalangkas ng report.

    4. Ang DAP ay nakatulong na pasiglahin ang ekonomiya.
    Sabi ng World Bank,
    1.3% ang kontribusyon ng DAP
    sa GDP noong huling quarter ng 2011.

    Imposibleng mangyari ito
    sapagkat ang DAP ay nilikha lamang
    noong Oktubre 22, 2011,
    at ang pondo ng DAP
    ay nalipat lamang sa DAP
    mula sa mga national budgets ng 2012 at 2013.

    Mula kay R. Tiglao ng Manila Times:

  5. stackbuster on

    Before anyone attempts to shift the demonizations to GMA, let us not forget (or perhaps, let us know) that Erap stole more than GMA did in his 1 and a half year as president compared to GMAs 9 years and we almost elected him as president last elections. Please take those hard facts first then reevaluate your biases. They’re all demons, learn to pick the lesser evils.

  6. This report is misleading, it doesn’t matter how big the money, who (public official) gets the money or who (public official) benefited it. What’s important is that it goes to the public, the money is distributed via DAP, PDAF or whatever means by the administration to PUBLIC officials (senators, congress, governors, mayors and etc.). These will then be their allocated budgets, they are the ones who should spend this for the people, it is their responsibility and accountability to where the money goes.

    They are still public officials, knowledgeable, old enough, entrusted by the people and are expected to spend it to the PUBLIC.

    What should be audited and monitored is how it gets off the Public officials hand, where it goes, how it was spent and what value gives to our people.

    We should stop misleading our people, we need change, we need to move forward, we need to help each other, we need to support the government, it is us who can change our government and our life, help our self and stop whining.

    Forgive my grammar, I’m just explaining on my behalf.

    • yeah yeah whatever. Let’s wake up. They are public officials but they don’t act like one so let cut the crap and admit, it is our fault that those monsters are eating the nation’s money cause after all, we chose them. if we can produce hundreds of billion why are there still people who are hungry, people without warm bed to sleep at night. It’s not right to blame the government, but I’m blaming the officials that were elected by THE government.


  7. Kiki Haakonson on

    Rigoberto Tiglao? Ass-licker of CGMA? Come on. Who will believe all your ill assumptions, prejudices and lies against Pnoy? Do not tell us that Pnoy is a bad man as compared to your former boss.
    FYI, mas ramdam namin ang asenso ng buhay kesa nung kay GMA. Mas mdali ang trabaho, mas madlai mabuhay sa Pilipinas. Stop all your nincompoop-y columns hitting the current government. When you had your time, you defended one of the worst President any nation could ever had, just 6 inches shy to Pinochet and Pol Pot. Shut up, Tiglao!

  8. synchromaster on

    Tanggalin na ang E-Vat at bawasan ang tax na kinukuha sa sweldo ng mga tao, di naman tayo nkkabayad ng utang nadadagdagan pa, tapos kukurakutin lang ng mga politikong matatakaw sa pera..

    Poor Pilipinos..

    isang araw magigising tayo naibenta na tayo ng mga politiko sa mga chinese.

    Goodbye Philippines..

  9. Yes, this is investigative journalism. And yes, there may be some truth to these facts. but let us remember, “everyone is assumed innocent unless proven guilty”. and we need more evidences to prove these claims. if we want to know the truth, let’s send these to the courts.

  10. Mga kababayan ang ating bayan ay punong puno ng kasinungalingan,siraan at papogian upang malukluk sa kapangyarihan. Upang kumita ang isang kabayan kailangan may tanggap sa kamay upang magsabi ng KATOTOHANAN O’ KASINUNGALINGAN at nakahandang iboto ka basta’t mayroon lang mailagay na pagkain sa araw na yun. Sabi nga nila parepareho lang ang mga taong iyan ilang dekada na at wala paring nababago kundi ang pagyaman nila.

  11. It’s a big sarswela festival, fooling everybody around to go round… What Pnoy did to improve the filipino lives? absolutely nothing.. with the increasing price of commodities, increasing rate of crimes, increasing natural disaster and calamities under his administration same fate happen during his mother’s term. I could really say that our country is under CURSE! curse of this madness corruption.. Oh how I long that our Lord Jesus Christ will come sooner in his appointed time to restore everything by then we can really say that he makes all things beautiful in his time…

  12. Di na nakapag tataka kung bakit ganito mga sinabi ni mr tuklaw i mean tiglao, isa yan sa nagtatakip sa mga kababuyan ng gloria administration. Ilang beses yan nag sinungaling para pagtakpan ang kanyang amo na si gloria sa mga kahindik hi dik na pangungurakot sa kaban ng bayan. Politika lang yan.

  13. itong exposed na ito ay hindi po biro, kung talagang daang matuwid ay dapat sinsagot nila ang bawat agam agam ng mga tao gaya nito, para naman malaman natin ang sinsabi ng inaakusahan tungkol dito. kung talagang transparent ang administrasyong Aquino, bakit hindi nila masgaot agad ito? bakit nananahimik lang sila sa kabila ng kahindik hindik na paratang na ito? may itinatago ba sila o pinag aaralan muna nila ang isasagot nila para hindi sila mabuko? kasi kung wala kang kang itinatagong anomalya, ay kahit ora mismo sa pagkarinig mo sa paratang na ito ay napakadali mong maibato ang sagot mo, pero hindi ganito ang nangyayari! bakit tumatahimik lang ang Gobyernong ito sa kabila ng bilyong paratang na ito ni Mr.Tiglao, hindi nyo ba sya kakasohan o sasagutin man lang Mr. President Kuno? na hihighblood na ako sa mag naririnig kong ito! bakit nananahimik lang ang taong bayan tungkol dito! kontolado na ba tayong lahat ng Adminstrasyong ito dahil nagagamit na nila ang bilyon bilyong peso na yan para ipamodmod sa lahat ng pahayagan at telebesyon at lahat ng media personalities para di sumingaw sa masa ang napalangsang baho na ito? sagotin nyo po ito na may kasamang detalye para pasinungalingan kung hindi ito totoo? isang linggo ko ng naamoy itong balitang ito! hindi ba ito nakakarating isa man lang sa inyo upang ilathala nyo sa pahayagan para malaman namin ang buong katotohan MR. PRESIDENT! HWAG KANG MAGBINGI BINGIHAN SA MGA AKOSANG ITO!

  14. Politics is politics napakarumi..walang perpektong tao o organization. Sir tiglao affiliated sya ni GMA and serves as cabinet secretary. GMA regime pinaka lugmok na economy sa history ng ating bansa. Sa pagka alam ko sa ating saligang batas ang DAP and intel funds ay hindi yun iniaudit.

    Ang PDAF/ DAP ay hindi masama. Nasa tao lang kung panu ito gamitin. Hindi lahat na gumagamit o pinaggagamitan ng pdaf/dap ay masama. Kung compare natin Estrada Arroyo administration nd their cohorts at PNOY administration mas maganda credit rating natin ngayon. Current admin fulfilling sa mga promises nito nung election campaign tru pag pakulong ng mga lumapastangan sa bayan and economic reforms. Ito po ay mga signs na mabuti ang pagpatakbo kesa sa mga nagdaang administration kaya marami ngayon nag invest (international community pa nga nagsasabi).

    I do believe Noy and Mar both walang hubog sa pagnanakaw. Both never tinted sa corruption. Both may pedigree born with silverspoon eka nga. Naauuso narin ngayon nasa payroll ng iilang politician ang mga iilang journalist. Sana maglabas ng evidence so that makapag file ng impeachment ang minority o makasuhan.

    Mahirap kasi magpakulong dahil din sa weak and flaws ng judicial system natin lalo na kung maramihan kagaya nalang ng Mindanao massacre. 6 years lang c pnoy at malapit na election ulet so kung cnu big fish with evidence at the same time rival nalang or else walang magagawang justice. mas ok na yun kesa walang mangyari.

    • I agree with you. Everybody has its own opinion.. whether pros or cons. But sad to say if you say something with malice.. you can twist any issue. I dont understand why they are not contented to Pnoy. We have seen the progress. Main cause of poverty is also the people. Mostly those who complain much about poverty are living in Manila. It is overcrowded that jobs are not enough to sustain the people. Streets are not enough to sustain the vehicles., etc! And surveys are done on that area. So what you will expect? Go to provinces where most projects are developed. You can feel the progress.
      GMA administration created all this issues and corruption. The cancer developed in her administration. Pnoy is the one curing the impossible.. I dont care if Pnoy allies is also corrupt. Nobody in the higher government is clean.. Practically speaking! What I care most is to have somebody to be rotten in jail so that at least we the people got the justice.
      If not Pnoy? Who do you think you will reconsider to be the president with clean name?
      Politics is very evil! To those who understands…

  15. So many issues …so many reasons, so much money laundered, i wonder if the Philippines can still survive for he next 10yrs ?? The nation & The Filipino people are doomed by a monstrous governance of egregious politicians! it seem that the ambition of rge Aquino regime is turning in to nightmare! The biggest SCAM of the Philippine history ever in nearly 60 yrs ! sigh …

  16. Geoffrey Matthew on

    Calling all taxpayers,- including us who are posting comments here, also those big time tax payers-owner of big Businesses and Mega Malls, ” makisama naman rin sana sila, mga Tax-payer din yung mga namimili sa kanila na apektado rin sa PDAF DAP nakawan style na ito, pati na rin yung nasa labas ng bansa. Apparently there is truth in all of these expose which was already clear on the first part of Mr. Tiglao’s post last Friday.We may unite and and also call on all our good and excellent lawyers, and academe, the like of Atty. Harry Roque and the like,who are Taxpayers themselves. Kung ayaw mag-audit ng COA in totality, we need experts law people to file a Case or whatever is needed to have this anomaly in Government stopped. Kailan pa tayo kikilos?

  17. Mr. President might have that kind of money as a PDAF or DAP. Are they not used for government projects such as infrastructure, agriculture, AFP modernization, etc? In my province there are left and right road widening working 24/7. Maybe Mr. Tiglao forget to mention where these funds went. Or is he implying it went directly to the pocket of the President. Among past presidents it is in Aquino’s administration I saw projects are delivered to the people specially when PDAF was abolished last year. It is only unfortunate that we have experienced crisis and calamities and continuous inflation rise that the budget is not enough. There are many signs of progress during Aquino administration compared from the past. It is not very easy to eradicate corruption as it is already a cancer into our society. But at least a treatment is in progress step by step. Of course political strategy to erase first your opponents and then your backyard. Who do you prefer the corrupt officials to be sentenced first? The opposition or the administration? If you do both at the same time… what will happen? Maybe it will be finished in twenty years and the accused already rest in peace or just forgotten. Malas lang ng big three kasi opposition sila. Yan ang karma!

    • Ma’am, This DAP in question is not only unconstitutional as all the money are appropriately allocated to each department of the executive division and any excess cannot be redirected for other uses which is what the PNoy Administration did but it is also the money that was used to bribe the senators to deliver quick judgement on SC CJ Corona.

    • the question is why has COA not audited this fund? if the monies are really spent for government projects you are mumbling about, then there is no issue. the public has the right to know where our taxes go for transparency sake – just like what this government is desperately trying to portray. if noynoy really has nothing to hide, then have him allow COA to do a thorough auditing of this fund!

  18. Sayhawatpu de Trojan on

    We reap what THEY sow, the product of EDSA Revolution.

    Mga Manileños ang nagluklok sa pamilyang Aquino para pamunuan ang ating bansa.

  19. Good reporting and commentary. The point is what are you going to do with your orders for COA to audit the President in case COA do not. Why don’t you file a legal case as a citizen of the Philippines.
    You mentioned that the President is only interested in convicting the candidates for president and vice president, so as the reason for the 3 accused Enrile, Estrada, Revilla to be arrested so Roxas will gain edge. Wonder why you never mentioned BINAY, also a presidential candidate who also have been accused by other journalists of corruptions
    Your reports seem bias against the governing party.
    Mmmmmmm were there something we should know that went behind between you and the opposition party when you wrote this reports? My one yen thoughts.

  20. kaya pala hindi tumataas ang mga sweldo ng mga teachers kasi nandoon na sa kanyang mga kamay at galamay. parami ng parami ang mga requirements namin mga teachers (public school) para lang sa kakarampot na pbb or performance based bonus, walang tulugan, simot lahat ang sweldo namin para ma improve daw ang aming classroom at school pero sila ang dali daling kumuha sa pero na buong araw naming tinatrabahoan.
    nagtututo kaming mga public school teachers at nasa lahat ng government office ang motto na ” HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY” pero ang main man natin sa government ay hindi sumusunod nito.
    makonsensya pa sana kung meron pa.

  21. I think what this writer has done is create doubts on the Aquino administration.. well done.. a lot of assumptions.. there were some grey area and he assumes Aquino is doing bad things already.. no evidence really (not yet anyway).. but my oh my the reaction here have already declared the admin guilty..

    Mr. Tiglao, your article is so against the administration and it was well written.. it’s hard NOT to be sure that you were PAID BY THE senators being accused.. you want proof? my evidence is the same evidence that you have.. NOTHING! It’s vey easy to speculate and create stories.. well, I think that you job.

    I hope you have evidences with what you’ve written because you are creating confussions..

    • Isn’t he the Presidential Chief of Staff of GMA in 2002? How can he guarantee that his report is not biased?

    • concerned citizen on

      Wag niyong atakihin yung nagsulat… mali yon…. Basahin niyong mabuti yung sinasabi niya at pag-isipan. Kung mali ang punto niya, e di wag kayong maniwala, pero kung may punto siya, bakit pagbibintangan niyong kaya niya lang sinulat yon e dahil may galit siya kay Aquino dahil kampi siya kay Gloria? Baguhin na natin ang maling pag-uugali natin, o ang hindi natin paggamit ng isip natin, at ang pagkampi kahit na mali, alang-alang sa bayan natin. Tayo lang ang makakapagpabago ng bayan natin, hindi ang gobyerno.

  22. Napaka Klaro ng pagkakasulat mo ka bobit.Hindi pwedeng baliwalain ng Team
    Pnoy, kasama na ang COA dapat magpaliwanag kayo sa mga boss ni Pnoy
    paano ginamit ang P220 bilyones na pera ng Bayan, at sino sino mga
    congresmen at senador ang nakatangap nito at ano ang pinag gamitan
    nila at kung may mga pinag daanang NGO. Si Pnoy ay matagal ding
    naging Kinatawan at Senador, imposible hindi niya Alam ang bukas na
    bukas na Lihim ng Modus sa Pork, paano nangungumisyon ang mga
    kinatawan at Senador. Kung tutuhanan ang sinabi niya sa Kampaniya
    at sa mga talumpati niya sa mga nagdaang Sona niya, na tatangalin
    niya ang kurapsyon sa bansa para mawala ang kahirapan, dapat
    ang una niyang ginawa pag upong pag upo ay tangalin ang Pork
    sa ano mang katawagan at ilaan na lang ang pera ng gobyerno
    sa tamang pagpalano ng budget para sa infrastraktura at mga
    importantent pangangailangan ng bansa at mamayan. Kailan
    man kung talagang sinsero siya sa paglilinis sa kurapsyon ang
    perang inilalaan sa pork at nagdadaan sa mga mambabatas
    ang direktang pag sasalamangka sa pera ng bayan ay nauuwi
    sa bulsa at hindi sa kabutihan ng bayan.
    Simpleng pag intindi lang sa mga nakalipas na pangyayari tulad
    ng impeachment ni Corona ay makikita na ng taong bayan na
    Lutong makaw mula umpisa hangga matapos, May bahid ng
    napaka laking Kurapsyon gamit ang Pork bilang pansuhol
    para sumunod ng nakapikit ang mga mambabatas at maging
    taksil sa tungkulin sa bayan. Matapos ang suhulang naganap
    mapapansin na rin natin ang Pagtatakip ng gobyerno sa mga
    kakampi at pinipilit na mauwi sa limot ang kasalanan ng tulad
    ni A bad at Alcala, drillon, boyet gonzales, tupaz, umali, banal.
    Para naman sa 3 senador, enrile, estrada, revilla, naging taksil
    din sila sa bayan dahil pumayag silang bayaran ng salapi ang
    kanilang dignidad, yes or no man ang boto nila kung hindi
    sila tumangap ng suhol ay taas nuo silang makakatayo sa
    harap ng bayan. Pero dahil huli na nga malaman nila na
    sumabit sila sa patibong ng gobyerno kaya, di rin sila maka
    bitaw ng mga nalalaman nila sa karumihan ng gobyerno
    dahil nagpagamit din sila dahil sa pera.

    Mr M Amoy gumising ka, moderno na ngayon at madaling makita at maintindihan
    ang mga ebidensiya na di pwedeng itago na gaya ng dati, parang ikaw na
    lang ang di makaintindi, dahil ba ikaw ay isang dilaw na kumukobra ng
    sahod sa Palasyo o talaga lang gaya ng boss mo may sariling mundo at
    ayaw kumilala ng tama.

  23. COA PLEASE PAKISAGOT ANG MGA KAHINDIK HINDIK NATANONG NI SIR TIGLAO,. 220 billion PNOY ipamigay mo nalang sa mahihirap yan, para wala ng mahirap sa pilipinas. In every government agency, merun representative ang COA ‘resident COA auditor’ dapat from the start sinasabe na nila agad kung anong nangyayare sa pera ng taong bayan,. kung hindi kaya nagsalita si Benhar Luy malalaman kaya naten ang mga bagay na ito ngaun?. Dapat hindi lang mga Legislator at Senator ang imbistigahan PATI MGA RESIDENT AUDITOR IN EVERY AGENCY NA DINADAANAN NG PDAF, tama ba Mr. Tiglao? imposible kase na hindi sila nakinabang or kumita sa PDAF, for so long baki ngaun lang nagsasalita ang COA,? hindi kaya merun din sila tinagtago or pinoprotektahan mga tao?

  24. Excellent Mr Tiglao, thank you for your fearless column, you have exposed the evils of this self righteous administration.

  25. Sir Tiglao, keep exposing the truth that is covered by layers of lies to protect a dishonest malacanang occupant hiding under the cover of “kung walan kurap walang mahirap”.

  26. I take my hat’s off on Mr. Tiglao’s erudite in-deep knowledge about the pork barrel SCAM of Aquino – this is a courageous expose Aquino’s magnitude of corruption in cahoots with his “yellow mobs” allies. What is the people waiting for? Why did they not rise and kick Aquino OUT from Malacanang including all his yellow mobs? I am sick and tired of Aquino’s empty blah-blah-blahsss ###@@%%%****>>. The Pinoys do believe in Aquino’s empty rhetorics.

  27. Filipinos by nature doesnt do anything even if they get robbed in front of thier faces. They just bitch about it and come next day go on with thier pathetic lives forgetting everything. In other countries heads would have rolled already and they prospered. Justice is serve. Thats why filipinos are run by tyrants because they allow them too. There is no justice in the Philippines. The best example are the Ampatuan’s who massacred dozens of innocent people. After 5 years justice is still not served. Witnesses were either killed, threatened or bribed to be silent. Now if you Filipinos will put your politicians behind bars your the laughing stock of whole Asia. They’re condominiums bigger than middle class houses in your country. And who pays for it? Its You the tax payer. Philippines dont be stupid.

    • kalokohan naman mangurakoy si pinoy para lang manalo si mar roxas….walang ganong tyaga si pnoy…pag basehan ba naman ang plano ni bong na mag president..tsaka d na naman tatakbo yan si pinoy eh ..ka bobo naman para sacrifice si pinoy na mangurakot para kay mar roxas isip naman tayo… d basta na lang pakulong muna yang tatlo….

  28. Ang paksang ito’y dapat hinihimay sa programa ni Ted Failon, Kabayan Noli de Castro, Mike Enriquez, Arnorld Clavio at Anthony Taberna. Sila ang karaniwang tinututokan ng masa. Kailangan kapanayamin si Ginoong Bobi Tiglao ng mga radio-tv host na nabanggit, upang lalong maipa-alam sa madla ang mga isiniwalat na katiwalian ni Mr. Tiglao. Ang ordinaryong mamamayan ay walang panahon na magbasa ng dyaryo lalo pa at sa wikang english.

  29. Hesus Maryahosep on

    The saddest part is…during the presidential election campaign…sinamantala pang gamitin ang dahilan sa pagkamatay ng kanyang ina (may god rest her soul) to win peoples heart….and run for president….para sa matuwid na daan! HESUS MARYAHOSEP!!! Isa palang CONMAN! feel sorry for that man and mostly to his late parents….wonder why hindi pa siya minulto sa kanyang mga magulang….patawad po…

  30. pag nababasa mo ang ganitong nakawan sa administrayon nato.talagang

    mapapa@%%** ng sana tamaan sila ng kidlat at bangungutin sa pagtulog

  31. what i cannot comprehend is this:
    1.) the AUDACITY of Janet Napoles to approach and “surrender” to none other than PNOY himself at Malacanang at that. a person with just a mere acquaintance relationship with the most powerful tenant in malacanang can not just simply walk right there ( AND INFACT WAS EVEN WELCOMED WITH OPEN ARMS ) to seek protection. janet’s connection may be that firm and strong to warrant personal attention of her predicament by the very person she had sought refuge with.

  32. jesus nazario on

    At uma-ambisyon pa ng Nobel Prize. Navel Price pa siguro for he does nothing but watch his navel.

  33. sir tiglao, there is logic in everything that you have deduced involving the expose’ in all your column of last friday and today. the most appropriate thing to do for all the concern citizens is to compel and demand, in whichever possible way we can, the COA to conduct the audit procedures asap. perhaps with certain deadline or timetable, we shall wait for the commission to render its findings in the general public.

  34. Alejo Rosete on

    If the Chair of COA said about what was audited (2007-2009) – Ka hindik hindik

    The COA Chair will not Audit any thing beyond that dahil sigurado ko ang comment niya ay – “Tan” hindi “k” hindi “k”.

    Very well said Ambassador Tiglao – very well documented. More power to you.
    God Bless.

    Sana ikaw na lang ang tatakbo bilang Presidente sa 2016. If you will run for President of the Republic of the Philippines in 2016 – I can see a “Mayor Arsenio Lacson” in the making running for President – “In This Corner”

  35. jose hernani m. parco on

    and yet they say there’s no money/fund available to give our teachers a decent salary at all? WTH!

  36. Benigno KUHA-KO AKIN-NA on

    …PeeNoy snatched all TV and radio prime time broadcast last year to defend PDAF… This nation can be great again if print and broadcast media will show PeeNoy, Butch A-DAP, Pulido-Tan, Moral-Less, Delimaw, et al in their glorious mug-shots.

  37. If there is a possibility of this huge ammount of money being stolen then why isnt any of these political interviewers asking these questions of malcanang & every senator or politician of any kind every day. Its the responsibility or duty of every citizen to stand up & demand an inquiry into this. Make it that they cannot say no, dont accept the stupid things they say to fob everyone off all the time. Tell them it has to be investigated.

  38. Eddie de Leon on

    Kaya hindi ma i-impeach yan. Billions are in his and Abad’s and Drilon’s hands to buy the results of the 2016 elections.

  39. Samuel Santos on

    What will it be for PNoy when he’s no longer president? House arrest, hospital detention or NBP?

  40. May I, an ordinary citizen request PNoy, Abad,Pulido-Tan crycing lady Heidi Mendoza, Coloma, Lacierda, Valte and any and all bloggers who are yellows to rebut and explain in detail the facts in today’s article of Mr. Tiglao. Should they all be silent again how should ordinary folks conclude, are they honest or frauds.

  41. diosdado amoy on

    this guy’s (writer)name is so familiar during the arroyo administration, everything that he’s saying is nothing but heresay and predictions…

    • the sources of what he’s saying is in the commentary, you can check it yourself.. it’s not hearsay at all.. this is not a showbiz column, Mr. Tiglao is an investigative columnist, his exposes are mostly supported by data and information easily available on the internet..

    • I am apolitical, and I hate GMA. But what Pnoy is doing is much worst than the combine administration of Ramos, Erap and GMA. These leaders made money through commissions, but Pnoy made money that came from the taxes paid by my poor kababayans.

  42. My God! You really nailed them Bob, you really nailed ’em. This info is enough for Cong. Tiangco to keep on talking of Yellows blatant corruption for centuries.

  43. Migs Doromal on

    There is a conspiracy out there but it is not the handiwork of Jinggoy Estrada, Bong Revilla, and JPE. The three are no less crooks by their own individual acts of graft and corruption.

    The true conspiracy is being orchestrated no less by the hands of BS Aquino and his LP (LAGING PALPAK) partymates led by Butch Abad and Frank Drilon with the able participation of DOJ Sec. Leila De Lima, Ombudsman Conchita Morales, and COA Chair Grace Pulido-Tan.

  44. Of course, the administration has already obtained advanced information of the ultimate declaration of the nullity or unconstitutionality of the DAP. That is why it was reported that ABad and Alcala are being investigated, or as they put it subtly, being “vetted” by the DOJ. Clearly, these two scalawags are being used by the administration to cushion the impact of the ultimate decision of the Supreme Court as against the Lord of the Pork.

    I can only pray that this advance report of the SC’s decision is accurate for indeed, it is satisfying to realize that we have a Supreme Court, the last bastion of defenses against the abuses of this regime, that does not waver on its obligation to protect the people no matter what the hideous schemes of this administration against “uncooperative” justices. To those Supreme Court Justices who will ultimately vote against the constitutionality of DAP, my profound gratitude. Mabuhay kayo.

  45. James Santiago on

    Can we also write this in Tagalog and publish it in Libre tabloid so majority of the people would know the real score about the hottest issue ever in #PHPolitics

  46. Mr. Tiglao is really a fearless man to exposed what the masa needed to know.
    This kind of man is needed in the Senate for check & balance what really happening there.
    The exposed of bribery in the senate to convict corona only happened because of these
    PDAF scam. I believe very few people nowadays can be trusted due to money. As long
    as we filipinos did not change our bad behavior & thinking always our personal agenda,
    the generation of tomorrow will be the same. The jailing of these senators is tainted with
    politics & cannot be set as sample for daan matuwid.