Binay camp blasts Leni’s ‘most hard working’ claim


THE camp of former Vice President Jejomar Binay has resented the claim of Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo that she is the most hardworking chairman of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC).

In a news conference after she rendered her resignation from the top HUDCC post on Monday, Robredo said she was the only chief of the agency who personally attends board meetings and works on weekends and at home.

“I think everyone in the Cabinet, maybe even those who don’t like me, would say that I showed how hardworking I am, that I showed how I fought for housing issues,” Robredo said in Filipino. “Even if you ask all the housing agencies, I’m probably the only HUDCC [head]who personally attended all board meetings. I’m the HUDCC [chief]who spends most workdays holding office there.”

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Joey Salgado, spokesman for Binay, said it was “quite unfair and self-serving” of Robredo to portray herself as the most hardworking HUDCC chairman, noting that she occupied the office for only five months.

“I cannot speak for the other previous HUDCC [chiefs]but perhaps she hasn’t heard of former [Vice President] Binay’s work ethic,” he added.

Binay served as head of the HUDCC from 2010 to 2015. It was the same position held by his predecessor, Noli de Castro.

Salgado pointed out that there were other HUDCC heads who served longer than Robredo and also faced challenges under different circumstances.

“They have longer, more tangible lists of accomplishments despite smaller budgets, politicking within the Cabinet, and what she described as the ‘institutional weakness’ of the agency,” he said. MICHAEL JOE T. DELIZO


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  1. Senator Leila de Lima has built more houses for her lovers than Robredo ever did for the poor as HUDCC chief. And, at the time, De Lima was actually secretary of justice.

  2. Vp lenny, please be like your late husband. low key and unassuming. you’ve become like the yellow noynoying Liberals: nauuna lagi ang yabang.

  3. Why don’t we just copy the US model where the VP is the mandated senate president. That way there will be no senate coup d’etat since the VP is not a mere spare tire.

  4. Heavens! This woman is really shameless when it comes to propping herself up. She is beginning to believe she is better than most officialdom. This can only mean one thing. She has a deep-seated inferiority complex and realizes deep inside she doesn’t have much personal value. Otherwise, she doesn’t have to brag about anything.

  5. The bottom line is the big difference between Robredo and Binay is LENI has never been charged for corruption as opposed to ExVice P. Binay who is now subjected to multiple corruption charges! So that HUD comparison issue does not make sense at all. BTW HUD housing problems still exist as big as is. AND NAIIPIT SA PILIPINAS AY ANG MGA KAAWAAWANG MGA POBRENG FILIPINOS.

    • Never been charged means nothing in the Philippines.

      There are 37 past and present senators who were never charged for stealing the pork barrel fund according to a COA audit. On the Napoles list of pork barrel thieves 20 senators gave Napoles their pork barrel allocation in exchange for kickbacks, Only 3 opposition senators charged. The other 17 were Aquino allies so no charges and allowed to keep the millions they got in kickbacks.

      The Napoles list also contained 100 house of representatives who got kickbacks, none charged.

      Never been charged ? Big Deal

      That just means they were in the right political party and were protected.

  6. Ms. Robredo in 5 months as head at HUDCC, can you please list down all accomplishment you done on the said agency? Attending all board meetings is not an accomplishment, it is your duty with exemption, if your busy with your job and if you think the meeting don’t need your attendance you can please your subordinate to attend the meeting on you behalf!