• Bill imposes uniform qualification for college teachers


    A lawmaker has filed a measure prescribing uniform qualification standards for teachers who are applying for job as faculty member in colleges and universities.

    Rep. Roman Romulo (Lone District, Pasig City) said House Bill 3392, to be known as the Uniform Qualification Standards for College or University Faculty Act, should cover all teachers in private and public colleges or universities.

    Under the bill, faculty in the undergraduate level should have a bachelor’s degree in a field of specialization related to the subject or course taught while the faculty in the graduate level must have a master’s degree in a field of specialization related to the subject matter or course taught.

    The faculty in the post-graduate level should have a doctoral degree in a field of specialization related to the subject or course taught.

    Romulo, the chairperson of House Committee on Higher and Technical Education, cited recent data from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) showing that more than half of university and college professors in the country do not have a master’s or doctorate degree.

    “According to the CHED, about 55% or 72,153 faculty do not have graduate degree and more than 50% or 70,000 higher education institutions (HEIs) faculty need to upgrade their qualifications and competencies in order to improve the quality of teaching in our HEIs,” Romulo said.

    “The strong foundation that the educational system needs to ensure to make quality education accessible cannot be attained if we do not prioritize the development of the faculty of our HEIs,” Romulo said.

    “We can hardly meet international standards or compete with our neighboring countries in terms of quality education if we do not invest in creating a pool of experts in our colleges and universities who will be capable of training students for significant and promising careers in the global market,” Romulo added.

    Under the measure, the minimum educational qualifications for teacher-applicants shall be clearly defined by the CHED.

    Any private or public HEI may require additional qualifications, such as giving preference to honor graduates from any college or university or top placers in licensure or bar examination and those who graduated from top foreign counterpart schools in the hiring of applicants.

    Any faculty who works at least four hours of classroom teaching a day shall be remunerated in accordance with his or her regular remuneration and in excess of which, he shall be compensated with a plus 25 percent of his regular remuneration as those not engaged in actual classroom instruction who perform in excess of four hours.

    Salaries of faculty shall be equal with those paid in other occupations requiring equivalent or similar qualifications, training and abilities to ensure them and their families, a reasonable standard of life. PNA


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