• Binay eyes creation of jobs council


    TO effectively address the worsening jobs-skills mismatch in the country, Vice President and United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) standard bearer Jejomar Binay proposed the creation of a joint public-private council that will determine the needed skills by employers and industry leaders.

    “We will come up with a program that will equip young people with skills that meet the needs of the employers,” campaign communications director Joey Salgado said.

    “This will ensure a secure or stable employment for the people,” he added.

    Salgado said that Binay wanted to create the national education council (NEC) composed of government and private sector representatives that will coordinate and advise schools of the skills needed to narrow down the mismatch.

    Philippine Statistical Authority (PSA) data showed that laborers and unskilled workers made up the bulk of employed Filipinos, at 31.5 percent.

    Also, Salgado noted that of the total number of employed Filipinos, 34.2 percent are part time workers who work less than 40 hours per week.

    He said that jobs-skills mismatch is one of the reasons why some do not find full time work.

    “Jobs-skills mismatch is a growing problem of the labor force, and there is a need for schools to be advised about upcoming job trends and students to be equipped with the necessary skills,” Salgado said.

    The heads of business associations and industries like the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, business process outsourcing association, Federation of Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industries, and several others will also be included in the council, Binay said.

    “I am proposing the creation of a (NEC) composed of the country’s learning and training agencies such as the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA),” he earlier said.

    “The NEC will institutionalize this coordination and tap these associations as advisers in the development of course curricula to fit the needs of industries, as well as projecting job trends to address the jobs-skills mismatch,” the Vice President added.

    Salgado noted that higher education institutions are producing thousands of graduates of hotel and restaurant management courses but they cannot find jobs.

    “But there are job openings in the science and engineering fields, but there are few graduates of these courses,” he pointed out.

    “Advising schools about upcoming job trends and equipping the students with the necessary skills should reduce the imbalance of jobs-skills mismatches, as well as reduce the number of those with part time work,” he explained.


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    1. opinionated na pinoy on

      The basis of statistics are what was being recorded as results in the past so we can create or device a more effective methods to mitigate or solve certain problems. What I would like to hear from the Vice President is what measure he would create to discourage government officials from corruption, or putting peoples money in their pockets. Double the auditors and increase the budget of COA would be the first? Accountability would be second, and increasing the jail time of plunderers can be one as well? Lastly, I would like the vice president to promise to the people, if elected president, is to let the Congress change or add to the constitution that the
      President of the Philippines can NOT grant pardon to politicians convicted of plunder.