Binay: Aquino will choose me

BE NICE  Vice President Jejomar Binay (left) gestures during his news conference as antiBinay protesters (right) gather at the Makati Freedom Park. PHOTOS BY RENE DILAN AND MELYN ACOSTA

Vice President Jejomar Binay (left) gestures during his news conference as antiBinay protesters (right) gather at the Makati Freedom Park. PHOTOS BY RENE DILAN AND MELYN ACOSTA

Convince us VP will continue reforms, says Palace

Hoping against hope, Vice President Jejomar Binay on Wednesday said he continues to believe that President Benigno Aquino 3rd will eventually pick him as a wild card in the 2016 presidential polls.

“Nandoon pa rin ang aking paniniwala na pagdating ng oras ay dadating ako sa yugto na kokonsiderahin niya ako. Konsiderasyon lang naman [I still believe that time will come that he will consider me. Just a consideration],” Binay told a media forum in Manila.

“Basta umaasa ako na hanggang sa huling sandali, hanggang sa araw ng halalan, makokonsidera ako. Mayroon namang suportang patalikod [I’m still hoping that until the last minute, until election day, I’ll be considered. I’ve been getting discreet support],” he said.

A faction of Aquino’s supporters known as the Samar group, which had included Sen. Francis Escudero, dropped its support for the official Liberal Party candidate for Vice President, Manuel Roxas 2nd, and pushed for a Noy-Bi or an Aquino-Binay tandem in the 2010 elections.

Binay, the presumptive standard-bearer of the opposition and the only politician who has been openly announcing that he is standing for the presidency in 2016, has been a long-time ally of the Aquinos.

A human rights lawyer during the dark days of martial law, he was the first local government official appointed by the first Aquino government when it took power in 1986. Binay, a former mayor of Makati City (Metro Manila) was a close ally of the late former President Corazon Aquino, the incumbent President’s mother.

The younger Aquino, then a senator, and Binay belonged to a loose alliance opposed to the regime of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Binay won the 2010 race for Vice President by getting 41.65 percent of the total votes cast or 14.6 million votes as against Roxas who got 39.58 percent or 13.9 million votes.

Roxas, who gave way to Aquino and slid down to become his running mate, was named Secretary of the Interior and Local Government.

Although he belongs to the other side of the political fence, Aquino, meanwhile, appointed Binay to his Cabinet and made him the government’s “housing czar” as well as the presidential adviser on overseas Filipino workers affairs.

At Wednesday’s forum, Binay when asked when he will resign from his post said he will announce it at the right time.

“Eventually darating tayo dun. Sa ngayon secret [We will come to that, but now it’s a secret],” he added.

Reacting to Binay’s pronouncement, Malacañang said the Vice President may only get Aquino’s endorsement if he could convince the President that he will continue Aquino’s anti-corruption reforms.

Malacanang spokesman Edwin Lacierda did not comment on questions pertaining to Aquino’s endorsement.

“It’s far too early for us to say anything. It’s the prerogative of the President to make his choice, and until such time, everything will be speculation,” he said also on Wedensday.

Last month, the President said Roxas remains “on top of the list” of his choices for 2016.

The Liberal Party (LP) is expected to announce its standard-bearer for the 2016 elections right after Aquino’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) in July, according to the party’s vice chairman, Senate President Franklin Drilon.

Drilon said the announcement will be made “between July 28 and 31.” He, however, refused to say if Aquino will choose Roxas as his candidate.

Sen. Mary Grace Poe-Llamanzares, who placed second in recent pre-election presidential surveys, is also said to be on Aquino’s shortlist.

Radio station dzBB reported that the President and Poe had a meeting on Wednesday, specifically to discuss plans for 2016. It quoted Poe as its source.

Lacierda’ however, said there was no meeting with the senator in the President’s official schedule for the day.

“We’ll verify,” he added.

‘No Poe-Chiz’ for NPC
The Vice President also on Wednesday said there was no truth to reports that the Nationalist People’s Coalition has decided to go for a Poe-Escudero tandem.

“I talked to an official of the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) and I was told that the party has not endorsed the tandem of [Poe] and Sen. Francis ‘Chiz’ Escudero for the 2016 presidential and vice presidential elections,” Binay noted.

At present, the NPC–which was formed in 1991 to push for the presidential run of industrialist Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco Jr.–has 48 members in Congress with Senators Vicente Sotto 3rd and Loren Legarda as members in the Senate.

Mar will run
Roxas, the presumptive administration candidate in next year’s elections, has reportedly announced that he will gun for the presidency in 2016.

Caloocan City (Metro Manila) Rep. Edgar Erice, chairman of the Liberal Party (LP) political affairs committee, disclosed that Roxas made the announcement during a meeting at “Balay” last Monday. “Balay” refers to the Roxas residence in Cubao, Quezon City.

“He told us that we would be campaigning together in 2016. Yes, definitely, he will run for President. He said he is ready to continue the programs started by the Aquino administration,” Erice told reporters.

“Mas maliwanag pa yan sa sikat ng araw na tatakbo siya. Nagpalakpakan kami [It’s clear as sunshine. He is running in 2016. We applauded him after his speech].”
“He [Roxas] is passionate about what he is saying,” Erice added.



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  1. Pusong Mamon on

    Sira na ulot ni Binay! Sinabi ni Pnoy na ang layo ni Binay, tapos ngayon gustong sumama? Tinanggihan na ni Aquino, may sayad yata itong si Binay. Delikado ang ganito kung maging presidente.

  2. I Remember... on

    It is now very clear: Binay, Roxas and Poe are all in the same bed. Fighting each other… but not kicking asses to put the crooks in jail.

    Binay is definitely OUT. Same for the fake POE. Roxas… pick-up driver and stupid golfer that cannot behave, is in the same league of stupids want to be.

    Real ones left: Marcos, Gordon, Gibo (if he wants to come back).

    Anyone else?

    • @I Remember: You’re in the dark. You don’t bother to research because you’re blinded by your bias. That’s irresponsible. “Pickup driver” was a malicious unfounded tag made by Revilla on Roxas in an effort to deflect attention away from Revilla’s other activities. Mar Roxas is sepf-deprecating that he will drive his car himself. Revilla is a self-centered thug lacking in manners that instead of showing courtesy to mar by riding beside him in front, he rode in the back and labeled mar. Also shows how much Revilla feels entitled. But Revilla is now in detention on trila for plunder while Mar is untainted by corruption. “Stupid golfer”? Mar was repeatedly harrassed by the club rep to pay the green fee, a tiny amount for mar but what pissed mar off was the discourtesy to him for repeatedly askimg him to pay in front of his guests. Then he was suspended unceremoniously. Mar is not a liar and he said he didn’t curse. It was a setup. The president removed the haed of the PCSO for withholding information from the DILG which was investigating the pcso fund scandal involving GMA. It turned out that the president of the Wack-wack golf Club was the husband of the PCSO head who was removed. Marcos? Who continues to uphold and defend the values of his family by defending their unlawful possessions? It’s only a year ago that despite Bongbong’s petition to reclaim the Paoay property as his family’s, the Sandigan dismissed it and turned over the paoay property back top the govt. to which it rightfully belongs. There’s more where that came from. Gordon? I respect him but I’d wait until the UNA announces its final lineup. Gordon has been named on that list. Gibo? Compared to mar’s experience, integrity and competence? If you want to refute any of this, I’m ready with a lot of verifiiable facts, not baseless innuendo.

  3. Tigas naman ng mga mukha ng mga yellow zombie administration. especial binay and more yellow elite people in the government position. we will campaign hard these people na ZERO VOTE. kunwari makatao iyon pala demonyo ang mga nasaisipan… Pagnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan ang kanilang pakay at hindi ang pagsil bihan ang mamayang Filipino.
    we will vote for BBM who deserves to be president of the Philippines may pagmamahal sa mamayang Filipino at sa ating bansa…. magpakatao kayo na mga UNYANGO….DAPAT SA INYO SA china sea…itapon..

  4. Heto talaga ang totoo nyan na alam naman ng Lahat. Kaya naman VP is being accused of Corruption dahil tatakbo sya for Presidente. Pero kung hindi sya tatakbong Presidente, he will not be accused of corruption and will just be allowed to continue his corruption practices without being bothered by anyone. Hindi ba yon ang nangyayari bago sya nag declare takbo sya president. Judge for yourself na lang kung ano talaga ang tama.

    • You cannot say that for sure. Pero sakin may basis yung sabi mo na kaya lumantad itong mga katiwalian ni binay kasi tatakbo siya. And i fully support it. Hindi puwedeng mangyari na ang isang habitually corrupt at sinungaling na tao ay magiging presidente ng Pilipinas. No to Binay.

  5. Gleng naman….pag di pinili…eh di magiging underdog. ayuz ang padale :) patuttsada lang

    • Nakuha mo. Ganyan katuso yang mga yan. Insulto yan kasi minamanipulate niya ang tao. papayag ba tayong ganunin nalang?

  6. jason bourne on

    The reason why Binay is still sticking with the BSA is that he has an “Ace up his Sleeves” with the Liberal Party. He knows the skeletons in the closet of LP. Plus he can always guarantee that he wont run after Auino and his KKK after he gets elected President.

    But all of this is for show. They have already made sure the Hocus PCOS will be there to secure the next 6 years.

  7. P.Akialamiro on

    What Pres. BS Aquino has started are vintictive and selective anti-corruption moves which have divisive effect in our society. Are these what Binay would like to continue? I hope he will get the blessing of PNoy!

  8. Allen llamar on

    What Mr.Binay? Now I know why you can`t say anything against Noy noy. I`ve been suspecting that you are a sipsip to Aquino’s`.Now the real color of you, not only that you are dark you are true sucker. too.

  9. Mr.13%VP Binay is going loco,Mr.13% think stealing peoples money is a business that is why Mr.13% got all his family into politics because it is business to them stealing peoples money.May they all rot in hell that is why there are a lot of poverty and crime because this kind of people in the government.

  10. I almost fell of my chair laughing when I saw the TV interview of Binay saying he will be chosen by PNoy in the last minute as admin standard bearer. Mr. Binay was just spinning the topic to bend it in his favor hoping for an “awa” effect and fool the masses. By saying ampon lang din ako, he wants to be viewed as similar to Grace Poe, and hopes that her appeal with the people will rub on him. No one wants to be his VP, not even Erap himself! Gradually, Mr. Binay’s true character is unraveling before our own eyes: opportunist, thick faced (kapal mukha), dishonest & corrupt and a political “Trapo”. Let us support STOP Binay movement!

  11. sonje guevarra on

    binay is good during the marcos regime, he is against the dictatorship, the problem now is corruption, he is thief like imelda, no word of honor by backing out of the debate he proposes, and no respect for the law, by ignoring the senate inquiry.

  12. Stop Aquino-Roxas yellow LP regime from keeping power for themselves. It is VP Binay for president, our nation’s last hope from getting out of the quagmire of corrupt yellow politics. Mabuhay ang sambayanang Pilipino! Mabuhay si VP Jojo Binay!

  13. vice president binay will do anything to be the next president, now he is aking abnoy support. Since day one we never heard of binay said against anything about the ineptitude of abnoy, of course he owe’s the aquino’s. we will be in danger again like abnoy admin if binay wins. first he will not send abnoy to jail or in the hospital, and he will continue his dynasty and finally many more corruption in the making.

  14. Repost—-

    Kindly Add and Share sa Facebook —- NETIZENS’ COALITION AGAINST BINAY !! —— …ito ung profile name at pinaka ACTIVE ngayon sa Facebook na Online Campaign Against Binay at nasa 16 Thousand Members na and counting .. .. Kahit sa kunting paraan makatulong naman tayo sa ating Bayan –sa pag Abot at pag Educate sa mga mas NAKARARAMING NETIZENS at kanilang mga KAPAMILYA ,KASAMBAHAY,Kaibigan ,Ksamahan etc.. Against sa Corrupt na mga BINAY ! ..pag may ACTION ngayon ! Mas malaki ang chance na HINDI MANALO pagka PRESIDENTE si Binay sa 2016…kasi pag Manalo si Binay! na corrupt..100% chance na ” IBINTA “ang Philipines sa CHINA kapalit ng malaking PERA para sa Kanyang pangsariling interest …Kawawa naman ang Kinabukasan na mga anak natin nyan…

  15. Abnoy-noyingski on

    Ang galing pumulitika nitong taong ito! Grabe! Switik! Walang inaaway kunwari. WOW! Mapapa-wow talaga tayo….

    • No to corrupt yellow Aquino-Roxas LP regime! Aquino’s endorsement is a sure “kiss of death”.

  16. I think Senator Grace Poe should lower her expectation about being chosen by Pinoy
    as the standard bearer of the Liberal Party in 2016 presidential elections. Even honest person can be a victim of hardball politics. And most of the victims are politician with
    with less resources, those candidate who declares themselves as principled allay like the good Senator.
    The reality is while Senator Poe is expecting to be chosen by the President , Secretary Mar is gaining ground while going around the country with barely 11 months to go before the elections,bringing all the goodies to the local government, like projects
    with Saros, vehicles, and others.
    Senator Poe’s people should prepare her for the worst, if she does not have the billions to use in the 2016 elections. The Liberal Party has Senator Poe inside their box inorder for the precedent to be politically contained.

  17. 2 conditions, not just 1. Lacierda/Coloma should have said PresiNoy has 2 conditions for picking Binay (or any other presi-candidate 2016) . Condition-1 — continue “daang pakituwid” and the so-called anti-corruption. (I guess PresiNoynoy will insist that “no pardon for GuLLOO nor Enrile”)
    But more important —- the chosen one should not be tarnished by sobrang-Korapsiyon. Bawal ang super-Korap. Which means Binay to appear before courts or before Senate Committee about the plunder allegations.)


    Honesty, character and integrity must be the criteria in selecting leaders of this
    country. True, experience can help but certainly not an experience in corruption or
    in stealing people’s money. Everyone knows who is being referred to here who has
    the experience in corrupting the government. You know who is dynasty that is
    involved. The country needs leaders that are honest, who has the integrity and
    respect to the people but never a candidate whose reputation is tainted with
    dishonesty, greed opportunism. Be careful with the family that is involved in
    corruption, dishonesty and opportunism. Vote them out of office. This is the call
    challenge to every Filipino if you want the country to change.


      i think we should be very objective in judging a person credibility we need to find out first and foremost if all accusation against a person has a very valid evidence with supporting documents… we are old enough to know what is right and wrong. so far all the accusation leveled against the binays are all hearsay and just a product of a politically enemy which is shamelessly using the power of senate to destroy someones reputation in the name of politics… unless they produce a very valid documents proving their accusation only then we can really find out the truth… but for now, we should stop judging a person and stay neutral first.

    • Honesty? Does Ninoy Aquino (with his hoax Jabidah Massacre) Noynoy Aquino, Mar Roxas, Frank Drilon, Sonny Belmonte and Grace Poe (with their tuwad na daan) have this kind of thing in their minds? I agree with Zultan Wahid. LP yellow regime cannot put a good man down like VP Binay in the eyes of millions of poor Filipinos.