• Binay backs out

    BOODLE BREAKFAST Vice President Jejomar Binay enjoys his favorite pancit prepared by the Philippine Navy during a boodle fight to celebrate his 72nd birthday on Tuesday .  PHOTO BY RENE DILAN

    BOODLE BREAKFAST Vice President Jejomar Binay enjoys his favorite pancit prepared by the Philippine Navy during a boodle fight to celebrate his 72nd birthday on Tuesday . PHOTO BY RENE DILAN

    THE debate is off.

    Vice President Jejomar Binay on Tuesday backed out of a debate with Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th that the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas has set for November 27.

    Binay had dared Trillanes to engage in a debate with him over allegations that the VP benefited from the allegedly overpriced Makati City Hall Building 2 project when he was the mayor of Makati City (Metro Manila).

    Celebrating his 72nd birthday at Fort Bonifacio in Taguig City (Metro Manila), Binay said he has decided not go ahead with it.

    He said the senator had again prejudged the outcome of the debate when he said that Binay, being a lawyer, had an advantage.

    “Huwag na natin ituloy. Ayoko na kung ganyan sinasabi niya [Trillanes] . . . Pangit naman yata na ‘di pa nag-uumpisa, meron na agad paliwanag [Let’s not hold the debate anymore. I don’t like what the senator is saying… It’s not neat when the debate has not even started, he already had an explanation on why he would lose],” Binay added.
    He said his decision is final.

    “Ang dahilan ko mga kababayan e dahil sa marami na akong naririnig na ako ay ganito . . . ako ay mahusay, ako ay naging debater, ako ay abogado, e sobra na ‘tong mga sinabi niyang ganyan na kumpirmadong sinabi niya, e ayaw ko naman hong ang pagkakakilala niyo sa aking mga kababayan ay mapang-api, mapagsamantala…so tama na po ‘yun [My reason my countrymen is I am hearing a lot of things that I am like this… I am good, I had been a debater, I am a lawyer, those are an earful, I don’t want you to see me as an oppressor, opportunistic… so I have had it],” the Vice President added.

    Binay said he decided to cancel the debate because he did not want to be accused of taking advantage of Trillanes’ weaknesses.

    “[A] ko hanggang ngayong umagang ‘to, maniwala ka sana, handa ako doon [sa debate]. Ako nga nagmungkahi noon eh. Bakit naman . . . lalo ngang pangit naman na aatras ako eh ako ang nagmungkahi. Eh ngayon, hindi na yata tama ‘yong naririnig ko [Until this morning I was ready for the debate. I was the one who challenged the senator to a debate and it would not be neat if I turned my back on it. But now, I do not like what I am hearing],” the Vice President added in an interview after a feeding program for the pupils of Philippine Navy Wives Association Child Learning Center at Fort Bonifacio.

    “Dahil eto [na nga siya na mismo]ang tumatanggap na siya ay kawawa, o bakit mo naman kakawawain pa [Here, the senator said he is the one being made to look pitiful, so why should I make him look more pitiful]?” he said.

    According to Binay, he would have dwelt on facts to belie allegations of wrongdoing against him had the debate pushed through.

    Trillanes is a member of the Senate blue ribbon sub-subcommittee that is investigating the allegations that Binay benefited from the allegedly overpriced Makati City Hall Building 2 project when he was the mayor of Makati City (Metro Manila).

    The Vice President had been invited to attend Senate hearings on the charges but he refused, saying he had already been prejudged by the sub-committee.

    Binay’s camp also on Tuesday said the Vice President backed out of the debate because he believes that pursuing it would be a disservice to the millions who still have to recover from devastation caused by Super Typhoon Yolanda.

    “Now is not the time for talk but for action. The Vice President is prioritizing the country over self, recovery over bickering, the people over himself. He will be in the Visayas next week putting all his efforts into the task of housing given to him by the President,” Cavite Gov. Jonvic Remulla said.

    “The truth of the allegations [made against the Vice President]is now in the hands of the Ombudsman,” Remulla, the Vice President’s spokesman on political affairs, said.

    Binay, the chairman of the Housing and Urban Development
    Coordinating Council, was recently designated by President Benigno Aquino 3rd to head the government’s Yolanda Resettlement Cluster.

    Meanwhile, Joey Salgado, head of Media Affairs of the Office of the Vice President, said there was nothing to gain from a debate “with someone who does not respect reason, facts or the rule of law and tends to exaggerate his role in history.”

    Salgado was referring to Trillanes’ statement linking Binay to the siege of The Peninsula Manila in 2007.

    “Senator Trillanes is now attempting to rewrite history with a revisionist version of his Manila Peninsula siege, which ended in a fiasco,” he said.

    “History teaches us that revolutionary undertakings succeed with the support of the people, not because of one man with a messianic complex. The senator should stop blaming the Vice President for his failure as a mutineer,” Salgado added.

    Meanwhile, Sen. Nancy Binay dared accusers of her father to bring their allegations to court.

    “If they have allegations against us, why don’t they file a case?” the Vice President’s eldest daughter said.

    She added that she never approved of her father’s decision to debate with Trillanes who had accused their family of amassing ill-gotten wealth.

    “Why would he stoop down to the level of Senator Trillanes?” the lawmaker asked.



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    1. Only two things could could explain why Binay refused to debate with Trillanes: 1) he has completely lost his power and sense of reasoning because of the irrefutable evidences thrown against him therefore he is now mentally incapacitated .to think of a better course to follow.The reasoning he has advanced are very shallow coming from a lawyer that even a 5th grade elementary student could tell how funny is this reasoning or2) He simply believe that nothing wrong will happen to him in the elections as majority of voters are poor and less educated and these things would not matter to them at all.

    2. Gising na tayong taong mahihirap. Alamin ang issues ng bansa, alamin ang taong nararapat maibotong presidente. Kailangan na iboto ay walang bahid na kasamaan. Bakit ang mga Makati public buildings isang kontratista lang ang gumagawa, Hillmarc? People, this goes to show you that all the public bidding processes which these public projects are rigged. I know because ako po ay Civil Engineer in the government service. There is no way in heck that one contractor wins all projects time and time again. I know deep in my heart if only the well learned are to vote, Binay has no chance to win because they know what is going on. Ang mga taong mahirap tulongan nating magising para maunawaan nila ang sinong dapat iboto. Panahon nang maging bukas mata. Binay is not the answer. Not even close. Salamat po.

    3. If VP Binay will be president of the Phil., then Phil will plunged into the bottom ASEAN and or ASIAN group of Nations. Sana makita ng mga tao, tama na muna ang mga Binay. Philippines need fresh blood, and mind. Sana naman matigil na ang “too much politics” sa ating bayan. Sana magkarron ng lider na ang tunay na layunin ay magimprove ang buhay ng mga tao at maging moderno ang Pilipinas.

    4. Roldan Guerrero on

      I just learned Binay is now 72yo which means he is already beyond his prime. Let us elect a younger president. a very competent, honest and able one, BUT NOT TH LIKES OF TRILLANES and CAWATANO!

    5. Enough already. Let Binay be Binay! Except for decent God-fearing Filipinos, there is nothing worth saving in the Philippines. The government, justice system, political system are all corrupted beyond repair.

    6. kay Bayani nga lang naninigas na yang si binay e lalo na kay Trillanes,anong maisasagot nya sa mga issue, kay Bayani nagsisinungaling yan at nagkunyari pabor sa mga mahihirap yon pala pumirma,
      natural na nalang sa kanya ang magsinungaling .Sa mga pilipino parang awa nyo na magising na kayo.

      binay, You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

    7. VP Binay should have continue the debate.
      Majority of the Filipinos do not and not interested in knowing the rules of debate. Most Pinoys instead know the simple rule of “duelo”.
      Simple thinking…If you do not accept the challenge..you loose.

    8. It is very clear that VP Binay has no WORD of HONOR..If a man who wanted to be a President but has no WORD of HONOR, he is a man of no WORD of HONOR at all…!Nakakahiya…

      Bad example, bad Vice President and very bad to become a President…!

    9. “Why would he stoop down to the level of Senator Trillanes?” This reveals the attitude of a future daughter of a president who thinks she or her family have the royal blood & it’s not proper to “stoop down” to mere ordinary Filipinos.
      It’s really scary to have the Binay family occupying Malacanang….

    10. Now I know it is Binay who is avoiding the truth to come out. No ifs and buts. As they say the guilty flees.

    11. What a joke binay is becoming. He called trillanes out on a debate because he thought trillanes would say no, when he said yes now he was in a quandry, what shall i do & so he started looking for a way out. What a pityful excuse for not wanting the debate to take place. I dont know how he can bear to look at his face in the mornings when shaving he is that deceitful. At least now more people will see him for what he really is.

      • Rosauro Feliciano on

        He is not supposed to be a member of the most disciplined people like those in the Phil Marines. Nakakahiya.

    12. The evils of our society and government spring from a distorted inference of the Binay dodging a scheduled debate and posing eating, standing with his bare hand. We as a people who really cares for our country s’ sake should join forces instead of aiding such publicized political gimmick.

    13. Ang daming alibis (as expected ng taong bayan) ni Binay. Tama, takot siyang malaman ng taong bayan ang kanyang pangungurakot sa kaban ng bayan. Kayong mga LEFTISTS, Bayan at mga Binays ay wala ng paniniwalaan ng taong bayan sa inyo. Mga magnanakaw kayong lahat!!!!!!!!

    14. Kung ako ay nakalalamang at mas magaling makipag-debate sa isang nag-aakusa sa akin ng ”CORRUPTION” … haharapin ko siya kahit saang sulok ng mundo para patunayan kong ako ay inosente , lalong-lalo na at ako pa ang naghamon !!! … Pero kung ako ay may itinatagong kasalanan , IWAS PUSOY NA LANG dahil hindi kailangang mahusay kang magdebate para ibunyag ang katutohanan !!!

    15. Understanding Person on

      Ayaw mabuking; yan ang tamang word to describe kung anong klaseng tao at politika itong si Binay. Siya itong naghamon at kahit ano pa ang sabihin ni Trillanes o kung sino pa man, dapat may isnag salita siya -eh si Binay na ito ang maraming palusot sa katawan eh! Matalo ka sana…kapg umurong ka, magnanakaw ka talag, ikaw talag ang magnanakaw! Kasi simple lang ang buhay at paliwanag, kapag di mo ginawa ang masamang bagay, kahit sino mahaharap mo, kahit ang Panginoong Dios! Di blasphemy yun, yun ang katotohanan, dahil sa ayaw at sa gusto mo – haharap ka pa rin sa kanya….lahat tayo, sa ayaw at sa gusto natin hijoh! Kaya mag-isip isip ka Binay, bago mahuli ang lahat. Kapag tinalikuran mo ang dat mong harapin, talagang guilty ka. No more question ask, yun ang katotohanan. Tsk tsk tsk! HUMARAP KA SA MAGINOONG PAGPAPALIWANAG.

    16. All can one say is that Binay if scared of the debate. His reason or reasons are flimsy and does not auger to his claim of innocence. He should have went on with it. This withdrawal Is a very negative to his candidacy. Now the administration and other candidates will feast on his being a coward.

    17. Gregorio de Ocampo on

      si vp binay hindi ito maronong sa debate. pasang awa lang ito sa bar. masuerte lang at na appoint siyang mayor nang makati. wala naman itong ibubuga. tingnan niyo
      takot nga siya sa hindi abogado. lalo pa hindi siya papasa ki senador alan peter
      cayetano. komo abogado ang especialista niya pag 13% sa gobierno nang makati,
      at pag pa lusot sa katotohanan.

    18. For VP. BINAY to back out from his challenge to debate Sen. Trillanes is uncharacteristic at best, which could have an impact on his ambition to become the President of the Republic. I don’t know how the majority of Filipinos across the board feel about this, for they were looking forward to find the truth of the Senators allegations about the Vice President. We will see, what the next move will be by the BLUE RIBBON SUBCOMMITTEE, with the three senators being rebuffed, by you know who.

    19. Jaime Hernandez on

      So far no positive comment is posted on VP Binay side yet. 100% of the people are criticizing his decision to withdraw from a simple debate. He is the one who challenged Sen. Trillanes On the last hour backed off like a coward that he is. What if he becomes president & this is his way of wiggling out of his self-inflicted problems.