Binay beats Aquino, Roxas for president


I hate to be a spoiler but I have bad news for President Benigno S. Aquino 3rd and Interior Secretary Mar Roxas which could be one of the reasons why PNoy has been singing a different tune altogether lately.

FRONTRUNNER: Vice President Jejomar Binay (center) will emerge the winner if pitted against President Benigno Aquino 3rd (left) or DILG Secretary Mar Roxas in the 2016, according to Laylo Reports.

FRONTRUNNER: Vice President Jejomar Binay (center) will emerge the winner if pitted against President Benigno Aquino 3rd (left) or DILG Secretary Mar Roxas in the 2016, according to Laylo Reports.

If the elections were held today, Binay would beat PNoy and Roxas by a proverbial mile, documents obtained last week by The Manila Times show. It has a three percent plus or minus margin of error.

In a nationwide survey conducted by Laylo Reports from Sept. 7 to 11 with 1,200 respondents using face-to-face interview, Binay bested PNoy with a whooping 62 percent to the President’s 36 percent with two percent undecided. Following is the breakdown of the two-way scenario results between Pnoy and Binay region by region:

The survey results are portentous and instructive on several counts. The first is that despite being the object of the incessant negative publicity, Binay’s presidential chances have not diminished. His ratings have not contracted. On the contrary, his preference figures have breached the 50 percent threshold, leaving the President literally eating dust.

If Binay can hold on to his bailiwick, it is highly possible that the 2016 elections will give us a majority President.

Previous Presidents, from Fidel V. Ramos, Joseph Estrada, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Benigno S. Aquino 3rd, were elected into office with less than 50 percent of the votes cast. They were all elected minority Presidents.

The second is the undisputed strength of Binay in Northern Luzon. It was a total rout of PNoy by Binay. The reason could be that the Vice President hails from that region. His father is from Tuguegarao. He speaks Ibanag. His mother, on the other hand, comes from Batangas, Region 4, the most populous region and has the highest number of registered voters which could explain why his ratings in Southern Luzon hit a high 58 percent to PNoy’s miserable 39 percent.

The other is his strong hold in the rest of the regions breaching the 50 percent with near zero undecided votes.

Except in the NCR where the undecided had registered six percentage points, it would appear that the voters from Northern Luzon and the Visayas regions have, this early, already decided on who to vote for in the 2016 elections. Southern Luzon and Mindanao both had three percent undecided, which I consider almost negligible. This is unprecedented in Philippine politics.

I would have imagined that with the 2016 elections still some 19 months away, the percentage of the undecided would hover over double digit figure. But no. If anything, the results of the survey would indicate that the voters are sick and tired of the corruption and incompetence by the PNoy administration and that they could hardly wait for the elections to give the boot to anybody who would run under the Administration ticket.

In the same study, Roxas fared even worse than the President. Observe the figures below:

If PNoy was routed by Binay on a one-on-one face off, what would you make of Roxas’ performance against the Vice President? Bombed out?

However, the 2016 elections is still months away and anything can still happen, so says conventional wisdom. And with the continuing Binay saga, his ratings could drop further and weaken his hold on his followers and imperil his chances in 2016. That is why the next round of surveys by SWS, Pulse Asia and Laylo is critical. He must hold on and remain in his lofty perch. And if he keeps his comfortable lead over Roxas, then that would strongly indicate that it would be all over but the proclamation.

There are reasons to believe that Binay has hard core supporters who would vote for him come hell or high water. He hails from Regions 1 and 4. His father was from Tuguegarao while his mother was from Batangas. The Ilocanos usually vote as a bloc. The Laylo Reports survey results validate that theory.

I also expect Region 4 to go for the Vice President in 2016 regardless. Binay’s late mother was from Batangas. Given the profile of our voters, they will likely vote into office one of their “own.” Regions 1 and 4 can give Binay a formidable base which he can effectively and efficiently utilize to blunt any attempt to topple him from his number 1 position.

Like the former President Joseph Estrada, it looks like Binay too has some 25 percent solid voter support or even more. If that is so, Roxas, and for that matter the Liberal Party, would be facing a 25 percent handicap even before the campaign period sets in.

What about Mindanao? It is no brainer. Mindanao will go opposition. There are two reasons why it would be so: one, is the power shortage. Mindanao experiences daily blackouts. And even if the power supply is raised and the daily power outages are temporarily addressed, the cost of electric consumption would be so astronomically high that in the end would crucify and impoverish the consumers. Businesses might close or be forced to lay off workers thus contributing to unemployment. PNoy cannot escape responsibility for the miseries of the Mindanaoans for he and he alone is in the saddle.

The other reason is the contentious Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL). I am assuming that the BBL will pass both Houses of Congress and that it is finally signed into law by the President in 2015 or a year before the 2016 elections. I expect the law’s detractors to challenge it before the Supreme Court. There are only two possibilities: the High Court will either uphold it as constitutional or strike it down for being unconstitutional.

Whichever way the High Court decides, there will be trouble in Mindanao. Armed conflict will resume. And this time, it will be more deadly, more destructive with foreign money, arms pouring in and even foreign fighters joining the ranks of the rebels. Let me explain briefly.

If the Supreme Court sustains the law, the Christians and other Muslim sects, more particularly the MNLF who were shunted aside in the negotiations, would rise up in arms.

Its leaders have already said they would. The big Christian majority, and the Moros living with them harmoniously, even cooperatively, in Zamboanga City have already spoken and sent messages to Malacanang that it did not want to be part of the enlarged Bangsamoro region or substate. Other cities and provinces are of a similar mood.

On the other hand, if the BBL is struck down as unconstitutional, the MILF will not take it sitting down. To the MILF, it will be no less than an act of betrayal by the Philippine government. The rebels will launch what could be a final battle for the control of Mindanao. It would be interesting how the United States and other foreign powers who had endorsed the peace talks between the Philippines and the MILF would react to this development. Will they interfere and “Balkanize” the Philippines in the name of peace?

The Visayas? Well, it too, will go opposition. Cebu, the premier city in the South, is opposition country. There has been only one instance when it favored the administration party –the 2006 presidential election and it is expected to live up to its reputation as anti-administration stronghold.

The rest of the Visayas, especially Bohol and Leyte, are likely to go opposition. The plight of Bohol and Leyte displays the length, breath and depth of this administration’s corruption and the incompetence, negligence and insensitivity of our national officials.

They are the best argument for Visayan voters to dump the administration bets. The recent history of Bohol and Leyte proclaims to the world what is wrong with our government.

Ah, but there is the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) program. With the phenomenal increase of the CCT budget, DSWD can use the CCT to win votes for the administration bets. If I were Secretary Dinky Soliman, I would think long and hard about allowing herself to be used as a political donkey by Abad and his minions who this early are having sleepless nights for their roles in PDAF and DAP monstrosities. It is bad enough that some opposition members are already sniffing the money trail of the CCT. There are reports that the money that was given to fictitious beneficiaries went to line the pockets of corrupt Aquino officials. Now, I wonder if Dinky would risk joining them behind bars once Aquino steps down from office. Oh, yes, there are suspicions that a large part of the CCT was allegedly used by Dinky for election purposes during the last polls. A repeat is not entire improbable.

OK, ok, Malacanang and the Liberal Party might say that “One sparrow doesn’t make a spring.” That the Laylo Reports is only one survey. But wait, there’s another study conducted by Pulse Asia during the same period that also shows Binay beating the President and Roxas on a one-on-one face off.

I tried getting hold of more data but my source begged off. Anyway, the results of the Pulse Asia nationwide survey conducted from September 11 to 18, with 1,200 respondents using face-to-face interviews squared off Binay on a one-on-one with President Aquino and DILG Secretary Roxas.

Read on and compare its findings with that of Laylo Reports and ask yourself what you think of Roxas’ chances of bagging the Presidency in 2016:

BINAY – 50%

PNOY – 36%

BINAY – 60%

ROXAS – 27%

So, there it goes. Still, the question: “Can Roxas beat Binay in the 2016 presidential elections?” Not with those figures.


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  1. I would rather vote for Aquino / Roxas than Binay because Aquino is better than Binay. Jejomar Binay is going to be a second rate Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Before, Binay is against GMA. Now, he is aligning himself with GMA? And it is obvious that many people now knows the dark secret of Binay especially his corrupt acts (Just my opinion everyone)

  2. .
    Pa ulit at simpleng tanong lang po. Saan na po yung resulta ng Confidential Survey na pinapakita na ang tambalan na si
    . Batangas Governor Vilma Santos for President at
    . General Santos Congressman Manny Pacquiao for Vice president
    ay ang landslide winners
    . sa NCR, Luzon Visayas at Mindanao?

  3. i thought mar roxas will be a good choice for 2016. but me and my family are changing our votes for 2016. we are all going to mr. v.p. – binay. why the change of heart? sobra na kasi pamumulitika ng kampo ni roxas. hindi naman bobo ang botante; kitang kita naman that they are just trying to ”BLACK-Out” mr. v.p. binay! GOD be with you mr. v.p. – binay !!!

    • dante veridiano on

      if only BINAY can face the senate and prove that his innocence. he can have my vote and i will campaign for him…….. too bad he can’t because every single accusations are all true.. from mayor jun jun binay over priced parking building, senator nancy binay senior citizen birthday cake, former mayor elenita binay over priced hospital and other equipment s, ghost employee, garbage collection batangas mansion to VP binay unexplained mysterious wealth………………goodluck to us….GODSPEED

  4. giljay m. wealthytoday on

    Oh no please, do something about this, ayaw ko mangibang bansa, Oh Lord please save us from the nearing downfall of our republic led by leaders who are thieves and corrupt and wolves dressed as sheeps.

  5. if only BINAY can face the senate and prove that his innocence. he can have my vote and i will campaign for him…….. too bad he can’t because every single accusations are all true.. from mayor jun jun binay over priced parking building, senator nancy binay senior citizen birthday cake, former mayor elenita binay over priced hospital and other equipment s, ghost employee, garbage collection batangas mansion to VP binay unexplained mysterious wealth………………goodluck to us….GODSPEED

  6. Binay? Roxas? NO WAY! Nag uunahan palagi sa pamumulitika. Roxas last year during sa Yolanda? Inutil at pamumulitika parin ang pinairal! DUTERTE – PRESIDENT, VICE-SANTIAGO, SENATOR- GORDON, MARCOS, POE.

  7. WHAT? Kawawa ang mga Pilipino pag si BINAY ang maging presidente kasi gagamitin lang niya ang mahihirap para manalo. Pero toto, magpapayaman lang yan at ang mga nasimulan ni PNOY ay masasayang lang. Lahat ng pera naipon ng PINAS, Wawaldasin lang yan ni Binay dahil alam nya makakakuha pa rin ng pera ang pinas sa World Bank thru loans. Mga PILIPINO, mayaman man o Mahirap magising na kayo! BUMOTO SA KANDIDATO na SINSERO na umangat ang BUHay natin lalo na ang mga MAhihirap. Huwag kayong pagamit diyan kay BINAY!

    • Ano ba yan? Pa survey na naman ni Binay ang lumabas trying to conditon ang utak ng mga pilipino na siya ay winning sa presidential race. Talagang marami ng pera si Binay kung kayat at this early, sige gastos sa propaganda ang taong ito, Ipagdasal na lang natin na ang Pilipinas ay
      iligtas sa kuko ng taong ito.

  8. Minerva Marvan on

    Unless Pinoy puts up a better candidate than Roxas or Binay, Binay will still make it in 2016. Ilan lang tayo ang nakakabasa nitong hullaballu compared to million sin the provinces who are just waiting for 2016 to vote for Binay.The lesser evil.

  9. mulat pilipinas! on

    kung hindi guilty si binayaran. harapin ya ang senado! bakit ka nag tatago? dapat mu linisin ang pangalan mo.

  10. .
    They are afraid of the question about a tandem of a “Batangas Governor Vilma Santos for President and General Santos Congressman Manny Pacquiao for Vice – President”………. they already know the answer and are very much afraid of this! Hahahahaha! ! !

  11. emperorfuckface on

    The weird thing with his Senate fiasco hearing is that, why now? If the said issues and boring stuff has been there and this boring loser knew it all along why didn’t they just exposed it before or even after the election(oh wait he lost right? Boring person kasi)? Wait, because mataas ang isang tao sa survey? What if kulelat si Juan Tamad sa survey and si Mang Kanor ang nangunguna? So expose natin baho ni Mang Kanor para si Brownie natin ang manalo. The Aquino administration did something good sa public too but I hate the fact that they’ll do everything just to tear down each and and every single person who gets in their way. We’d seen them done it.
    Sad, tama na kas ang pamumulitika, matagal pa ang election! Unahin muna nila yong mga dapat unahin. Wait yong mga Yolanda victims they still suffer sa mabagal na response ng government and mga nawawalang donation? We were given Billions of $$$, donation, right? Sa laki ng pera na yon kahit magpatayo sila ng subdivision doon para sa lahat ng nasalanta pwede. Pero asan na? Any progress there? The “meaningful bills” na need pag-usapan asan na?
    Wait, kung makapagsalita yong mga ibang senador sa binabatikos nila parang ang linis-linis nila! Phew! If it happens na bubuka ang lupa at hihigupin yong mga sinungaling at kurakot sa mga Congresso at Senado malamang pati upuan kasama.
    Sorry pero in my honest opinion, our country will still have the same exact setting for the next 40 years oh let’s make that 50 years and Manila Times write something about this part of my comment.(store this Manila Times). I myself also wants change for my country but what can I do? Elect the right dude then what? Same boring promises? Then gets criticized then gets hated same crap again. What this country needs is a reformation but I don’t know how because I have no power or what so ever in fact I’m a boring person.

  12. Siguro we need a strong prayer warrior, na sana magpadala si god ng taong may totoong pusong tao. Hindi yong taong cancer sa bayan,
    Yong maputi ang budhi, yong hindi maitim na sa pagkatao maitim pa din sa pagnanasa sa pagtamasa ng kayaman na hindi naman sa ksnya

  13. Somos ono Somos on

    Aysus kailan ba ginawa ung survey e last month pa pala swerte na ni VP kung makakuha pa xa ng 20% ngaun pag pasok ng 2015 malamang maungusan na xa ni Sec. Mar Roxas ng milya2x wala man appeal sa masa pero wala rin bahid ng pagnanakaw dahil sa galing na sa mayamang pamilya tulad ni PNOY dalawa lang pamimilian Daang Matuwid (PNOY/MAR) o Daang Malagim :)

  14. Eliseo Jr. P. Tenza on

    How do we choose the next President?
    By “utang na loob”
    The incumbent politician who shows that he is helping the poor by giving a little help, like giving money, medicines, gifts etc..By doing so the recipients of this help and gifts becomes beholden to this politician forever.
    “By friendship”
    By knowing the politician personally, they are given positions in the administration, even though they are not qualified for the job.They become beholden to this politician, and will always support him no matter what.
    Their reason is ” natulungan ako niyan, yung ibang kandidato hindi ako natulungan.”
    “AKO”, ang importante hindi “TAYO”.
    You must remember na TAYO,kasama ako, ay mahirap ng makita ang pagbuti ng ating buhay, at ng pagunlad ng Pilipinas.Kung saling uunlad pa ang Pilipinas siguro 20 taon pa bago mangyari ito.
    When we elect the next President and leaders, it is not for us but the future of our children.
    Para sa KANILA.
    If WE LOVE OUR CHILDREN, whether you are poor or rich, educated or not, think it over, and over. Open your eyes to what you are seeing, listen carefully on what is happening.

  15. Correct your facts. Binay’s father is not from Tuguegarao, he’s the one from Southern Tagalog. it’s his mother from the Cabauatan family who is from Cabagan, Isabela.

  16. lorenzo legisniana on

    maraming surveys-direct or indirect. the tv stations conducts live polls, the broadsheets also conducts polls, also the radio programs. You can see for yourself the trend..but not all people are tuned to tv, radio, and read newspapers..

  17. Binay seems asshole, but his the pain of the neck of Roxas and PNOY that will eventually put both PNOY and Roxas in the jail, mudslinging upto the gutter is being witch hunt because SN2016. Can be only maximize if Binay will not get back at the 2. Aquino selective justice is the same leverage Binay will use once He occupy Malacanang since all the victim are All Jojos allies.

  18. Rey P. Alcalde on

    The three survey firms known to us have similar results and Binay is it. No way that Roxas can overtake Binay simply because he is not impressive. Forget about his image as a rich man who has never experienced or even noticed how a poor man lives, just focus on what he is doing as DILG Secretary and I am certain you will not be convinced he will be a good President. Roxas simply is not convincing while Binay, despite of the personal attacks against him by the three Senators, who to me, should have concentrated on the Freedom of Information Bill and other bills pending in the Senate that could actually reduce poverty in our country, is still a more trustworthy person compared with Roxas.
    I look forward to a one-on-one survey pitting Binay with Santiago and Binay with Marcos so I could finalize my choice for 2016.

  19. No to Binay, PNoy or Mar because these three are just the same.I wish by early next year one person who really loves the country and it’s people will come out to declare himself a candidate. If there will be no other than these 3, I might not vote at all because for sure nothing will change.

  20. Kung si binay lang Ok pa ang masama lahat na lang ng pamilya niya ay naka upo mula senador,congressman, mayor at baka meron pang ibang kamag anak. pati ang kanyang asawa ay dati na ring mayor sa makati,Kaya napaka hirap mag tiwala na siya ang magiging pangulo ng bansa. At pinag sama samang mga corrupt ang kanyang mga kaalyado Enrile,Estrada,Marcos na pare parehong may kaso sa kurakot.Kaya nakakatakot na manalo si Binay, Kaya MAR ROXAS o kung pwede pa si PNOY Ako.

  21. I do believe in this survey kaya sobrang paninira ginagawa nila. Lahat na sumawsaw para mapatumba c VPBinay. Di na inasikaso ang next napoles’ list, DAP and PDAF. Nakakaawa na nga si Binay dahil sa ginagawa nila. Pro kayang kaya nya yan.

    • wag na kayo magbulagbulagan… bakit nyo ipagkakatiwala ang bansa sa mga magnanakaw… gising na… noon kalaban sya ng mga mrcos ngayon mas dinaig nya pa… taga makati ako at matagal na yang isyu sa kanya… kaya nangangampanya sya sa pribinsya… pinapakita na mayaman ang makati… kung wala ang ayala doon … ewan ko lang kung ano ang itsura ng makati. kahit ipagtanong nyo sa mga taga munisipyo… alam ang mga pag aari nya at ang husay nya sa pangangampanya at paghakot ng tao… magaling lang sya mag tago sa publiko. maawa na kayo sa bansang pilipinas.

  22. Hindi ko naman gusto si Binay, pero naawa ako sa kanya, pinagtutulungan ng liberal, kaya sya na lang iboboto ko.

    • Kawawa naman kayo ngunit mas lalong kawawa ang ating bansa at mga susunod na generations kapag nagpadala tayo ng ating mga emosyon. Dapat gamitin natin ang ating utak upang sa ganoon mailagay sa tamang pamamaraan at pamamahala ng ating bansa ng susunod na Presidente. Binigyan tayo ng kakayahan siyasatin kung sino ang nararapat at meron takot sa Diyos, matuwid, at mapagkakatiwalaan sa lahat. Sana’y magising na tayo at mamuhay sa katotohanan at liwanag upang sa gayon umunlad ang ating bansa.

    • true kahit ano pang mga ibabato nila kay Binay, my vote won’t change, still Binay for president. no leader is perfect, but with binay dami niyang pwedeng magagawa. so what if na impeached si corona, nakulong sina gma, jinggoy, bong, sen enrile? are these the accomplishments the LP’s yellow brigades proud of? ang mahalaga isang leader na kayang magbigay ng mga social services para sa mga tao, may results ang kanyang performance, hindi puro salita, blaming previous administration, mudslinging at demolition sa mga strong contenders for 2016 elections. basta i go for binay.

    • Wow. Okay ka. Alam mo, Kaya sya pinagtutulungan, sobra kasi syang KORAP at Nagtatago Sa Immunity Nya from Suit bilang VP. Pag nanalo sya bilang Presidente, ibig sabihin me lisensya na sya magnakaw, kasi alam mo nang Magnanakaw ibinoto mo pa.

    • Isa pa itong Butch na Ito, paano aasenso ang Pilipinas Kung parate ganito ang isip ng Tao! Mga irresponsibleng mamamayan! Ito na nga ang pagkakataon natin para maka tulong Tayo maiangat ang ating bansa pero para Kang “sawsaw-taya” mahuli taya! Hellloooo!

  23. PEra pera lang ang labanan…!!kung sinung maraming naisuksuk na pera sila na ung mananalo…for sure….!!!…Target nila ung mahihirap na komunidad…FYI…marami pa ring mahirap na mamamayan sa pilipinas and they need money….If a politician will hand a money to the poor people, surely they will accept it….!!!!

  24. the problem in the Philippines is because we pilipinos are always in favor of people whom we know forgetting the importance of their position in the gov’t. people don’t think of the general welfare of the population. It is just like I’ll vote for him, he is the friend of my friend. Forgetting the capabilities of the candidate in case he win the election. We don’t have a true comparative study as such “this candidate is not from my place but his performance is commendable, he understands the country’s problem and the people in particular, his mind is more on how to be progressive, solutions on the difficult condition of the people especially the poor.Why gov’t. workers becomes corrupt, why the poor becomes dishonest, why there’s criminality, so the leader will organize and place people of his caliber. Not like at present the people in authority are taking advantage in their position by enriching themselves with the reason “When? when the Boss goes down, we all goes down. then the repetition. the people on top should be a leader of good example. Filipinos should wake up. Most people in gov’t. offices give priority to the rich and powerful. Whenever transaction’s finished several peso bills place in pocket or office drawer answered with a smile. Penalty or tax reduced. We need an honest gov’t. and hoping for one. We need the old type statemen.

  25. I agree with the short messages of Mike and Emilio, VP Binay will lost miserably in 2016 election if ever he (VPB) survived this fiasco. However, If the accusation is not true, then prove them wrong Mr. VPB and get out from your coconest. Pakita mong mali sila at di iyong kong saan saan ka nagpupunta para iwasan lang ang senate hearing…tsk.tsk..matalino na ang mga Filipino, Mr. VPB…
    By the way, what’s this Laylo reports..I am aware about SWS, Pulse Asia reports but Laylo….where is this come from……

    • The acceptability of every political survey depends on which side you are. You will believe in the survey in favor of your candidate but will despise it if the result were otherwise. But the next person will laugh at the same survey because he is against the candidate. Weather-weather lang yan!!!

    • Laylo survey ratings is BINAYaran na naman iyan. We are not born yesterday. Tama na ang pagnanakaw na iyan, sawang sawa na kami at iyan na lang ang laman ng periodiko, press releases, TV programs. Since from the time of Marcos, Ramos, Estrada to Arroyo at ngayon Binay naman. Wala na bang katapusan ng mga lahi ng mga magnanakaw sa ating bansa. Maawa naman kayo mga ganid at walang kaluluwa. Umaangat na nga ang ating bansa sa ekonomiya, ngayon sisirain na naman ninyo sa inyong maitim na hangarin na iluklok si VP BINAYaran. God forbid.

  26. Bert O. Romero on

    According to an old Egyptian saying, there are three kinds of lies: damn lies, surveys and statistics. Without batting an eyelash, this article, written by no less than the Chairman Emeritus ( I don’t know what this title signifies) himself is an embarrassing example of what journalism is not. This article which shamelessly cites so-called survey results is a complete political advertisement reeking of complete partisanship. This is a blatant attempt to glorify plunder and rapacious ness and hubris and political dynasty and the presidential wanna be who best exemplifies these vices. It now appears positive values no longer have a place in this country’s electoral process. Philippines, quo vadis?

  27. Survey firms in this country are just tools being used for manipulating public opinion. I really hope smartmatic will make a crook like Binay win because that will surely hasten the downfall of this regime. Only by tearing this house down can we build a new one. Talagang kayong nasa Times pumusta na kay Binay no?

  28. Like Villar, who was an 8-1 favorite, by the time the next elections come he will be another Villar who lost miserably!

    • oo nga, ‘no? puro ingay, puro maka-masa, maka-mahirap, galing sa mahirap, maka-Diyos, etc.! pero salamat nga sa Tunay na Dios, at natututo na rin tayong mga Pinoy! sawa na tayo sa mga pagpapamudmod ng ‘sang kilong bigas at ‘sang t-shirt, at mga pagsaboy ng kendi sa kalsada! natututo na tayong tumingin sa malinis na kalooban at likas na talino, na kahit wala halos kinakapitan na malaking samahan, kundi tanging partido lang na kinabibilangan, ay nakikilatis na natin na may tunay na matinong pag-iisip na hindi nadidiktahan ng maraming alipores sa kapaligiran! nakakatakot ang lagay ng mga taga Makati! paano nila nagawa na iboto ang buong pamilya Binay? nasaan na ba ang delikadesa ng pamilyang ito? aba! mala-Marcos dynasty, ah! ‘yun lang! mga kababayan kong Pinoy – DELIKADESA!!!

  29. sana po ay matutu na at magising ang taong bayan sa tamang pagpili ng mga karapat dapat na kandidato para magpatuloy po ang magandang nasimulan ni Pangulong Noy Aquino. marami po tayong magagaling na pulitiko kagaya ni dating Congressman Gilbert (gibo) Teodoro, dating Senador Dick Gordon, Senadora Miriam Santiago, DILG Mar Roxas, Senador Peter Cayetano, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, Senador Ralp Recto at iba pa. kawawa na po ang bansang pilipinas at ang mga mahihirap na mamamayan sa ginagawa ng mga taong mapagsamantala sa pera ng bayan.

    • Senador Peter Cayetano?? Mar Roxas?? kasama dyan sa list mo?? i dont think so.. as for the other names i agree with u though..

    • Correct ka diyan kabayan at hindi ka nag-iisa sa pagtuligsa sa mga corrupts na politicians at government officials natin. Nawa’y hndi na dumami pa ang kanilang mga lahi dito sa lupa.

  30. News from ABS CBN and Inquirer which also refers to surveys focuses on “the death of the Presidency of Binay” Surveys are open to interpretation and re-construction of facts. We are all conscious about political machinery and money but what about the computer system that will be used for the election. There are many ways to falsify data to favor one party similar with surveys and the persons in position has the power to set up these mechanisms.

  31. ”AND MANY THAT ARE FIRST , SHALL BE LAST : AND THE LAST SHALL BE FIRST” …Matthew 19:30 (Douay-Rheims Bible)

    • Idagdag natin, Ang nagmamataas ay ibababa at ang nagpapakumbaba ay itataas. Gayon din, “What profit a man even he gains the whole world but losses his soul. Biblical po iyan at ito po ang katotohanan “for the Word of God will not come back to Him void”.

  32. See, how stupid pilipino voters are they don’t care who they wanted to rule their country
    or maybe no one knows whats going on.

  33. I feel something wrong about these surveys. They only cater to the filipinos’ propensity to bandwagon. A senate investigation should be conducted to determine who runs these surveys and how accurate they are instead of catering to the highest bidder. As the saying goes: “there is no better or stronger incentive than MONEY.: If we apply the wisdom of Buddah: “Believe NOTHING no matter where you read it, or who said it, even if I said it, if it does not agree to your own REASON and COMMON SENSE.”

  34. leandel canilatea on

    you forget to mention the PCOS factor, that would spell the difference. May pag asa pa rin si Ate Korinna ko na maging First Lady!

    • It is the same PCOS that make this inutil president who now sits in malacanang. You are right your ate korina will become the first lady in 2016.

  35. Jose A. Oliveros on

    The results of the survey conducted by Laylo reports are more credible than than of SWS and Pulse (False) Asia which are both owned by relatives of PeNoy. A slight correction, though – it was VP Binay’s father who was from Bauan, Batangas; his mother was a Cagayan native. Batanguenos are all over the Philippines and considering their clannishness and desire to see a Batangueno in Malacanan, they are a force to reckon with in any election. Unless Bongbong Marcos also decides to gun for the presidency in 2016, the equally clannish Ilocanos will surely be for Binay also. They will not vote for anybody endorsed by PeNoy who continues to these days continue to malign the late President Marcos.

    • It is a good thing there is a Laylo survey. Otherwise, SWS and False Asia can feed us all kinds of lies that will benefit Pnoy and Roxas.

      This survey is the one believable hands down.

  36. But will the Liberal Paty mafia dons, who are PNoys real Boss, allow him to give up power (which they have been wielding on his behalf)? No way!
    We decent Filipinos who love our Republic and want to develop into a prosperous democracy and not an LP dictatorship MUST be ready to wage a revolt against the tyranny of lies and corruption that rules us now.

  37. Now the DOJ and NBI are joining the hunt. In a couple of months they will accused Binays of plunder and jailed VP Binay and the admin GANGS will be happy, tuloy ang ligaya ika nga, tuloy ang paglustay ng kaban ng bayan, tuloy si pinoy abnoy sa kanyang baluktot na daan.

  38. Mar Roxas should and must beat Binay, or else the country will even further go to the dogs if Binay becomes President. It is the nationalistic duty of Clases A,B and C to encourage and convince Classes D and E to go for Mar Roxas, who is honest and competent than Binay. Though the poor electorate look at Mar Roxas as no charisma being a elitist and high-brow leader, he is, however, and foremost clean and honest and have not been involved in corruption since he became Estrada and Arroyo’s cabinet official. Roxas being a corporate man would know how to handle the economy and attain growth that would be “inclusive and trickle down to average Filipino worker and wage earners. Roxas, however , must closely manage, be firm and decisive in solving the country’s problem on: poverty and hunger; increasing criminalities (robberies, holdup, murders, riding-in-tandem hired killers and PNP discipline); education and shortage of schoolhouses; spiraling prices of basic goods; high fuel and electricity and water costs and shortages; public transport ( airport, commuter trains and bus and road congestions); speed up responses to calamities and disaster by providing quick relief and rehabilitation; all-inclusive drive against corruption and graft in public officials, regardless of party affiliation, personal relations, relatives, friends and political allies; agricultural and fishery subsidies to farmers and fishermen; and be a collegial partner to Judicial and legislative reforms in dispensation of Justice and lawmaking; and most of all engage in bilateral and multilateral trade, security and economic international agreements in foreign policy matters. Binay, with his meager experience as Mayor and less Involment in Aquino’s administration, would not be able to handle the multiple tasks and responsibilities of the office of the President, on top of his preoccupation to defend himself and his family for the charges of graft and corruption with the Ombudsman.

    • talo nga si roxas dito sa amin sa capiz dahil kilala namin sya….pangmayaman lng sya…!!!

    • yan ang hirap mga pag iisip ng tao iniisip nalang na ang mayaman ay pang mayaman lang at ang mahirap maka mahirap… sigurado ba kayo dyan??? kung si binay ay pang mahirap bakit sila nag nanakaw sa kaban ng bayan… oo na maraming proyekto pero lahat may kupit at may pangalan pa nila… lahat nalang nilagyan ng “B”. Pag handa sa pangangampanya… at kanino galing ang perang ginagasta nila… galing sa tax ng mga tao. gising na!!! wala nabang ibang magaling na pilipinong pwedeng pagkatiwalaan na totoong maytakot sa Diyos, makabansa, at makamamayan, yung mag tataas pa ng antas ng pamumuhay ng mga pilipino… yung hindi na kailangan pang umalis ang mga mamayan neto para magpa alila sa ibang bansa.

  39. If VP Binay can explain and found innocent his questionable wealth then I think Binay will be a good bet for the next president. Especially if this accusations of his wealth is just a demolition job By Roxas then it will backfire on Roxas and the rest is will be history.

    • The problem is takot humarap si BINAYaran. Napaka simpy lang po na ating i-analyse, kung wala siyang kasalanan, ora mismo takbo sa Senado with his UZI blazing with fire to all those liars. The big but is, nabahag yata ang buntot ng ating RAMBOTITO at naging RAMBOTAN na lamang. Ano ba iyan, Eh di PULITIKA LANG IYAN. The familiar lines of the VP.

  40. Im a resident of makati but i never Vote BINAY eversince i know how is the vote buying being done in makati. since he become the mayor makati i didn’t trust him as a good mayor or kasi kahit cno maging mayor ng makati ay uunlad ang makati ang alam kung the Best Mayor of Makati ay Maximo Estrella during the time of maximo estrella nagawa nyang pagandahin ang makati kahit nde pa business center of the Philippines.

    • ang mayaman lang naman sa makati ay ang CBD, courtesy of the Ayalas! nakinabang nang husto si Binay sa tax collections ng Ayala CBD, tapos ngayon sasabihin nila, lalong umunland ang makati dahil sa mga Binays! ‘naykupo! that’s the biggest joke! ‘lam nyo, mga kabayan, ang mga tunay na matitinong tao, ay yung tahimik lang, at ‘yung marunong magparaya o magbigay daan sa iba, at hindi pampamilya lang ang inaatupag, na malinaw na nakikita natin sa pamilya Binay! ikumpara n’yo nga ang pamilya binay sa pamilya Aquino at Roxas? ang layo, ‘di ba?

  41. Dahan -dahan ilalapit ang rating ni Roxas! Pera-pera lang, ang pulse at
    sws survey ay kontrolado ng yellow gangs at ang media lalo na ang abs-cbn, lahat na ito ay sipsip sa Aquino!
    Comelec ang bahala sa huli, ano ang ginagawa ng brilliant na si brilliantes?b
    Madugo ang laban! Lahat na ng klase ng aso ay inilabas na! Pati na
    Sa mga baboyramo!!
    Puro mukhang hayop ang lumalabas para magkalat ng dilim!!

  42. I am with you. With President childish like decision, with his men around him- he may not be corrupt but look his men around him… bakit dahil ba malakas sa kanya si Mr. Purisima wala ng investigation further at pabayan na lang niya…. they will bring him down. Besides no other officials yet that can match VP Pinay,..proven by the survey… that is true that many are against him but more than many are their supporters not to mention Erap supporters. I myself has no belief that Mr. Roxas will win the peoples heart and vote. Just look at his daughter, I really cant believe that she will win a seat in the Senate.. theres something extra factor with Binays name… something that will make them win on any race.

    • The factor is money its as simple as that na hindi na dapat mag-debatehan. Money talk and the more money you have through corruption, the more chances of winning all kinds elections for your family. This is the advantage of being super rich that you can fool even the most educated lawyers and even sometimes God servants were deceived. That’s why they called him VP BINAYaran.

    • Manuel B. Talosig, Jr. on

      Cristino, di mo alam ang sinasabi mo, BINAY didn’t buy votes, his victory is the product of friendship he made in his whole life…

    • manuel b. talosig jr…… mas hindi mo alam ang sinasabi mo….. taga makati ka ba? siguro hindi, kasi nabulag ka ng kaplastikan ni binay…. kahit na sinong taga makati alam yan… ganyan kami sa makati!.. baka naman isa ka sa BINAYaran

  43. Dapat talaga, mag cha-cha-cha to allow PersiNoynoy to run 2016-reelection to determine how reliable these polls are.

    But PersiNoynoy would lose if only because he has turned his back on Spratlys by stopping the PAGASA runway repairs (but perSinoy would win in MILF voter territory because PersiNoy wants this bangsamoro turn-over to Murad-Jaffar).