• Binay expects more lies from ‘detractors’


    Vice President Jejomar Binay on Tuesday said he expects the “campaign of lies” to continue against him as perpetrated by his political enemies who also have their eyes on the country’s highest post.

    The Vice President is the subject of a Senate blue ribbon committee inquiry into the allegedly overpriced P2.2-billion Makati City Hall Building 2, which was built during his term as its local chief executive.

    In a statement, Binay’s spokesman and head of his media division Joey Salgado noted the “ratings drop” for personalities leading the probe.

    The drop in ratings of the top investigators—Senators Antonio Trillanes 4th and Alan Peter Cayetano—”shows that people do not appreciate abuse of senatorial privilege to launch a witch hunt in aid of ambition,” Salgado said.

    “Unfortunately, these personalities will probably ignore this lesson and just redouble their vicious attacks. This will be of no importance to the [Vice President], who continues to lead despite their grandstanding and the baseless attacks, and amid a widening field of contenders,” he added.

    Binay had a 10-point decline in the latest Pulse Asia Survey—from 41 percent in June to 31 percent in September. His closest rival was Liberal Party’s Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd, also the Interior secretary, who got 13 percent.

    If Binay’s “detractors” feel strongly about the allegations by “discredited local politicians,” they should bring the matter before the court of law, Salgado said.


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    1. Yes, expect more LIES from BINAY. Mga kababayan na nabubulagan kay Binay, maawa naman kayo sa bansa natin. Huwag na ninyong iboto iyan. Bukod sa magnanakaw babaero pa. Kung nakaya niyang lokohin ang Nanay ng mga anak niya at ang asawa niyang kasiping sa pagtulog sino pa ang hindi niya kayang lokohin o NAKAWAN?

    2. Eliseo Jr. P.Tenza on

      Unless COA submits their Special Audit report, then all these denials will end.
      Rappler has made the cost comparative table of the Sanitary Fixtures and fittings, in Hillmarcs contract, installed in the First Class, Green Building,against the suppliers costs of these fixtures and fittinggs, “American Standard”. In the table presented cost of Hillmars of the fixtures is excessively high. Hillmarcs labor cost of installing these fixtures compared to the market rate, is also excesssively high.

    3. Really? VP Binay expects an avalanche of more politics-inspired lies in the future knowing that indeed their family secrets , though much talked about in Makati, have remained hidden from public view all these years. It’s only now that people who used to be close to the family and therefore intimately knew the Binay family’s shenanigans have decided to cut clean their links to the enterprising Binays and reveal all. To try to preempt the impact of future bombshells, the Binays are now saying more “lies” are forthcoming. For the sake of the country’s future, more exposes about the Binay family’s “entrepreneurship” should be encouraged. If , God forbid, VP Binay becomes president in 2016, the Marcoses’ conjugal dictatorship will be a walk in the park compared to the Binay family’s collective kleptocracy.

    4. Who is lying when Binay compared his monument of a parking and office building against govt. offices that he says is built at almost the same amount? Those gov’t. buildings he is talking about are offices with walls, comfort rooms, centralize air con units that cools the whole office building and has a complete electrical wirings that would power the lighting in every room and all the office equipment that goes with it. The parking lot has no walls, the finishings are not as expensive as those of an office, the parking portion of the building does not have a complete electrical wiring as those of an office and is not air con. Likewise, there are no comfortrooms in the parking portion, if there are CR’s it it limited compare to offices where people needs it during their working hrs.

    5. Salgado, stop defending the BINAYs, it is so obvious that they are CORRUPT with their lifestyles. Maawa ka sa kaluluwa mo dahil you are defending people who are guilty of being CORRUPT govt officials.