• Bike club breaks 3 Guinness records in one day


    n Hundreds of bikers occupy the Macapagal Avenue on Saturday. Their feat to break the record for participating in the biggest motorcycle parade landed them in the Guinness Book of World Records. Photo by Ruy L. Martinez

    At least 1,500 members of a Philippine motorcycle club broke three Guinness World records in one day by simultaneously starting their engines, beeping their horns and holding a parade in Pasay City on Saturday.

    Going into the Guinness Book of World Records is the Yamaha Club, a group of local bike riders.

    The club established the record in two new Guinness categories: the biggest number of bikes simultaneously starting their engines, and honking their horns.

    Then it reset the record for the biggest number of motorbikes participating in a parade. The old record holder is TDMitalia, a motorcycle club in Italy, which paraded 206 bikes in 2003.

    Assembled at the Mall of Asia parking lot, the 1,500 Yamaha riders ignited their engines at the same time and kept them on for one minute to claim the first record.

    The number exceeded the minimum 200 to clinch the record in that category.

    They then honked their horns continuously for 15 seconds to own the second record. The category needed only 250 bikes for the record.

    The riders finally streamed out of the parking lot for a 3.5-kilometer run in the streets around MOA to claim the third.

    Representatives from the Guinness Book of World Records led by Terje Purga were on hand to check if the record-breaking attempts conformed with Guinness requirements. They made the official announcement several hours later.

    “We want to make a history and a statement that our group exists,” said Lenie Alambro, the club’s marketing communication supervisor.

    “The first two records needed only 200 riders, but we have 1,500 participants,” Alambro said.

    The Yamaha Club claims to have 85,000 members from all over the country.


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    1. It is good to belong to a club or organization like the motorcycle club and etc. , not just to be in Guinness world record but also to lead an example of using the motorcycle as a means of economical transportation to and from work and family use ,certainly not to engage in riding tandem robbery and snatching to make a living , which could make it unattractive for tourist to come for a vacation ..