Billions still wasted in Pnoy’s watch, corruption persists


Billions worth of government funds went to waste early into the Aquino administration, which occupied Malacañang in 2010. A similar squandering of the people’s money, seemingly, has since been taking place, this time through the controversial Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), which the Supreme Court recently ruled as illegal.

One perfect example of funds going down the drain involved the P1 billion given by President Aquino to Gov. Roel de Gamo of Negros Oriental in 2012 for a river-dredging project in the province.

De Gamo, instead of getting local contractors so that the provincial government would be able to save money, surprisingly hired the services of Premium Construction and CTC Builders from Bicol Region.

A local contractor, who is a friend of mine but who wished not to be identified, claimed the river-dredging project was over-funded since it merely entailed removing excess sand and dirt from a waterway using a heavy equipment.

My friend explained that contractors love dredging projects since there is very minimal expense on their part. Aside from the fuel for a backhoe, the major machine used in such projects, and the daily wage of its operator, the rest of the project cost becomes the contractors’ profit.

Aside from the over-funding of the river-dredging project, a lowly official of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) said the bidding for the project was allegedly rigged by local officials.

My source from DBM said the sub-allotment release order (SARO), the primary requirement to initiate a bidding for any government project, had not been approved but the project was already awarded to Chinsan Ranola and Joy Clemente, owners of Premium Construction and CTC Builders, respectively.

Though the Budget department questioned the project, it was too late to stop the first tranche of payment of P500 million to the provincial government of Negros Oriental, my DBM informant said.

De Gamo and the two contractors reportedly filed a lawsuit against DBM for stopping the second payment. The case is pending in court.

Pnoy should now stop hitting the previous Arroyo administration for its wasteful spending and widespread corruption. The man no longer makes sense and starts to sound like a parrot!!!

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Inefficient PH Embassy in Italy corrupt too?

A few months ago, a group of Filipinos living in Italy complained about the alleged inefficiency of our embassy there.

Our ambassador to Rome, Virgilio Reyes, quickly denied the allegation and claimed that the complaints were made up by only a few members of the Filipino community in that country in an effort to oust him from office.

On Tuesday, Joseph Peralta came to Radyo 5 to complain about certain employees of the embassy who asked for one hundred euros from his family to fast-track the shipment of the body of his brother who died in Milan a few weeks ago.

Foreign Affairs Assistant Secretary Charles Jose was surprised upon hearing about the 100 euros being asked by the embassy employees from the Peralta family.

Jose said there is no such fee that the embassy requires or should be collected especially from families of the deceased. He promised to look into the complaint right away.

So, what can you say now, Ambassador Reyes???


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  1. Legaspi,DENMARK on

    the aquino administration should strictly implement the law,don’t waste the peoples money,,,

  2. Martin Velasco on

    Ira V. Panganiban
    Getting Away With Plunder

    I shall, for this time, take a serious position and express my thoughts and opinion as such.

    I cannot fathom why, after the decision of the Supreme Court exposing the unconstitutionality of the Disbursement Acceleration Program or DAP, too many of our so-called intelligent sectors of society continue to espouse the idea that President Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III is not to blame and that only his Budget Secretary Butch Abad should fall on his sword.

    In fact, if we listen to Vice President Jejomar Binay, Fr. Joaquin Bernas, the civil society people and the yellow universe, Aquino was misled by his lieutenants and that he was ignorant of the misdeeds of his men. In fact, right now, they make him appear to be a fool if we take everything said in his defense as true (like the good faith argument.)

    Let me put a few things in perspective before we believe this line of propaganda.

    1. President Aquino is a graduate of the illustrious Ateneo de Manila University, a school where fools are barred from entering, or so their entrance requirements appear to say so.

    2. Aquino belongs to a very rich family where, even if there is no dearth of stupidity in such ranks, he was tutored, trained and developed to be a national leader.

    3. Aquino does not only have cabinet secretaries for advisers, he has a long line of family advisors, relatives and functionaries who are not only respected in their fields but some are actually experts.

    4. Aquino was a three term member of congress and a single term senator before he was catapulted to the post of president of the republic. And while it does not signal intelligence and wisdom, it does afford knowledge and experience (the two sets do not necessarily go together you see.)

    5. Aquino was the author of the Senate Bill 3121. The final nail in his political coffin, where he proposes the abolition of budget impoundment. This is the very act he and his supporters claim he was ignorant of and only Abad could have thought of.

    I have never believed in the secret argument that Aquino is a dumb, stupid man being manipulated by his people, just as I have never believed Joseph Erap Estrada is an idiot because he could not speak proper english.

    Only a really intelligent man can come up with these kinds of obfuscations to hide their true agenda (well either that or he is a truly stupid man which I refuse to believe.)

    So, I propose this argument instead. That Aquino was complicit with his cabinet secretaries and political allies in robbing billions from the Filipino people. That he may not be the brains of the whole debacle, but he is the signing finger which can be construed as the muscle of enforcement. That he may have been misled by his men is true, but only to the extent of the thievery but not the actions in itself.

    I also propose that in his arrogance and possible ignorance in some of his men’s agenda, he really believed he can get away with it using his popularity and his family’s romance with the Filipino people.

    And while I demand that he be made to pay for his mistakes, I guess to an extent, he may be right in assuming that as an Aquino, he may actually get away with it, just as the Estrada’s, Marcose’s, Arroyo’s and their kind always do.

    just want to share.

  3. genaro joel magsino on

    tama naman talaga waste of public money sa simula pa sinabi niya yan. ang kailangan ng pilipinas ay disiplina. kung sa sakit cancer na nga yan corruption sa tao pag meron cancer 50/50 buhay kailangan malaking halaga ng gamutan at hindi pa siguradong mag survive or maging cancer free. yan pa sa gobyerno.

  4. ang galing talaga ni pnoy yan ang tuwad na daan hahaha wala nang kapag apagasa ang pilipinas, pinakamataas na pwesto hangang pinakamababang pwesto sa gobyerno meron koruption. tulfo pls tumakbo sana isa sa inyu, kamay na bakal ang kelangan ng bansa hindi mga artista.

  5. the reason you’re pointing this project out is because you want your contractor friend to have bagged the project so he would be the one pocketing the profits instead of the contractor from Bicol, and in the process maybe you could collect some commission from him too right? too obvious – if there was any impropriety in the bidding and awarding of the contract, someone should have files the appropriate legal case

  6. Mr. Erwin Tulfo, what can you expect from a no-clue, mentally-challenged and incompetent individual to lead the country? And were you not one of his able admirers?