Binay fears bigger smear campaign after survey


Vice President Jejomar Binay is bracing for a possible escalation of a supposed smear campaign against him and his family after the release of a Pulse Asia survey that showed him as the top contender for the presidential elections in 2016.

His camp on Thursday said the survey results could heat up the demolition job against him.

Although he welcomed the Pulse Asia survey results, Joey Salgado, Binay’s spokesman, cautioned that this might prompt the vice president’s political foes to step up the smear drive against him.

“We all know that certain groups are planning to intensify their smear campaign against the Vice President. The survey results might just trigger their intensified demolition job against [Binay],” Salgado said.

In its March 2014 survey, Pulse Asia said 40 percent of the 1,200 people polled said they will choose Binay for president if elections were held now.

Sen. Grace Poe, who ranked second, only got 15 percent.

“He [Binay] is thankful that the Filipino people recognize his preparedness to be the president,” Salgado said.

He added that for the Vice President, “performance and experience are the best measures for leadership.”

After he declared his intention to run for a higher post, Binay noted that his political opponents started a “vilification campaign” against him.

Such campaign saw a revival of an old case against his wife, former Makati City (Metro Manila) Mayor Elenita Binay and his alleged politicking during distribution of relief goods in the province of Iloilo.

In his Labor Day address on Thursday, President Benigno Aquino 3rd took a swipe at government officials who are already preoccupied with the 2016 polls.

He asked Filipinos to choose a leader who will continue the reforms initiated by his administration.

”I ask you, If you believe that what we are doing is right, and you don’t want what we’ve started on the straight path to go to waste, let’s choose a leader who will continue and further improve on the reforms we’ve made,” Aquino said.

He noted that the Philippines suffers from corruption and poverty because of leaders who place their personal interests first before the people’s welfare.

”Let us choose those who are worthy so that the transformations we want in our society will become permanent and wide-reaching,” the President said

Although he did not name names, Aquino made the statement a day after Pulse Asia reported that Binay is the preferred presidential bet.

Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd, Aquino’s running mate in the 2010 polls who lost to Binay, was ranked fifth in the Pulse Asia survey, getting only 6 percent.

Roxas is being eyed as the standard-bearer of the ruling Liberal Party for the 2016 presidential elections.


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  1. manuel nieto on

    6 more years for president Aquino.let him complete what he started specialy cleaning up corruption,its the root of all evil.

  2. Binay top pick as president – save our beloved country !! asked makati residents about the him and you will know ….

  3. ryanesprimo on

    pnoy speech are well taken.. if we vote binay for president the more our countrymen will suffer from corrupt officials. Tama na po..!!!!!!

  4. If VP Binay is clean and had not committed any wrong doings since he joined the government, then he should not be worried whatever smear campaign will be thrown against him by his political enemies. There is a saying that “What can not be proven and what does not exists are the same”

    • Arsenio Reyes on

      Saturn is correct. One cannot say that a subsequent happening or revelation wrong simply because of a warning given. The truth is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

  5. Tom Singay on

    If Binay is elected President, wondering what will happen to the PDAF controversy involving his two party mates and close friends Estrada and Enrile. My gut feeling is that there is going to be a washout for sure, corruption under his administration will continue as usual. Save the Philippines !

  6. Binay top pick as president–Pulse Asia Survey. Isang malaking kalokohan

    • contra dugas on

      FALSE ASIA SURVEY…Halatang BINAYaran ni Binay para maniwala ang mga BOBONG botante sa Pilipinas.

  7. Migs Doromal on

    But, of course a big smear campaign is in the works! And, maybe after three months time your adversary will run his own survey and you Jejomar will not be on top of the list anymore!

    But, I gotta give your boys the credit for releasing the Pulse Asia survey immediately after US President Barack Obama’s visit to the Philippines. Clever!

    Now, it’s Mr. Palengke’s move. And he’s got lots of rotten vegetables coming at ya Jojo!