• Binay chides ‘flip-flopping’ Duterte


    VICE President Jejomar Binay on Saturday chided Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for his inconsistent statements on extrajudicial killings.

    “Make up your mind, berdugong mamamatay tao [killer-executioner]. The presidency is not for the unprincipled and the inconsistent. It is not for liars, braggarts, and most especially merciless killers,” Binay, standard bearer of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), said.

    “Mayor Duterte, palaging pinagyayabang mo na marami kang pinatay, ngayon ito ay tinatanggi mo [you are always bragging that you have killed many people, but now you are denying it],” he added.

    Binay recalled that in past interviews, Duterte admitted his links to the Davao Death Squad (DDS) and that he had killed 1,700 people, 1,000 more than what was reported by Amnesty International.

    “Sa bibig mo na mismo nanggaling ang mga katagang ito: ‘Ako, ako raw ang death squad? Tinuod. Tinuod na [You yourself said this statement: ‘Ako, ako raw ang death squad? That is true’],” Binay said, quoting Duterte’s statements in an interview aired in May 2015 over Davao ABS-CBN channel.

    Binay scored Duterte for retracting his admission after the Vice President called him out for killing only poor people, including children, through summary executions.

    “Maliban sa pagiging berdugong mamamatay tao, saksakan ka pa ng kayabangan at hari ng kasinungalingan [Aside from being a killer-executioner, you are a braggart and a liar],” Binay said.

    “We do not need a leader who wantonly disregards the sanctity of human life and whose only wrong solution to the pressing problem of poverty is to kill the poor,” he added.

    Several human rights groups have linked Duterte to extrajudicial killings, among them Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the United Nations (UN) Special Rapporteur on Human Rights.

    Atienza support
    BINAY won the support of Buhay party-list Representative Lito Atienza, who also scored Duterte for saying that he will kill criminals.

    “Mayor Duterte, Vice President Binay and I shared the same experience of confronting crimes in our cities. Before my term, Manila was the most crime ridden in Metro Manila. After 9 years of effective work of combating criminality, it became the safest city. We did this by providing jobs and economic opportunities for Manilans, lessening the number of people who turned to crime as a solution to poverty. We never snuffed out any life thru summary executions or salvaging. We got the police to do their jobs and perform better, at the same time tapping barangay officials to help in fighting crime. Duterte’s solution of fighting crime with crime and snuffing out lives of poor and defenseless citizens will only aggravate the situation. No society can solve crime with summary executions and even the death penalty which only multiplied crimes,” Atienza said.

    He reminded Duterte that Davao ranks fourth in crime and tops the national statistics on the most number of rape cases among all major cities.

    “Where is Mayor Duterte coming from? Showmanship and entertainment are not the solution, let’s be true to ourselves. He keeps bragging about Davao, when figures and statistics show otherwise,” Atienza said.


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    1. unemployed bum on

      Jojo is nervous again and his blood pressure is rising, knowing that he was overtaken at polls. Jojo knows that being number 3 on presidential polls is difficult as it is, with his money frozen under the name of Baloloy and Limlingan. AMLC also recommended to the government to take over on the Hacienda Binay. This is the reason why Binay and his Boys are hallucinating and pointing their fingers everywhere, blaming anybody and everybody that they can think of.

      To the voters of metro Manila, specially in Makati, If you are given money from Binays, go ahead and take the money an vote for a candidate of your choice. The government should be seriously looking for vote buying activities during election.

    2. It is impossible to vote for a president that is above the law. Without the law , we will plunge to anarchy. I understand that there are tremendous number of criminals in our streets but the answer is more policemen to arrest them and more good judges to prosecute them. A good corrupt free president to manage this country.

      • It is indeed possible to vote for him unless you don’t like the man. He says he has still values to go to that extreme. Binay is just impressing the bishops. That is how trapo works. He should face his allegations instead.. Mayor duterte is correct by the pressure of binay to win the presidential race because if he fails most of his family members will go to jail..