Binay camp readies contempt rap vs Trillanes


Makati City Rep. Abigail Binay on Sunday warned that contempt charges will be filed against Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th for saying that the Binay camp paid justices of the Court of Appeals (CA) to issue a ruling in favor of Makati Mayor Jejomar “Junjun” Erwin Binay Jr.

The Makati lawmaker dared Trillanes to present credible proof to back up his claim. The senator had said that he will name today the CA justices who received cash from the Binays in exchange for the injunction that allowed Junjun to continue being mayor of Makati.

“Senator Trillanes is now destroying the reputation and integrity of an institution. Hindi biro-biro ang ginagawa nya. Dapat ang ipakita nya yung patunay na hindi dinuktor at pang-media lang [What he is doing is no joke. He should present evidence and not resort to media tricks],” Rep. Binay said.

“The problem from the start with Senator Trillanes is that he bullies and threatens people. He always claims to have something explosive against my father [Vice President Jejomar Binay] and my family, but it always turns out to be duds,” she added.

The lawmaker said her family expects senators to again raise the issue of her father’s Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) and income tax returns (ITRs) but records filed with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) will prove that the bank deposits of the Vice President came from legitimate sources.

The P254-million bank deposits of the Vice President from 2007 to 2014 reported by the Anti-Money Laundering Council, according to Rep. Binay, can be fully accounted for, citing the P630.9 million accumulated by the Binay couple in the past 27 years.

“All these can be verified in the annual SALN and ITRs filed by my parents. These and other official documents, such as the Statement of Contribution and Expenditure filed with the Comelec [Commission on Elections] after elections, can clearly show that their earnings were made through honest means,” the lawmaker said.

She noted that based on cash flow statements of the Binay couple, over P330 million came from the JCB Farms, a piggery business that the now Vice President started in 1994, P14 million came from salaries from 1986 to 2013, more than P4 million from his professional fees as a lawyer and more than P49 million from the flower shop business owned by her mother, Dr. Elenita S. Binay.

Sen. Aquilino Pimentel 3rd said the Senate blue ribbon panel may expand its inquiry into the allegations against the Binays to include the alleged bribery at the appellate court.

Pimentel added that there is a possibility that the resolution calling for a Senate investigation of the alleged corruption at the CA may be referred to the blue ribbon sub-committee, which he leads, or the Senate committee on justice and human rights, which he also heads.

He explained that if Trillanes accuses a specific member of the appellate court, then the resolution will be referred to the blue ribbon committee. It depends on Sen. Teofisto Guingona 3rd if the case will be referred to the sub-committee.

But if the allegations of Trillanes cover the entire institution, Pimentel said, the investigation will likely be conducted by the committee on justice and human rights.

Trillanes earlier said he will file a resolution calling for a Senate investigation of the alleged corruption at the CA. He claimed that a huge amount of money was involved in the issuance of the writ of preliminary injunction by the appellate court.

The Binay camp had challenged Trillanes to prove his allegations by filing a complaint against the justices who allegedly are on the take.

The blue ribbon sub-committee probe of the allegedly overpriced Makati City Hall Building 2 will resume today. The committee also plans to start its inquiry into reported anomalies at the Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) of the Pag-IBIG Fund, which is headed by the Vice President.


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  1. Nancy Bulok Cake on

    The Binays have all the courage to bully anyone in court/s because almost all the judges are under their payroll. I know a lot of businessmen who are/were in the piggery business (bigger than the Binay’s piggery) who did not make P330M. It is impossible to make P300M in a few years time in this kind of business. Worse, Binay went to Quezon – Kamay ni Hesus – not to pray for forgiveness but to show off to the 3M people that he is religious. That’s mortal sin. Pretentious people to gain political power should get the wrath of God. Ang KAPAL ng mga mukha ng mga Binays. To the Binays, God will surely give an end to your abuses.

  2. Dapat lang for someone like Trillanes! Wala na ngang nagawang matino for our country eh kung ano ano pang pinapakita niya na ginagawa niya. Instead of staying quiet out of shame dahil nga wala siyang ginagawa eh lagi na lang siyang pumapapel over all the issues available! Ano sa tingin niya, that we’re not intelligent enough to know his tactics? That we would highly appreciate his grand standing? Well Trillanes, WE DO NOT! Also, we’ll never like someone like you! Such a disgrace and waste of time!

  3. Boneheads instead of whining and growling should bring their stupid allegations and ridiculous opinions with the proper court of law and let us see what will become of them.

  4. The stop investigations of VP Binay is the product of his topping the surveys of Pulse Asia and SWS. The plans of Mar Roxas thru his attacked dogs in the senate have been failing miserably. To be popular to the masses is to show good work and not to attack your political enemies. The problem with Roxas he uses all government resources thru Pnoy clout which makes our people more symphatetic to Binay. Pnoy and Mar should concentrate more on lowering prime commodities like rice and electricity and probably they may have a chance perpetuating again to power next year. These economic indicators does not mean anything because the masses never benefitted from it. The problem with Pnoy and Mar is time.

  5. Pete Gabriel on

    This is so typical defense of the corrupt, discredit the accuser. Why don’t they let the investigation go through if they do not have anything to hide? All of a sudden the Binays are good business people, why then is every member of the family running for elected position? Why be in an elected position when you can make a lot more money doing business for profit? I am just saying, this is a typical ploy for corrupt politicians, drug dealers, and gambling lords to do money laundering to legitimized their dirty money. Common Binay’s be nice, come clean, be transparent!

    • Oh yeah? Like what the typical brand of Trillanes allegations of corruption against the most popular presidential candidate VP Binay and his family.

    • The Filipino people will make your day crooked like you on May 9, 2016 with the election of a Pres. Jojo Binay. :)

  6. Bully against bullying. Do it! Trillanes, if he has done allegations against the Binays, must be sued in the court. The problem is threat against threat ang palabas. Do it and let us see who has proofs to settle the issues whether in the public or in the court.

  7. May Sariling Isip on

    Atat na atat yata ang mga Binay mag-file ng contempt charges. Diba ang dapat eh yung korte ang mag-file? Piggery farm kikita ng P330 milyong piso? Sinong maniniwala sa iyo?

    Inamin na ni Abigail Binay na nagkaraoon ng P631 milyong piso sa loob ng 27 years. Hindi mahirap ang mga Binay — Super Rich sila. Hindi ako naniniwala na sa marangal na paraan nanggaling ang P631 milyon piso!

    • Boneheads instead of whining and growling should bring their stupid allegations of corruption and ridiculous opinions about the Binay wealth with the proper court of law and let us see what will become of their tiny brains. :)