‘Bilibid syndicate behind Pampanga shabu lab’

BIG LAB President Rodrigo Duterte inspects the shabu laboratory in Arayat,  Pampanga. PHOTO BY RENE H. DILAN

BIG LAB President Rodrigo Duterte inspects the shabu laboratory in Arayat, Pampanga. PHOTO BY RENE H. DILAN

ARAYAT, PAMPANGA: President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday revealed that the Bilibid drug syndicate was behind the operations of a big shabu laboratory in Barangay Lacquios at the foot of Mt. Arayat.


“The operators of this structure are drug lords there inside [NBP]. Somehow, if not for the cell phones there in Bilibid they could not have done it,” the President, who toured the illicit facility, said.

Lacquios is about five kilometers from Barangay Balitucan in Magalang town where the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency and the police discovered a piggery farm concealing an underground shabu laboratory on September 7. Seven Chinese nationals were arrested there.

The facility at Lacquios was a large warehouse surrounded by trees and shrubs.

The President said the government should sequester the property and turn it into a drug rehabilitation facility.

“But you have to strengthen the foundation, you can have two floors here for rehab,” Duterte said.

“I will find the money, that’s for sure. I can have about P25 million to P50 million. It’s gonna be a beautiful rehab center,” he added.

The laboratory was allegedly operated by Chinese nationals, led by a certain Mr. Chua.

This was the second shabu-making factory found in Pampanga. Three others were discovered in Angeles City since March.


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  1. Strange to see all this taking place under the watchful eye of the Mayor and PNP?
    99% of bars and nightclubs in Philippines now have shabu sold. Angeles City and Pampanga and Subic have been making it for years with no crackdown. Police , bar owners, dealers , mamasans and officials have made fortunes from it.

    I could walk into any var in Angeles City and get drugs in 2 minutes. Most bar staff are hooked on it now. The mamasans hook the girls on it so they keep working at the bar to make money.

    Shut it all down! Send the China drug lords and drug pushers to jail or the grave.