• Binay camp: New hearing, same rhetoric


    Expect the same baseless and even fantastic allegations to be hurled in Tuesday’s Senate inquiry against Vice President Jejomar Binay and his family.

    The statement was made on Monday by Rico Quicho, the Vice President’s spokesman on political concerns, who took a swipe at Binay’s detractors.

    “The Senate blue ribbon sub-committee would be resuming the longest-running investigation against Vice President Jejomar Binay that has clearly evolved into a witchhunt in order to bolster the ambitions of presidential aspirants sorely lagging behind in the surveys,” Quicho said.

    “The next hearings would likely end up with the same results as those of the last 18 hearings, which produced nothing but mere conclusions of fact signifying nothing,” he added.

    Tuesday’s hearing according to Quicho, would be the 19th hearing in what has been described by former Sen. Joker Arroyo as the longest-running probe in the history of the Senate.

    But the Senate hearings have so far produced “nothing but fantastic and totally unsubstantiated” claims against the Vice President.

    “In a desperate attempt to swing sympathy, the perjured resource persons of Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th presented two residents of the resettlement project in Calauan [Laguna], who vainly tried to discredit the project of the Vice President by misrepresenting and twisting the real situation in the said housing project,” Quicho said.

    He added that these persons were later identified as supporters of former Makati City Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado.

    Claims of these supporters against the Vice President were also roundly denied by majority of residents in the area.
    “It is quite evident that the detractors of Vice President Binay are hell-bent to sow further intrigues and employ the use of government instrumentalities in order to cover up for their own ineptness and malfeasance in office,” Quicho said.

    Moreover, he slammed Trillanes for defending Globe Asiatique owner Delfin Lee, saying the senator’s efforts to clear Lee of charges related to the GA scam was a “clear disregard and disrespect” for the justice system and the separation of powers of the three branches of the government.

    Quicho said Trillanes is trying to diminish efforts of the government to rid the housing sector of corruption, when President Benigno Aquino 3rd himself had fully supported the filing of the case against Lee and the subsequent manhunt for him.

    “Sen. Trillanes’ blatant attempt to absolve Mr. Delfin Lee from any wrongdoing despite the pendency of his case before the Regional Trial Court of San Fernando, Pampanga, is the latest proof of his clear bias against the Vice President,” he added.


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    1. Lala Navarro on

      Aren’t they tired yet? All these grand standing haven’t and will never lead to anything. Grabe na yung pagkabaseless ng mga accusations nila eh, halata na masyado ang gusto nilang mangyari. You can even smell the desperation in them… why? Is it because until now it’s still Binay who’s leading the polls? Dear senators, MOVE ON! Know when the battle is done! Kung gusto niyo, ibang laban naman… Kasawa na rin kasi to eh…

    2. May Sariling Isip on

      Ang daming mga nagsasalita, pero hindi natin alam kung sino ang nagsasabi ng totoo. May iba diyan sinasabi mga bagay parang katotohanan pero hindi.