• Billy Crawford says ‘no thanks’ to stag party


    Billy Crawford with BFFs Jay-R and Kris Lawrence

    PLUS: What is Gerald Anderson and Bea Alonzo’s bonding activity?

    Been there, done that.

    That’s Billy Crawford’s take on having a stag party before his wedding to gorgeous fiancée Coleen Garcia. The host is passing up this one-time pass for a last hurrah to single life saying at 35 years old, he’s experienced all of it by now.

    “Nalipasan na ata ako,” he laughed. “I’m too old for it na. Dati I used to go out every day with my best friends Jay-R and Kris [Lawrence] and end up out until about 10 to 11 in the morning. Ngayon, masaya na ako nakikitambay sa bahay ng kung sino, kwentuhan lang with real friends.”

    Speaking of his BFFs, Billy is happy his schedule has opened up to join them in “Soul Brother,” a three-way concert happening on September 15 at the Kia Theater.

    Apparently, they’ve been mounting this concert for six years!

    “Matagal na talaga namin naisip pati nga album plano namin eh so we had to do it. Kailan pa di ba? I am just so happy matutuloy na.”

    The concert is going to be a pure bromance show that will double as his friends’ going away party for him before Billy says, “I do.”

    Refreshingly, manly as they all are, this trio isn’t ashamed to show their affection for one another. Billy had a sweet message for Jay-R and Kris before they ended in a group hug during this interview with In The Know. “I love you mga beshie. Hahaha! Seriously, I’m just so happy that you guys have been there in every step of my life.”

    Gerald Anderson works out every day and never cheats on his fitness routine and healthy lifestyle. In case you are wondering, all this discipline is the secret to his rock-hard abs and beautiful physique.

    “Not a day goes by na hindi ako nagpapawis. It’s me na eh, it’s a part of my lifestyle.” He also takes Bargn Pharmaceutical’s Cosmo Cee Vitamin C to stay in optimum health, which owners Red Gatus and Niño Bautista introduced him to for some time now.

    “I’m so busy with taping and puyat that I have to drink it to maintain my health. Kung hindi magkakasakit ako. Kaya nga hindi pa ako nagkakasakit, mga three years na, seryoso.”

    Gerald’s motivation to stay fit lately comes from his sporty soap with Kim Chiu, “Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin” on ABS-CBN, and of course, his special someone Bea Alonzo. Gerald says in fact that to make the most of their time off from their busy schedules, they’ve incorporated working out during their dates. In turn, people have noticed how Bea has adapting to a healthier lifestyle since getting together with Gerald, taking on running as their favorite activity.

    Gerald Anderson

    Gerald proudly said of his girlfriend, “She ran 10 km for her first time and malayo iyon ah! That’s not easy for a first timer.”

    Gerald hopes to do more fitness activities with Bea as well, sharing, “Syempre, one day sana magsama kami sa Ironman.”

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