• Binay clears Palace in white paper against his family


    Vice President Jejomar Binay on Wednesday defended Malacañang from accusations that it was involved in the circulation of a white paper implicating the Binay family in the Priority Development Assistance fund (PDAF) scam.

    In a statement, Binay’s spokesman Joey Salgado said the Vice President never said the Palace was behind a supposed demolition job against the Binays.

    “We firmly believe that President [Benigno] Aquino [3rd] has nothing to do with the smear campaign against the Vice President,” Salgado said.

    He refuted radio reports that said Binay’s camp had linked the President to the supposed smear campaign.

    Salgado said the Vice President also never said Malacanang was “peddling malicious news” to media outfits.

    In fact, according to information received by the office of Rep. Abigail Binay, the white paper was produced by a group holding office in the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig City in Metro Manila.

    The congresswoman is a daughter of the Vice President.

    The office, according to her, is being funded “by brothers deeply entrenched in politics.”

    The brothers, she said, are responsible for the release of the white paper that has been “masquerading as an investigative report.”

    “If the reports on the composition of this group are true, then it saddens me that people whom I considered as friends and colleagues are among those disseminating these lies and half-truths for their own personal agenda,” the congresswoman said.

    She added that there is no evidence of participation of the Binay family in the PDAF scam.

    But she stressed that the group behind the smear campaign “will continue to rely on illogical arguments or baseless innuendos as well as rehash previous accusations against my family with the expectation that by mere repetition and extensive media play, people will accept their lies against me and my family as truths.”

    Sen. Nancy Binay however said the demolition job will not have any affect, adding that more lies will come out against them as the election season nears.

    “I am not surprised by the smear campaign against my family, we’re already used to it since we have encountered this kind of tactics on the local level,” she said in an interview.

    The senator said she expects the attacks to get worse because her father had been vocal about his plans to run for president in 2016.

    But she said the smear campaign will not have any effect on her father and their family because the charges are baseless.

    The United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) also slammed the attempt to link the Vice President to the pork barrel scandal.

    Rep. Toby Tiangco, UNA secretary general, also see such attempts intensifying until 2016.

    “The public can check and review the records anytime. There is nothing to hide since all the projects mentioned in the white paper were all aboveboard, properly implemented and fully liquidated down to the last cent,” Tiangco said.


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    1. If not the persons from the administration, who then, Mr. Binay? You seem to be the man to beat from the opposition if talks are to be believed are you therefore telling us that the opposition, your group is spreading the white paper? Any sense? Or you are just showing that you are, after all, PNoy’s man.