• Binay calls for full disclosure of DAP

     Vice President Jejomar Binay

    Vice President Jejomar Binay

    Vice President Jejomar Binay on Thursday called on Malacañang to be transparent by fully disclosing all projects funded by the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).

    In a speech before the Rotary Club of Manila, the Vice President said full disclosure is “a good starting point” to prove “good faith” by those who conceived and implemented the controversial program.

    “Let me state as a lawyer that the question of accountabilities of government officials would have to be reckoned as part of the legal and logical consequences of this groundbreaking decision. As you all know, the Supreme Court [SC] has placed the onus of proving ‘good faith’ on those who conceived and implemented the DAP,” Binay noted.

    “But where do we start? For me, a good starting point would be to make available to the public all the projects funded by the DAP. This is after all consistent with the tenets of full transparency that is the cornerstone of the Aquino administration and I do hope my colleagues will reconsider a reported decision to withhold the release of the so-called DAP list,” he said.

    Binay backed a proposal of some sectors for an independent audit of DAP funds.

    “This should be done as soon as possible,” he said.

    According to the Vice President, the SC decision and the separate concurring opinions are “rather clear, if not brutally frank, on the matter of accountability.”

    “There is no room to speculate or look for hidden clues in the decision of the High Court,” he said.

    Binay also called for continued vigilance on the pork barrel scam.

    “It is essential that we see this cleansing of government to its just conclusion, public service without taint of self-interest, without a tinge of deception and political persecution,” he said.

    Buhay party-list Rep. Joselito Atienza agreed with Binay, saying Budget Secretary Florencio ‘Butch” Abad should not ignore the clamor to make a full disclosure of the P147-billion DAP funds.

    “Until now, Secretary Abad has been tight-lipped, while Malacañang apologists continue to justify the DAP by mere rhetoric. He was even quoted as saying that he has yet to read the SC decision,” Atienza told reporters.

    “This isn’t fair, he has to make a full disclosure of the extent of the program and explain if the funds released through DAP were really used for development projects, not as a reward to loyal political subalterns of the President,” he said.

    Abad’s explanation, Atienza added, is urgently needed in light of revelations by several lawmakers that they were simply told in 2012 to submit a list of projects they wanted to implement. The instruction to endorse projects was contained in a confidential note to senators by then Senate finance committee chairman Franklin Drilon, and the recipients of the letters presumed these projects covered by additional funding were to be deemed as budget amendments since there was no mention of the DAP.

    Atienza said it is possible that President Benigno Aquino 3rd approved a memorandum granting “omnibus authority” to “consolidate savings/unutilized balances and their realignment” on June 25, 2012, based on Abad’s recommendation.

    “This actually explains that DAP wasn’t crafted overnight, but those behind it wanted the President to approve it, even if there are already talks that it would be unconstitutional,” he added.

    Atienza also noted that if Malacanang “wanted to speed up allocation of funds to so-called development projects, it could have merely asked Congress for a supplemental budget.”

    Also on Thursday, the Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP) slammed Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda for making excuses for Abad.

    “It seems that Lacierda is on automatic deception mode. Whenever there are inquiries on the disbursement of public funds by the executive branch, he is quick to denying any violations whatsoever without any proof or investigation,” BMP’s Gie Relova said.


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    1. Binay has always ridden on issues for publicity. If he was really serious with this he should have raised this even before this came out. Now that its out, here he is riding the media waves again. I am interested though what is happening with all his cases at the Ombudsman. Too bad most Filipino voters aren’t that smart to determine milking of political mileage and making it appear he is doing something for the country.

    2. If Binay is serious, then he should resign his cabinet ministry, be the first to show your disgust. The hyat 10 resigned on the flimsy excuse of the GMA call to Garcy. This matter now is very serious, MAG RESIGN KA BINAY, you will not get my friends and my vote for sure. Huwag mong pakita TUTA ka ni Kalbo.

    3. Madali po stin ang mglabas ng sentimyento s bwat issue s gobyerno ntin at sumasangayon aq n madumi n ang politika ntin maraming mapagkunwari at mpagpangap n mga lider ntin naun pero san nga b dapat mgumpisa ang pagbabago kundi sting mga srili tanungin ntin ang mga srili ntin ano n nga b ngawa ntin pra s bansa ntin khit sino po n mgaling n lider ilagay ntin dyan s gobyerno kung wla tyo pagkakaisa mgiging bulok p rin at patuloy n walang pupuntahan ang pilipinas,kailangan pb n dumating ang malalakas n bagyo pra mtutunan ntin mgkaisa at kailangan pb gipitin tyo ng ibang bansa pra mpukaw ang pagmmlaskit ntin s bansa ntin n lugmok n s pangagahasa ng mga ganid ntin politiko at mga oppurtunista nting mga kababayan .,,hindi c pinoy hindi cna binay at d ung mga nsa gobyerno lng ang dapat cchin kundi pati tyo n maliliit kc ngpagamit tyo s knila .kya kung mgsisihan nlng tyo palagi dpat sbay sbaytyong sisihin ang mga srili ntin ,..

    4. As the head of housing… what has Binay done of significant importance to make me support him. Has he done any special projects to eradicate all the eyesore slums ?. Did he have any vision and action taken to integrate , support and rehabilitate our homeless and those that live in deplorable conditions? Did he present any goal , a blueprint or a marshall plan and the percentage of the homeless that he is supposed to help.
      Was there a lifestyle audit on him.?

    5. Mas maganda kong sabihin niya madaliin ang pag – sulong ng FOI Bill….. Kasi kahit tangalin ang DAP kapag siya ang naging prisidente pwede sila uling gumawa ng bagong Version ng DAP. Samantala kong FOI bill kahit anong bagong VERSION BUDGET FUND ang gawin nila obligado silang ipakita sa taong bayan ang Pera na ginagastos ng Gobyerno…..

    6. What the heck has Binary done to become very popular in the ratings game. I have not been out of he country I know how to read and I do keep track of what’s happening in our blighted country and I simply cannot see any reason for the claim that Binary is a winner hands down in 2016. I’ll say it again if my choice come 2016 will be limited to binay or roxas I’ll not go to the polls to waste my time. Its disgusting how binay very carefully treads on this DAP issue just verging on a demand for “trnsparency” yet in effect saying that the DAP is alright if only abad gives a list of projects “funded”. What a president indeed will this fellow become when this early you can’t tell where he is headed or leaning in favor for. I say junk the man and let him know my disgust for his ilk. He is no better than pnoy and his cabal of corrupt people.

    7. rosendo bagtas on

      binay is now dipping into ‘political posturing’ leading to the 2016 presidential polls. despite all these, the big question is: DOES BINAY HAVE THE HEART AND COURAGE TO STAND FIRM AND STRONG FOR THE FILIPINO PEOPLE AND THUS INCURRING THE IRE AND HATE OF THE AQUINO’S? Lest we forget that the late Tita Cory was responsible in molding Binay in what he is today. In other words, does Binay have the balls to get out of the Aquino family’s sphere of power and influence and risk being called ‘ingrato’? if indeed he is willing to take the risk, what then are his motives? also, if Binay wins the presidency in the 2016 elections, wwouldn’t he be the ever-loyal ‘knight’ ready to throw the presidential protective mantle on PNoy to prevent the filing of criminal cases against the former president (by that time)? this are few of the many questions that hounds the Filipino people!

    8. Abad, be accountible and transparent about how DAP was awarded and where the fund go and how are the funds used? Do these SOON. Do not hide behind the Malacanang rethorics.

    9. VP Binay is correct for all pork barrel recipients to disclose its usage. First off, Binay should ask his daughter (Congresswoman from Makati), to explain why her own PDAF was used for the study of “vermiculture” in Makati. Why fund an agriculture virus or germ in Makati, when Makati is not an agricultural city? How much did his congresswoman daughter made out of her PDAF, commission-wise from the group to whom she donated the funds. VP Binay must also explain how he allowed Delfin Lee the developer of housing projecfts in Pampanga, withdraw funds from Pag-ibig, with guaranty from Housing Authority. Binay speaks and acts as a public official who is “holier than-thou”, when Binay is a poor boy from Cagayan who got rich while Mayor of Makati for several terms and term of his wife. Ramon Tulfo accused him of milking condo-building developers with one or two units per building constructed in Makati, not to mention his hacienda with man-made lagoon in Batangas. Where and how did Binay got so rich? With the meager salary of a Mayor, why he can afford to have parking lots business, lots of condo units and large tract of lands in Batangas. Binay is the poster man from rags to riches out of the blues? The people of the Philippines must not support BINAY in 2016 Presidential runA! BINAY is the poster boy for FAMILY DYNASTY! BINAY is the physical embodiment of poor boy to rich public official with ambition to be President to the detriment of the country. BINAY….is symbol of house of anay which will make Philippines go down the drain!

      • Good comment, Filipinos should not forget how Binay has kept payroll for ghost or non-existing employees while he was the mayor of Makati which was called for investigation by then Pres. GMA .And he was behind Cory Aquino agenda during EDSA protest( which was not represented by majority , but represented only by 2% rich opportunist Filipinos).for personal interest , primarily the Hacienda Luisita.

    10. From Day one of this administration this President along with his allies displayed arrogance disregarding the law and run the gov’t primarily for their personal interest, instead of serving for the welfare of the people who elected him he called “Boss” .And for Binay who has been quiet all those years just now calling for independent audit and making excuses for this President saying tenets of all transparency is Aquino’s cornerstone.,that’s a lie .Had it not for the whistleblowers disclosing all their scheme of deception PDAF and DAP they will continue to justify their action as good faith for the fact that it’s was intentionally done in ” bad faith.” .

    11. Wag po nating iboto ang ma epal na kandidato sa presidential election 2015 at tagapagtaguyod ng political dynasty.

    12. Alejo Rosete on

      Why is Secretary Lacierda the one explaining for Secretary Abad? Why?
      Maybe Abad might make a mistake or slipped of the tongue and

      “He will be digging his own grave and singing his own funeral”

    13. I am not surprised about lacierda, he is a walking robot. who is not among the president’s men? they all are. Their heads are programmed to do the nodding only and the words “yes sir!”. As of this time, abad and pnoy are busy crunching numbers, doing research, to come out with a “believable” projects from the dap, plus the huge amounts that were “invested” into the projects. All I can say is, go ahead abad, now is the time to sweat out, use your brains, and make it fast. the public is clamoring for the facts, not the doctored report.

    14. As always, Binay is staying neutral, in the manner he spoke. Very careful words were used which showcase that he really is a PNoy ally. A person who always try to be in the middle will not be a good leader because he is and always will be afraid to make good and hard decisions. No to Binay.


      Let the DAP audited by an independent auditor not the COA whose chairwoman
      Grace Pulido Tan who was one of the recipient and also a lapdog of ngoyngoy.
      In the light of the argument of this administration that they acted in good faith, this
      will serve as precedent to all violators of law in the future. If one violate the law, then
      just say you did it in good faith. Anyway even this president ngoyngoy and abad
      are invoking good faith. Kapag magnakaw ka di sabihin mo lang ginamit mo ang
      ninakaw sa mabuting paraan. This only goes to show that this administration does
      not know and understand the law. Dapat itong ngoyngoy at abad na ito ay mahiya
      naman dahil sila ang pamarisan ng ibang tao. Certainly what they are doing now
      will come back later on and people will follow them. A very ugly and bad legacy.