Binay camp fomenting lawlessness – De Lima

Photo shows a video grab from a GMA News footage showing Vice President Jejomar Binay confronting Sr. Supt. Elmer Jamias.

Photo shows a video grab from a GMA News footage showing Vice President Jejomar Binay confronting Sr. Supt. Elmer Jamias.

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima on Tuesday said they would not tolerate the Binay camp’s “blatant disrespect” of the Office of the Ombudsman, the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) and the police.


“They are already fomenting lawlessness and chaos in Makati without any regard to authority and peace and order. No public official can treat any part of LGU [local government unit]territory as his own kingdom and government office as a royal entitlement,” she declared.

“Our local governments are still a part of our republican government. They are not kingdoms unto themselves and their mayors should not act like petty kings who can disregard the law with impunity,” de Lima said.

Binay’s supporters who started camping outside the City Hall building on Monday clashed with police escorting DILG representatives who were ordered to serve Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay Jr.’s preventive suspension order on Tuesday morning.

Television news footage shows civilians hurling plastic chairs at policemen who
protected themselves with metal shields. The policemen formed a protective ring around the DILG representatives who pasted a copy of the order on a building post.

At least eight people, including three policemen, were reported hurt in the violent clash.

The night before, Vice President Binay confronted the deputy chief of the Southern Police District, Senior Supt. Elmer Jamias, and demanded that they allow their supporters entry into the City Hall compound.

A GMA News footage shows Binay telling Jamias, “Marahas ka sa tao. Basta sinasabi ko lang sa’yo, mag-aaway tayo. Lalabanan ka namin [You’re treating people with cruelty. I’m telling you, we’ll end up fighting. We will fight you)].”

Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd said the PNP will investigate the incident.
Jamias said he will file charges against the Vice President for abuse of authority, assault and defamation.

De Lima said Mayor Binay can expect fresh charges to be filed against him. She added that direct assault and obstruction of justice charges would also be filed against Binay’s supporters.

“The incident was aired live on television and with the video taken, it is most probable that charges will be filed against those shown directly assaulting police officers and obstructing justice,” she added.

“We will also recommend to the DILG the possible initiation of administrative charges for insubordination, and possibly even criminal charges, against Mayor Binay for non-compliance with the order of suspension issued by the Ombudsman as disciplining authority,” de Lima said.

In a news conference, Mayor Binay insisted that the police were the ones who attacked his supporters.

Binay also accused Roxas of tolerating abusive police officers. The mayor claimed that a police major shoved his father when he entered the City Hall building on Monday night.

“Si Vice President po ay tinulak ni Maj. Gideon Ginez, at iyan din po ang parehong major na nagtulak sa kapatid ng nanay ko,” he said.

Mayor Binay added that they will sue the police together with Roxas. He called on the Commission on Human Rights to look into the incident.

Makati City Vice Mayor Romulo Peña Jr. was sworn in as the city’s acting mayor. He took his oath before assistant city prosecutor Julius Caesar Gaurano past 9 a.m. Tuesday, at the old Makati City Hall building.

The acting mayor called on Binay and his supporters to “set a good example” and avoid inflaming tensions.

“We are appealing to them to give way to the rule of law,” Peña said.
Roxas also appealed to Binay to just step down and put an end to the “drama.”

“I’m calling on Mayor Binay to step down. This is not a telenovela. You’re not special. You’re only making a drama,” he said in Filipino.

Roxas added that the DILG was only following the Ombudsman’s directive to enforce the suspension order.

“You don’t own Makati, Mayor Binay. Nobody’s king here except the law. We’re only upholding the law and that’s what the DILG and the PNP [are]doing. If you have anything to say, just say it in court,” he said.



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  1. Col. Jamias vs. Boy Sikwat ng Makati
    Coming soon to s theather near you.
    P.s. hold on to your wallet

  2. Roldan Guerrero on

    Ombudsman MORAL-LESS and DE-LIMAS (limas as in ubusin) are the MAIN CORES of selective justice in this country. I wonder how these two considered intellectuals submit themselves without any defiance to the wills of a STUPID and LEGAL RETARDATE President. Morales, a retired SC Magistrate who should be enjoying her retirement now, and De Lima a perennial ellicite affair player subjecting themselves as tools for the vindictive advances of a STUPID?

  3. De Lima has been shielding the Liberal Party Pork barrel and Dap fund thieves for the past 2 years and now she claiming lawlessness done by others ?

    When your credibility is gone no one cares what you say De Lima.

  4. The world is witnessing the most dirtiest RP politics politics. Worst than the politics of the late dictator Pres. Ferdinand Marcos. The people can see how the oppressive and corrupt LP regime of the yellow 3 kings of Aquino, Roxas, Drilon and their minions mob persecution of the opposition family of VP Jojo Binay and his loyal allies. The time has come for the new breed of mass of Filipino people to rise again and liberate our society from the shackles of the ruling few elite master trapos remnants of colonial past of the country. Sobra na! Tama na! Lansagin na ang mapaniil na rehimeng ng Partido Liberal.

    • I agree, put Rodrigo in office and let’s hang all politicians who have been proved or even linked to corruption. That includes the whole Binay family.

    • Teddy Sevilla on

      Kung mahalal man si Binay, may ipagbabago ba? Magbabago lang ang mga mukha ng mga magnanakaw. At tropa naman nina “Abnoy” ang sisgaw na ang admistrasyon ng UNA ang pinaka corrupt at talo pa si Marcos. Kailan kaya magkakaroon ng tunay na pagbabago at pagbangon sa Pilipinas?

  5. The Binay’s think they above the law. They paid these unemployed “supporters” from all over Metro Manila to make it appear that they are from Makati and avid supporters of their family. Kung may trabaho and mga taong ito, bakit kaya nilang lumiban sa pagpasok at instead ay pumunta sa Makati City hall at mang gulo? Di ba obvious na may tinatanggap silang pera sa pag punta duon? Mas maiging kasuhan at ikulong ang mga ito para di gayahin ng mga kabataan.

  6. Filipinos should be aware of this family. They treat themselves as the owner of Makati. What more if Mr. Binay will become President of our country? I was disgusted about Mr. Binay’s action and is this the kind of President we are looking for? I don’t think so.

  7. The end is near for the Binay mafia crime family,the Makati City Hall is now open to outsider the criminal Binay no longer control it for now.The problem will the crook CA if they issue another TRO in favor of the criminal Binay.

  8. All the while I thought that Binay’s story of fighting dictatorship and martial law was real during that time but now that it’s his time as vice-president pa lang, he himself has become the dictator of how the rule of law should treat him, his wife and his son. He is not yet a president yet he can already be a dictator. I cannot see the sincerity of the person in his actuations in defending Binay’s city of Makati.

  9. John austin on

    binay family magnanakaw kalong lahat. Tama ang Sinabi ni secretary Roxas na Hindi mo pag-aari ang makati. Ilabas mo si limlingan at si baloloy na tinatago mo. Puta kayong lahat na binay family.

  10. fomenting lawlessness daw ang mga binay….e ano naman ang tawag sa pag gamit ng kapangyarihan ng mga nasa pwesto para gipitin ang mga kalaban?????????????? kung makapag salita ang mga nasa pwesto para talagang mga ma titino at walang kasalanan…pero ang totoo hindi sila ma pakali dahil ma taas pa rin ang popularity ni binay kaya ginagawa lahat ng paraan para i bagsak sya…baka na lilimutan nila na ang karamihan ng pinoy ay mahirap….at ang mga mahirap ay di na raramdaman ang mga sinasabi nilang umuunlad na pinas….yan ang dahilan kung bakit si binay ang pinaka ma taas ang rating pag dating sa mga surveys……at sa social media karamihan ng comments ay laban kay binay kse di naman ang majority na poor ang gumagamit ng social media

    • Teddy Sevilla on

      Tama ka , Isko. Sapul na sapul sa gusto ko ring sabihin. May idadagdag lang ako.

      Bagama’t limitado sila sa paggamit ng “social media”, hindi bulag’t bingi ang mahihirap na Filipino. Lalong-lalo na – HINDI SILA BOBO. Masakit sa akin madinig ang salitang “bobotante.”

      Sino ba ang tunay na BOBO? Sila ba ay yung mga may-kaya, yung may “bleeding heart” for the poor, yung mayayaman na hindi daw boboto sa mga corrupt at magnanakaw? O ang bobo ba ay yung mga iskwater na nagbebenta ng boto dun sa taong nag-aabot sa kanila ng 1K, may libreng sakay sa 6X6 at pagkakataong makatikim ng Jollibee – kasi ang pagkakaalam at ang KARANASAN nila ay maski sinoman ang naluklok sa pwesto, wala ring ikagaganda ang kanilang buhay? Kung ikaw ang nasa pwesto ng mga iskwater, ng mga mahihirap, saan ka lulugar? Eh di ba dun sa may pakinabang, maski kakarampot? Sino ngayon ang tunay na BOBOTANTE?

      Sana dumating ang araw na maski ang pinakamahirap nating mga kababayan ay hindi na kailangang ibenta ang kanilang boto. Na ang pamantayan sa ating ihahalal, maykaya man tayo o mahirap, ay hindi kung sino yung sikat, yung pinaka-epal, yung pinakamalaking magbigay ng suhol…..

      Pero mataga-tagal pa yata yun, pre. Mag chicken joy muna tayo.

  11. Iniipit at ginigipit lang ninyo ang pamilyang Binay. Noong panahon ni Mrs. Arroyo, nag-utos din ang palasyo na suspendihin si VP Binay noong mayor pa siya. Ang sabi noon ni DILG Secretary Puno, “bigyan ninyo ako ng written order bago ko gawin”. Walang written order, kaya hindi ginawa.
    Kaya kayo Mesdames Morales at De Lima, ipagdasal ninyo na hindi manalo na presidente si VP Binay.
    Kaya ikaw Police Officer Elmer Jamias, ipagdasal mo na hindi manalo si VP Binay sa pagka presidente,
    Kaya ikaw Police Officer Gideon Ginez (taga Tineg, Abra ka ba?), ipagdasal mo na hindi manalo si VP Binay. Sabagay, ok din pag ang work assignment mo ay somewhere in southern Philippines.
    Narinig na ba ninyo itong kasabihan: “lintik lang ang walang ganti”? Pero, maaring hindi gawin at pang-kanto. Maaring ito: “I will not get mad. I will only get even”. Gets ninyo?

  12. Bise Binay’s character-flaws are being revealed more and more the past days. Under stress (because of the second order from Ombudsman Carpio) bise’s dangerous side shows. Disregard of the laws of Pilipinas; disrespect for the PNP, its officers and men and showing that he feels superior to any and all. Delikado!!!! Dagdag iyong “Hacienda / plunder”…. tunay na tunay na dellikado.

    • hindi si Pnoy ang msayari ng hacienda kundi ang mga cojuangco. si pnoy ay aquino ang tatay niya na poor journalist na si BS aquino Sr. na asawa ni Cory na nanay niya. kung may ginawang mali ang mga cojuangco ay huwag idamay ang mga Aquino kundi idamay ang kanyang nanay na si cory cojuangco. pero malayo na iyon sa kaso para kay Pnoy.

      palibhasa kayo ay utak botiki….magbasa kayo at huwag maniniwala sa sabi sabi……

  13. Ronto Caniada on

    The Binay’s power is history. The VP should also be suspended. He is the very one pocketed the money.

  14. Simple lang ang dapat gawin ng gobyerno, Maglagay din sila ng mga sibilyan doon sa makati city hall, at hayaan nila ang mga sibilyan na ito ang humarap sa mga supporters ng mga binay. Sabi nga ni Sen Miriam Santiago, number games lamang iyan.