Binay camp laughs off new smear campaign


The United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) on Monday brushed aside another organized demolition plot against Vice President Jejomar Binay, this time by linking him to the controversial Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).

“There is yet again another effort by the usual suspects to tarnish the name of the Vice President by claiming he was a recipient of DAP,” UNA secretary general Tobias Tiangco said.

He was reacting to the allegations of Caloocan City Rep. Edgar Erice that Binay received at least P11.45 billion funding from DAP in 2011.

Citing records from the Department of Budget and Management, Erice said Binay got P100 million for the rehabilitation of the Iloilo River, P450 million for the residents of North Triangle in Quezon City, P500 million for the housing project of the Bureau of Fire Protection and P10 billion for the relocation of informal settlers from dangerous areas which went to the National Housing Authority (NHA).

“Binay is the chairman of the NHA and all transactions and decisions within the housing agency will have to pass through him. The 2011 DAP also provided the Home Guaranty Corp., an agency under Binay’s Housing office, with a P400-million equity infusion for its
credit insurance and mortgage guarantee operation,” the Caloocan lawmaker added.

But Tiangco maintained that the Vice President was not a recipient of DAP funds.

He noted that it is amusing that Binay should be linked to the controversial program implemented by Budget Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad, who is also a ranking official of the Liberal Party.

“After the failed PDAF [Priority Development Assistance Fund] yarn against the Vice President, the usual suspects seem to be so desperate in attempting to connect DAP to the OVP [Office of the Vice President],” Tiangco said.

“The people behind the smear campaign should do their homework and get their facts straight. In fact, Vice President Binay gave up his office’s PDAF in response to the people’s clamor,” he added.

“With DAP, they should think twice in directly pointing to agencies under HUDCC at baka lalong mapahiya at mabaon ang mga kakampi nila sa LP [or they will be embarrassed more and bury their allies in the Liberal Party],” Tiangco said. President Benigno Aquino 3rd heads the party.

He noted that various agencies under the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) either have their own charters or are directly under the Office of the President.

Binay is also the chairman of the HUDCC.

“If they say these agencies received DAP but it turns out these agencies are under the OP [Office of the President], then they are exposing not only their party mates but the President himself to embarrassment. They will only put the President in bad light on the DAP issue,” Tobias said.

The Supreme Court (SC) is set to vote today on the legality of DAP.

The Manila Times earlier reported that majority of the SC justices will concur with the draft ponencia of Associate Justice Lucas Bersamin that declares DAP as unconstitutional.

An unimpeachable source said the draft decision of Bersamin includes the issuance of a prohibitive injunction warning the President, the Senate President and the Speaker of the House and other agencies who enjoy fiscal autonomy to follow the law when transferring funds.

The source added that the draft ruling declares DBM (Department of Budget and Management) Circular 541, which created DAP, unconstitutional.

But the subject of the last debate in the High Court may be the insistence of some justices, particularly Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Aranal-Sereno, who wanted to save Aquino from impeachment and criminal liability.

Allies of the President at the tribunal are pushing that the “doctrine of operative facts” be applied. Such doctrine states that while the acts of Aquino will be invalidated, for as long he exercised good faith, then all the effects of his acts shall be considered valid.

Not evil
Malacañang also on Monday insisted that DAP was not “evil” and that the country benefited from it.

“It is our professed belief that the DAP has benefited the country,” its spokesman Edwin Lacierda said in a news briefing.

A lawyer, he maintained that the President did not err when he and Budget Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad implemented the DAP two years ago to “boost” economic activities.

Lacierda said realignment of government savings from one agency to another is allowed by the Constitution.

“When we had a quarter where there was a very low GDP [gross domestic product], we implemented the DAP and it contributed to the various programs of the government, the various agencies,” he explained.

The Palace official dismissed insinuations that the administration employs a “double standard” when it comes to DAP because Aquino was against realignments when he was still a lawmaker.

“We will leave it to the Supreme Court as to [the DAP’s]constitutionality,” Lacierda said.

Also on Monday, The Manila Times reported that an overwhelming majority of SC justices
were expected to concur with the draft ponencia of Associate Justice Lucas Bersamin that declares DAP as unconstitutional.

The Times source in the tribunal said Bersamin’s 95-page draft raised four points on why DAP was illegal—cross-border tossing of funds, use of funds for unlisted projects, implementing new projects even if concerned agencies had no savings to fund such projects and using DAP funds for projects that did not undergo bidding.

The source added that Bersamin’s ponencia declares DBM Circular 541 unconstitutional and orders the issuance of a “prohibitive injunction” against the circular from the Department of Budget and Management.

The circular, issued by Abad on July 18, 2012, created DAP and allowed the DBM to withdraw and pool unobligated allotments of agencies “with low levels of obligations for continuing and current allotments.”

These funds were then used for supposedly priority programs and projects.


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  1. Once more, “The arch of moral universe is long but it bends toward justice(s).” For those justices who will try to save heads of those behind DAP scheme they must be reminded of reckoning in due time.

  2. 2016 Presidential Contest: ROXAS vs. BINAY.


    Binay is starting to cry foul for any semblance of outcasting him in Pnoy’s circles and activities. And he is starting to lay the foundation of political complaints for alleged electioneering fraud or activities of LP and he smells or feels he is being politically attacked, directly or indirectly. Binay’s raising controversy is intentionally being done as as a sort of defensive multi-media strategy to gain his own political points and mileage! It is discouraging to note that Binay seems to be ahead in SWS survey for
    presidentiables in 2016. But come election time the people will realize
    the TRUE BINAY….a hypocrite, consummate gutter politician loved
    by squatters whom he tolerated and supported to violate anti-squatting law
    just to get their votes. A politician who started from rags and now
    flaunting on his ill-gotten wealth by having a large tract of land with
    ranch and man-made lagoon worth several hundreds of millions (not to
    mention the parking lot business and houses in California).


    Roxas is the right man for the Presidency. Roxas has personal and family
    integrity; clean and straight probity and character to govern a nation;
    and all the wherewithal to hold the power and perform with honor the
    function and office of the President! Roxas has the competency and
    experience to wield with wisdom the high office of the land. He has not
    been involved or tainted with any anomaly or illegal actions while a
    public official (Secretary of Trade and Senator and now DILG Secretary).
    Though he lacks the personal charisma among the masses since he does not
    kowtow or tolerate massive squatting and or does not go down to the level
    of gutter politics to be popular, Roxas is more of a macro manager who can
    laid down national policies (economic, social and foreign). Roxas has not enrich
    himself in office and remain a leader who lives within his financial and
    economic means. Roxas does not give away cake and sack of rice to
    squatters or poor people of Makati to hold these peoples loyalty.

    On the other hand, BINAY is the opposite of ROXAS. Binay, who started as a
    second-rate POOR activist during Marcos regime is now multi-billionaire.
    Accdg. to Ramon Tulfo, BINAY is a man from rags to
    riches… having had nothing during Marcos time, he got lucky to having
    appointed as Mayor of Makati by Cory Aquino. And during his and his wife’s
    reign as Mayor of Makati, during the long years of holding this position,
    they were able to amass untold questionable wealth! Tulfo alleged that Binay, as Mayor, was able
    to corner the public parking business and demanded and got several condo
    units for each building constructed in Makati. Binay now owns a lot of
    public parking lots, condo units and a large tract of land, with ranch and
    man-made lagoon, in Batangas, not to mentional houses in California.
    Binay’s multi-billion wealth is surely very disproportionate to his and
    his wife’s income as Mayor of Makati. Even before
    that they did not have lucrative legal and medical practice to justify
    their present personal property holdings! Therefore, where could have they
    obtained their wealth but from dubious and unlawful sources considering
    the salary of a Mayor is a pittance or negligible that can not justify their acquisition of huge properties.Although, Binay is ahead in SWS survey for the Presidency, the people is initially driven by Binay’s popularity on CAKE and sack of rice continues
    give away and the free hospitalization and eduction in Makati, Roxas can
    be more magnanimous and generous to the poor people in giving away and promoting jobs and capable to reduce unemployment in the country. Roxas has more personal stature and recognition to mingle with leaders of the world. Binay is more power driven in that he has shown his greed for power by having his wife
    alternate for him as Mayor, his son as Mayor, his two daughters as
    Congresswoman and Senator respectively. In short, Binay is a man devoted
    to FAMILY DYNASTY and, as such, will perpetuate himself or his family in
    office, especially when he becomes President! He is not SATISFIED until he sees ALL HIS FAMILY, including his grandchildren to be holding public office.IN TAGALOG BINAY IS “SWAPANG” SA KAPANGYARIHAN AT POSISYON SA GOBYERNO!


    Jun Adan
    New York City

    • ang kapal at tapang ng apog mo, jun adan. nakita mo ba ang sarili mo sa katauhan ni mar roxas? di ikaila sa harap ng katakot-takot na mga kapalpakan ni roxas sa kanyang panunungkulan, heto ka pa rin sa iyong kapalmuks!!!!!!!

  3. VP Binay who was then the mayor of Makati was investigated during Pres Gloria Arroyo for maintaining payroll for ghost employees and if he will run for President then it is just right for Filipino voters to know that anyone who has wasted the taxpayers money for personal gain disqualifies him or her to run for office.

  4. If there is truth to the accusation of irregularity of gov’t funds which has been customarily abused by the many sitting elected politicians then it is just proper to have an inquiry or investigation of the 11.45 billion pesos allocated to the VP and accountability of how the taxpayers money were spent to show that there is transparency in everything that elected politicians spent thus erase the doubts nad distrust many Filipinos already feels to all of them.