• Binay cries persecution


    Vice President Jejomar Binay on Wednesday said he would not have been politically persecuted and charged with lies if his trust rating was not significantly higher than those of his opponents.

    In an interview during the 76th anniversary celebration of radio station dzRH, he appealed to the public not to believe the barrage of accusations against him.

    Binay asked his supporters “to continue believing that the allegations against him are a smear campaign and, before God and the people, I can tell you that what my political detractors are saying are all lies.”

    He shrugged off hints that an impeachment case is being prepared against him, saying that whatever evidence his opponents might have about him hinges on mere hearsay.

    “It would not stand in court,” Binay said of accusations that he specifically instructed Mario Hechanova, an engineer and former head of the General Services Department of Makati City Hall, through City Engineer Nelson Morales, to award the Makati City Hall 2 project to Hilmarc Construction Company.

    Hechanova, a member of the Bids and Awards Committee, alleged that they received a monthly allowance of P200,000 from then-Mayor Binay in exchange for the favor.

    He claimed that the Senate blue ribbon sub-committee hearing on alleged corruption issues against him has been a way for some of his enemies to propagate lies and manipulate the public.

    Binay said he submitted an affidavit to the sub-committee but panel members refused to present it during the hearing, making it seem like he failed or refused to explain his side.

    The hearing, the Vice President added, was supposed to be “in aid of legislation” but the Senate has used it as a way to malign his reputation and demolish the public’s trust in him.


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    1. Cry persecution in the hope that people that will see him as an underdog; question the Ombudsman’s jurisdiction instead of facing squarely the accusations against him; repeat his, his family’s and his spokesmen’s lies a thousand times, a la Goebbels, hoping perhaps that these lies will become truths, give rosaries with the Binay dynasty’s brand, that when questioned, became just bracelets with cross; hurl challenges and then just as conveniently back away from the challenges he himself had hurled in the first place; well, these are just some of Binay’s squid tactics to deceive the Filipino people into voting him as this country’s next president. Woe on us if he becomes the leader of this nation!

    2. Pusong Mamon on

      If you steal, if you plundered, if you lied, if you deceive, then it is only just to PERSECUTE you, Binay!

    3. rudybautista on

      where is LImlingan and Barloloy ??????anybody help NBI, Delima pls.ask the Pajero Bishop