Binay backs GMA, Enrile house arrest


VICE President Jejomar Binay on Saturday railed at the prosecution panel’s rejection of the proposed house arrest instead of regular detention for the sickly Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile and former President now Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, calling it a “cold and callous” stance and shows the government’s “lack of compassion” for the elderly.

Enrile, who is facing plunder charges, was rushed to the Makati Medical Center (MMC) from his prison cell on Thursday after coughing up blood, the Philippine National Police (PNP) said.

In a statement issued over the weekend, Binay scored the “selective” justice system applied against members of the opposition.

“It also reinforces the widely-held view of selective justice under the present Administration and invites criticisms that political opponents are treated harshly,” said the vice president, who himself is being politically prosecuted for allegedly amassing ill-gotten wealth during his time as Makati City mayor.

“Senator Enrile is 91 years old. He needs medical attention for several ailments and medical conditions that go with his advanced age. His ongoing bout with pneumonia shows the fragility of his physical state.

House arrest for him would be the compassionate thing to do,” stressed Binay.

Likewise, Binay sought the same privilege for Arroyo, who is presently under hospital arrest on various charges.

“Compassion should also be given to former President Arroyo. She is also of frail health. Her petition for house arrest is being opposed by government prosecutors and her case has barely moved in court,” according to Binay.

“The fact that the former president is a political opponent should not deprive her of the compassion that should be extended to all detainees similarly situated, regardless of political affiliation,” he pointed out.

Chief Inspector Dudes Raymond Santos, spokesperson for the PNP Health Center, said that Enrile was transferred to the MMC around 3 a.m. due to coughing with blood, which required more laboratory tests.

Santos said Enrile had pneumonia that should be taken care of in a better-equipped hospital, given the unpredictability of the senator’s health.

Chief Supt. Generoso Cerbo, head of PNP-Public Information Office (PIO), said that the Sandiganbayan has a standing resolution allowing Sen. Enrile to be transferred to another hospital in case of an emergency.

Cerbo said Enrile had to be rushed from the PNP General Hospital to the MMC because of suspected pneumonia, and his lack of evident response to medication. Enrile was properly escorted by Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) personnel, he said.

The PNP awaits the recommendations of Enrile’s attending physicians whether to return the senator to his cell at the PNP Custodial Center in Camp Crame, Quezon City, Cerbo added.

Enrile is one of the accused senators in the P10 billion pork barrel fund case. The other two being Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada and Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr., both of whom are detained at the PNP Custodial Center in Camp Crame.

Meanwhile, the prosecution has renewed its push for the transfer of Revilla to a regular jail in Camp Bagong Diwa after the senator was photographed in the birthday party of Enrile in the PNP General Hospital.

In a motion/manifestation before the Sandiganbayan’s First Division, government prosecutors noted that Revilla was able to sneak in to the private birthday celebration of Senator Enrile on Feb 14 at the latter’s hospital room by pretending to have a medical emergency because the police officers guarding him at the PNP Custodial Center were not equipped to guard detainees.

“Even as the accused Revilla denied partying with Senator Enrile, he could not maintain such denial in the face of clear and direct proof. For the consideration of this Honorable Court, copies of pictures sent to the prosecution are attached hereto showing accused Revilla, with Jolo Revilla, seated at a table during Senator Enrile’s birthday celebration.

This validates the prosecution’s position that accused Revilla’s detention in the PNP Custodial Center is improper because the PNP barracks are not administered and staffed by jail officers and thus, are not trained on the proper handling of persons detained during trial,” the prosecution said.

“This movement is unauthorized and a blatant violation of this Honorable Court’s 20 June 2014 Order that he should be detained at the PNP Custodial Center barracks and that the PNP should not allow the accused to be moved, removed, or relocated until further orders from the Court. In light of recent developments, the People of the Philippines respectfully reiterates its prayer that this Honorable Court direct the transfer of accused Revilla to a detention facility of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology,” the prosecutors added.

The prosecution cited that Revilla’s detention in the PNP barracks is 200 meters away from the PNP General Hospital and Senator Enrile’s hospital room is neither on the way of, or even near, the Emergency Room where Revilla should have been brought if he, indeed, had a medical emergency.

“The prosecution submits that this incident should bear heavily on the decision on whether Revilla should continue to be detained at the PNP Custodial Center barracks, an issue pending resolution before this Honorable Court,” the prosecution added.

Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas of the Department of Interior and Local Government already fired 11 police guards as a result of Revilla’s stunt.


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  1. anti_una_binay on

    Yeah, because he knows he’s going in the same direction. I don’t support such a thing. This is duality when it comes to treating criminals and offenders and there should only be one system. Who listens to Binay, anyway?

  2. if the prisoners around the country eat galungong and gulay everyday and have no privileges, you mean these politicians who robbed the country of millions if not billions can demand to go home..Mas malala ang CRIME nila..EQUAL JUSTICE FOR ALL!!!

  3. He knows the charges against him, he knows the evidence they have & possible more they might find, so i wonder if he is thinking of himself that when he gets found guilty he will also get sick & want house or hospital arrest.
    Binay should be looking at what aroyo & enrile has done to theis country, what they have stolen from the poor of this country & they should want them to face the full might of the law. If they dont it shows they put their colleagues & powerful people before the law of this land.
    Its called self interest, self preservation.
    So now he is again showing more of his true colours i hope the voters also see this & take action against this corrupt vile little man.

  4. Ogold Azures on

    Si Abnoy ba naman ang tatanungin ninyo pag oposisyon sa kulungan ang punta, pero pag MILF at BIFF sigurado may katuwiran sila. Peace process para sa mga terotista. Sa kalaban sa politika, sa selda ang bagsak nila .Yan si Abnoy walang katulad, naiiba sa lahat, pat sekswalidad di maipaliwanag.

  5. rene catalasan on

    Compassion, as all Christians know are only for those who repent for their wrongdoings against God, country and people. Binay’s stands to support house arrest for Enrile and Arroyo is pure and simple; to win both camps come 2016 presidential election.

  6. Bakit, may konsensya pa ba ang bayan na ito? Gawin lang ang tama at nasa batas! Hindi sa daang baluktot!

  7. > this is for walang kaluluwang old enrile – good for you yang ginawa ng gobyerno kasi yan din ang ginawa mo sa mga tao nung malakas pa ang konsyensya mo,,,sana nga sa cementeryo ka di jan sa hospital eh…!!!
    > BINAY is next….!!!!

  8. whatever happened to KKK’s Puno, Alvarez, Torres, Vitangcol and now Purisima…they were allowed/will be allowed by Pnoy to “fade into the sunset” gracefully!

  9. jose b. taganahan on

    Of course VP Binay backs house arrest for JPE and GMA to advance his ambition to be the next President of the Phiippines after this incompetent and egotist Pres. BS (boy sissy) Aquino lll steps down from office on June 30, 2016. I am sure he will also favor the burying of former dictator Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani if only to get the support of Marcos loyalists.

  10. GMA can go home but ENRILE should be in muntilupa for the rest of his life until he dies. Let him suffer for stealing billions since MARCOS regime to P-noy’s Administration.

  11. Mr13%VP Binay back GMA,JPE house arrest,Mr.13% is saying that because he is close to getting arrested for multiple plunder cases.Para kung siya ay inaresto house arrest din siya.

  12. They’re people of high education…if we impress upon our youth that there is a corresponding reaction to an action, they should as well know there are consequences to their actions…

  13. Apply to gma the full force of the law.Give her now na, the speedy trial which is long overdue na. Justice very much delayed is justice very much denied. Ano pa ba ang waiting, dribbling… utos ng malakanyang?

    • May evidencia ba? Nasaan ang mga evidencia para madali ang pagkulong sa Bilibid Prison?

  14. For those who are old and sick , like JPE and GMA , HOSPITAL ARREST is like HEAVEN because the BEAUTIFUL NURSES and HANDSOME DOCTORS are available ALL THE TIME … not to mention the MODERN HOSPITAL EQUIPMENT that were bought expensively by former Mayor Elinita Binay.

    For those who are YOUNGER and WELL , like VP BINAY (in case he would be charge with plunder) … HOSPITAL ARREST is LIKE HELL !!!

    Was this the reason for Sen. NANCY BINAY for filing the “HOUSE ARREST BILL”?

  15. I am a big admirer of PGMA. Despite her petite stature, barely 5 foot tall, she has managed to endure her present condition with dignity and grace. Her strength of character and positive outlook is beyond my comprehension. How can such small frame of a woman withstand the humiliation and unhuman treatment afforded her thus far. It would be wise for her enemies to surrender because she won’t.

    • PGMA may dignidad.. a true warrior, a true samurai – hindi susurender sa mga low flying animals sa malakanyang.. till death..

  16. Revilla and company are making a mockery of our justice system. He must be consign to an ordinary jail where proper custodial system is available. Apparently he has not learned his lesson in life. Consider his denial of his attending the birthday party until he was shown of his photo with Enrile on that occasion.

    Can we still believe that he is innocent of the alleged Napoles scam?

  17. Binay is starting in a wrong footing. He should stand by the court decision.
    If you allow the two to be on “house arrest” then you need to put in house arrest all other prisoners who are sick in Muntinlupa and other prison cells.

  18. It is good of Jojemar Binay to say these statements, whatever his reason or reasons are. He should have said them earlier to be more credible especially in the case of Aling Gloria who have been languishing in the Veterans hospital for years. Still this does not mean that Binay will be a good President.

  19. Why is Binay talking about the incarceration of Enrile, and GMA. Does he mean that
    politicians who made the filipino people mesirable by stealing peoples money that
    the filipino poor needs must be given a better treatment than the filipino that did
    not stole from the government. Iff thats what he thinks HE IS FULL OF SHIT 111.

    • Absolutely correct. It’s clear that he supports “kumpadre o padreno system? I don’t think for a minute J. Binay or any member of his family is worth holding government post.

  20. Selective Justice System – YES
    Vindictive Justice System – YES
    Persecution not prosecution – YES