Vice President Jejomar Binay visited Vice President-elect Leni Robredo at her home in Quezon City on Monday afternoon to personally offer his congratulations to his successor.

Binay said he was the one who initiated the meeting, which coincided with the Robredo couple’s 29th wedding anniversary.

“Kailangan n’yo pong kumain kasi [You have to eat because it is] my wedding anniversary [today],” Robredo jokingly told Binay during the meeting.

The two shared a meal of pancit bihon, Bicol Express and gulay na santol.

Binay had a few words of wisdom for Robredo when she asked if he thought the Office of the Vice President’s (OVP) budget was enough to accommodate all the people asking for medical assistance.

“You should always consider your office a public office and that people will go to you for assistance,” he said.

Robredo thanked Binay for leaving the bulk of the OVP’s budget for 2016 intact.

During the meeting, she said she hoped to equal Binay’s stamina.

“Ang sipag n’yo ho mag-ikot. ‘Yong mga lugar na akala ko ako pa lang ang nakapunta, sinasabi ng nga tao, galing na si VP Binay dito. Tapos ‘yong ibang lugar, hindi lang isang beses n’yo pinuntahan [You were tireless in doing the rounds. In places that I thought that I was the first one to reach, people will tell me that the Vice President had been there. Other places, I was told, you visited more than once],” Robredo told Binay.

“Masipag ako pero hindi ko alam kung kaya ko yung ginagawa n’yo [I am also up to going around but I don’t know if I can match what you had done],” she said.

Robredo mentioned she intentionally has not visited the Coconut Palace because she did not want to risk being tempted by the view.

The Coconut Palace, where Binay holds office, faces Manila Bay.

Binay cautioned Robredo to be ready for “more intrigues” to come her way.

The private meeting was also attended by Undersecretary Benjamin Martinez Jr., chief of staff of the Office of the Vice President; Robredo transition team head Boyet Dy; and Malou Tiquia, a columnist of The Manila Times.


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