• Billy Crawford talks about marrying Coleen Garcia

    Despite their 10-year age gap, these love birds are doing just fine

    Despite their 10-year age gap, these love birds are doing just fine

    Together for two years now, Billy Crawford and girlfriend Coleen Garcia have been very open about their relationship, and have talked publicly about plans to tie the knot.

    According to Crawford, howe­ver, in a small roundtable interview, which included The Manila Times, he and Garcia are simply finding the right timing.

    “We both talk about our future. Of course that’s inevitable because we’ve been together for two years and I’m very close to her family, and she’s close to mine. So it will all lead there [to marriage].

    “[But for now] I just want her to continue to grow as an actress. I want her to fulfill her dreams first,” Crawford, who is promoting his upcoming film with Regal Entertainment That Thing Called Tanga Na, added.

    “If ever I get married, I want to give everything I have when it comes to being a husband. I would ra-ther stop [everything I’m doing],, and just focus on that. But of course Coleen wants to do the same, which is why we have to be sure when we should go for it.”

    Crawford clarified all the same that he will not demand his future wife to stop acting, especially since he is aware that Garcia has just started her climb to fame.

    “It’s all up to her if she wants to stop showbiz or not. Those are her opportunities, so we shouldn’t close any doors if they open for her.”

    Both practically and realistically, Crawford related,” I have been in this industry for 30 years now so I’ve had my time. Coleen’s just starting. But at least for me, when I get married, I want to focus on family.”

    Despite a controversial start to his relationship with Garcia–Crawford had just broken up with longtime girlfriend Nikki Gil back then–he is happy to share that all is well in his personal life.

    “What we have now, I’m cherishing. Everyday I have new things to learn about Coleen, and vice versa. So we want to take it slow; we’re take our time because she’s still young. I’m 10 years older than Coleen—I’m 34 years old, and she’s turning 24. So there’s a big age gap, so I’m still making sure she’s comfortable with what we have.”

    The “BiCol” couple spent their second year anniversary with a very simple celebration. According to the half-American celebrity who began in the industry as a little boy, there was no expensive gift from Garcia but she gave her the most precious thing he could ask for: An entire day with him, which is a rarity given her very hectic schedule.

    “Our anniversary was July 23… Well it is very hard to surprise Coleen. She wants to know everything about anything first so I fail every year in surprising her,” he laughed.

    “I got sick so I didn’t have any idea about her schedule. I just told her ‘Love, if you can, if your don’t have work on the 23rd give spend it with me’,” he shared.

    “So what I did, I borrowed my friend’s chopper, and we went to tagaytay to eat, and after that we went to the spa so she can relax. That was my gift, pampering,” Crawford smiled.

    “Then we went back again here to Manila so we could watch together her first major acting debut in MMK (Maalaala Mo Kaya). So yes, she gave me time–that’s what I hoped for and she gave it to me.”

    Asked if he gets jealous over Garcia’s sexy and intimate scenes in movies, Crawford replied, “They’re part of her work, so I understand. It’s part of the movie so it’s her job. I watch all her love scenes and I still trust her. If ever there will be a time her co-actor acts maliciously, she will tell me about it, so they better be careful,” he warned.

    Meanwhile, Crawford expressed his gratitude to Regal Entertainment for casting him in a movie after what he says has been decades his last with them.

    “The first Regal Film I made was Pahiram Ng Isang Umaga back when I think I was seven years old. It’s an honor to come back here especially since [his mentor, the late]Kuya Germs [Moreno] and I used to come here often,” he recalled.

    In the comedy film That Thing Called Tanga Na, Crawford will play a closeted gay security guard who dreams of falling in love. Sharing top billing with him are Angeline Quinto, Eric Quizon, and Kean Cipri-ano.

    The film, directed by Joel Lamangan, opens on August 10 in theaters nationwide.


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