• Binay confident he’ll KO Roxas in 2016


    Vice President Jejomar Binay on Thursday said he is confident that he would win in a two-way fight between him and Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd, whose anointment as the administration party’s standard-bearer for next year’s elections is set for Friday.

    Malacañang on Thursday night confirmed that President Benigno Aquino 3rd will endorse Roxas in “a gathering of friends” at the Club Filipino in San Juan City (Metro Manila).

    A media advisory sent to reporters said four people from different sectors will give their message, which will be followed by the “response of Aquino.”

    “In the response, the President shall state his endorsement. After the response, DILG Sec. Roxas will deliver an acceptance message to the endorsement of the President,” the advisory added.

    Binay, in a statement, said his confidence springs from results of pre-election surveys.

    The Vice President had consistently led the surveys until he was overtaken beginning the second quarter by Sen. Grace Poe.

    Roxas, whom Binay defeated in the 2010 vice presidential race, was hovering at 3rd behind Poe and Binay.

    Victory would be his if the 2016 elections were “clean and honest,” Binay predicted at the sidelines of the General Assembly of Cavite Barangay Health Workes in Trece Martires City, Cavite.

    Commenting on Roxas’ supposed endorsement on Friday, Binay said he is glad that the cards will now be laid open.

    When asked if he could replicate his victory in 2010, the Vice President replied, “[I still have my] lucky punch.”

    According to Sen. Francis Escudero, he will support Poe in the 2016 elections no matter what she decides.

    “I will help and support Sen. Poe in whatever she may decide to do in like what I did for her late father, FPJ [Fernando Poe Jr.], in 2004,” he said in a text message.

    Escudero served as spokesman for FPJ when he ran in the 2004 presidential elections.

    “I maintain what I have repeatedly said before: I will support her in whatever capacity she may ask [as a supporter, candidate or mere voter]of me,” he said.

    Poe and Escudero were dropping hints over the last few months that they are seriously considering running for President and VicePpresident, respectively, in 2016.

    Some Liberal Party members, however, are calling on Poe to instead run as Roxas’ running mate.

    FPJ’s daughter has repeatedly said she is yet to make up her mind.


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    1. Roldan Guerrero on

      Niether Roxas nor Binay will win….they have the same colors…both of them will free PIGNOY and Partners in Crimes if elected. Let us convince BBM to run for President..he embodies the Filipino Vision of Today! He can make this NATION GREAT AGAIN!


      Binay? No way. Don’t ever vote for thieves. Until now he refuses to answer the
      allegations of corruption against him. Silence means yes. Yong hacienda a mga
      babuyan sa Batangas, Remember all these things come election time. Don’t ever
      make the mistake again.

    3. Romy A. Cator on

      Sorry po VP Binay kasi mas maliit kayo eh. At maiksi ang reach ninyo. Kaya ang “Lucky punch”
      ninyo ay hindi aabot kay MAR Roxas. Isa pa po kayo VP Binay ay hindi “Southpaw”. Kaya ang
      lucky punch ay galing kay Mar papunta sa inyo.
      Sorry po VP kayo ang KO.

    4. Mariano Patalinjug on

      Yonkers, New York
      31 July 2015

      If it is Mar Roxas who will be the candidate for President against Jejomar Binay, there is a very good chance that Mr.Binay will make Mar Roxas bite the dust of defeat a second time around.

      Mar Roxas is a very weak politician and an incompetent administrator. Jejomar Binay had no problem beating Mar Roxas for the post of Vice President in the last elections.

      On the contrary, Jejomar Binay has withstood all “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” which have been hurled at him for several years now–and that is good and solid proof that he has the strength and the courage to withstand everything thrown at him.

      He is still very much around now, isn’t he? He will of course still be very much around when–as he knows for sure– he takes his Oath of Office as President by next year.


    5. Either Roxas, Binay or Poe as next president? God bless this wretched country. Roxas is an epitome of traditional politics. A clone of an inept administrator. Millions of pork barrel funds surely will fill his campaign kitty. Binay is being tarnished with graft cases which probably are true. He promotes political dynasticism with Makati as model. For so long, he fence-sit and pretended to be the leader of an opposition party but silently kissed Aquino’s ass. Poe is unabashedly an opportunist and parroting a name that supposedly won against GMA. She is a disciple of “popularity” and not competence as requisite to be president of this country. She has not even directly answered the issue of citizenship and residency against her for according to her twisted mindset, popularity supervenes these basic infirmities on her qualifications.

    6. Mr.13%VP”Hitler”Binay will be knock out by the ombudsman and the sandiganbayan,D king of magnanakaw will be in jail and his addiction to corruption will end.This SOB will never make it to be the next president.

    7. Agree with Binay, the popularity of Mar is low. This a greatest mistake of LP fielding the wrong guy, unless they will manipulate the vote of the mass. The best to field for President is Ms. Grace Poe.

    8. Hindi kaya yong “LUCKY PUNCH” na sina-sabi ni VP Binay ay mangga-galing kay Sec.Mar Roxas … katulad yong “lucky punch” ni Marquez noong napatumba niya si Cong. Manny Pacquiao ?

      Humanda kayo VP , baka hindi ninyo ma-ilagan ang “lucky punch” ni Sec. Mar Roxas.

      May kasabihan sa English ” SILENT WATER RUNS DEEP “

    9. jose taganahan on

      Of course Binay is confident that he will knock out Mar Roxas in 2016, but I beg dis-agree. The unexplained wealth of Binay from being a poor high school boy will haunt him on election day. Binay will be lucky if the Ombudsman will not file at least one plunder case against him before the Sandiganbayan before the year ends.

    10. Stop the Character Assassination of Binay , it’s not fare to listen to gossip mongering!
      None of our politicians are free from fault.
      Look at the Achievements and not the Failures of our Candidates . Let us choose the candidate that has the experience and understanding of the problem of this country. Someone who can Unite the Country and has a Vision to Better the Future of the Philippines. Most especially to improve the middle class and the poor.
      We need to rise above self interest !

      • Gossips ? are you for real ? Preventing Binay from winning is rising above self interest

    11. Vic Penetrante on

      The taller Roxas prefers basketball to boxing. He said he will dunk the ball passed to him by Aquino.

      • agree with you Jeni… if Mar is the candidate, Binay will be the happiest man and if he win he will start sipping the money of the whole Philippine island.Let Grace run for President ..

      • Jay de Ocampo on

        Kawawa ang bansa natin pag si Grace Poe ang magiging Presidente. Would prefer the lesser evel in Mar Roxas than the indecisive Poe as the President. Go Mar Roxas, go !

      • Roldan Guerrero on

        Grace Poe is not qualified considering the issues on her citizenship and residency status. She is not also true to her words…he absolved Aquino in his accountability on the Mamasapano masacre. An inexperienced political greenhorn…AMBISYOSA !!!! Do you want another TANGA President?

    12. Mike Moreno
      Chair: Fil-Am Fil-Can Alliance
      Richmond City, B.C., Canada
      Madison, N.Y.C., U.S.A.

      Philippine Vice-President Jojo “thief topak” C. Binay the acknowleded godfather of Binay Black Mafia Syndicates is his “world of make believe” saying in complete arrogance he will bit DILG Secretary Mar “wallet less” A. Roxas in the 2016 presidential election with his lucky punch.

      We will see how you fare-up with Roxas.

    13. If Binay wins the presidency by clean elections then the filipino voters might be the most stupid bo-botante in the history of democracy. My appeal to filipino voters PLEASE THINK, use youe kokote. You dont want a very very corrupt official.