Binay free to leave – Aquino


Vice President Jejomar Binay & President Benigno Aquino

But VP says he’s not quitting Cabinet

Apparently stung by criticisms hurled by the country’s second highest official, President Benigno Aquino 3rd on Monday said Vice President Jejomar Binay is free to leave the Cabinet if he is unhappy with the administration’s policies.

Binay, however, was quick to say he is not quitting and will continue to be part of the President’s team.

When asked by reporters if he feels that “it’s time for the Vice President to leave [his]Cabinet,” Aquino cited reports that Binay has been critical of his administration.

“Kung saka-sakaling sinabi ni Vice President iyon, siguro dalawa lang ang dapat nating maalala: Number one, kung palagay niya meron kaming kulang na ginagawa, miyembro siya ng Gabinete, e di abisuhan niyo kami, kung hindi man mag-advise paano natin i-improve ‘yung sistema? [If the Vice President did say those things, then there are two things we need to remember: Number one, if he thinks we aren’t doing enough, he is a member of the Cabinet, then he should advice us, how can we improve the system?],” the President said.

“Hindi choice iyon, obligasyon niya, miyembro siya ng Gabinete. Kung palagay naman niyang mali ang direksyon namin, e di siyempre malaya rin siyang hindi na sumama sa aming mga kilusan [That’s not a choice, that’s his obligation, he is a member of the Cabinet. And if he thinks our direction is wrong, then he is also free to no longer join our movement],” he added.

Aquino noted that during Cabinet meetings, he has not heard Binay offer solutions to the problems he cited.

“At the minimum, he is the Vice President of the land. He has criticism . . . to be constructive he has to have solutions and if he has some, I have not heard these solutions in these Cabinet meetings. So if he has solutions, he should have shared them. The question is: Why has he not shared them?” he asked.

“Let me just reiterate: If you think the government is doing something wrong, you’re a member of the government, you are the second highest official in the land, you have an obligation to share your knowledge on sustainable solutions if you feel you have any,” he added.

When also asked if he still had trust and confidence in the Vice President, Aquino said that Binay’s “questionable wealth” was acquired before he was elected to his position at present.

“This happened before his role in the Cabinet. If we are referring to his assignment in the housing sector, I think a lot of people would agree the housing sector has a lot of achievements under his watch,” he noted.

The President reiterated that Binay, who is being investigated by the Senate blue ribbon sub-committee for the allegedly overpriced construction of the Makati  City Hall Building 2, “has the right to presumption of innocence until proven guilty.”

Not leaving
Binay, however, indicated on Monday that he will not leave the Cabinet.

“I have the highest respect for President Aquino and I will continue to be a team player,” he said.

While Binay’s camp is mum on Mr. Aquino’s statement, a member of the opposition United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) slammed the President.

“It’s funny when officials of the government who are allies of the administration are under fire and the people are calling for their resignation, the President would immediately come to their defense and declare he still trust them and [they]enjoy his confidence. But when it comes to their perceived political enemies, the President was quick to say, you are free to go,” said an UNA official who requested anonymity because she was not authorized to speak on the matter.

Last month, Binay, head of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) and presidential adviser for Overseas Foreign Workers (OFW) Affairs, criticized the administration for its failure to address problems on mass transportation, impending power crisis and deterioration of peace and order.

Also on Monday, Buhay Hayaang Yumabong party-list Rep. Joselito “Lito” Atienza said Binay will not turn against the President.

The lawmaker added that Aquino should not take Binay’s criticisms personally.

“The Vice President’s loyalty to the President and President’s mother cannot be questioned. He fought for his mother. I was there. We fought for his mother so he should not take our criticisms personally,” Atienza said, referring to late former President Corazon Aquino

Binay has a Cabinet rank being the housing czar and the Presidential Adviser on the Overseas Filipino Workers.
The Vice President is the leader of United Nationalist Alliance (UNA).

“If the President cannot accept criticisms, especially from one who considers him a good friend and loyal to him, then that’s a tragedy. He should be aware of his new friends because they are fair-weathered. They are as many in previous governments,” Atienza, who served as the Secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources during the Arroyo administration, said.

“All this time, the Vice President has been very supportive of President Aquino. If the President thinks that’s not enough, maybe he [Binay] should think of dissociating himself,” he added.


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    Absolutely right. If this Binay has at least a delicadez or a respect for himself, he
    should be man enough to leave the cabinet. There is no sense criticizing an
    institution where he himself is a part of it. Loyalty? le me quote what Elbert Hubbard
    says. “If you work for a man, in heavens name, work for him. Speak well of him and
    stand by the institution that he represents. Remember that an ounce of loyalty is worth a pound of leverness. If you must growl, condemn and eternally find fault, Why! resign your position. And when you are outside. Damn to your hearts content. But as long as you are a part of the institution, do not condemn it. If you do, the first high wind that comes along will blow you away and probably you will never why”. Itong Binay nat
    ito para siyang tuta na tahol ng tahol pero hindi naman maiwan-iwanan ang kanyang puesto. Isa pa tignan niya yong pamilya niya, bise presidente siya, senador, congresswoman at mayor ang mga anak niya. Napakasuwerteng pamilya, Kapag
    nagkataon ay kanila na ang Pilipinas at kapag nangyari ito ay siguro dapat palitan
    ang pangalan ng Pilipinas to Binay country.

  2. Jaime Hernandez on

    Sometimes keeping your mouth shut is the better option. Be a part of the solution instead. To stab the administration this way will not help the VP. Now he’s licking his wound when Pnoy said his ultimatum on the issue. Be with the team or quit.

  3. It’s sad that the government official having all the allegations of corruptions has the guts to stay in his position. If he has respect for the common good and to himself..he has stepped down already. Yet, he is still in constant denial and stick to where they are now to do the cover up.

    Filipinos…wake up and never vote for people like him. Or you will suffer for decades as another political dynasty and more corruptions to come worst than Marcos and Arroyo administration did to our country. We have to learn from those mistakes and never forget what they did to us. If we all to change our lives. We have to start from ourselves. Never let a P100, P500, or P1000 buy your vote and live the rest of your life in poverty worst than you already have now.

    Pnoy…keep the campaign. You are always in my prayers and may your successor (I do hope we will find one soon…) continue what you have started until our country will come out from this poverty and corruptions.

  4. Is this the leader we will install? Walang paninindigan, tuta, kapit tuko, pinapalayas na panay pa rin ang sipsip. Binay tumayo at lumaban ka naman if you have “balls”. What loyalty you are talking about – those are things in the past, you already have paid the price, tama na, sobra na. Ipakita mong you have more brain than the abnoy or you are just afraid that they shall unearth and proclaim the truth that you are in tandem with the abnoy about the hokus/pcos machine which elected you both – being the financier of it, just asking?

  5. I will not vote for Roxas or Binay in the forthcoming
    elections or any candidate associated with the
    Liberal party. The country needs a new leader
    a statesman who will lead us away from
    all the corruption and crime that pervades
    our country today. In the Supreme Court there
    are a few honest and dedicated magistrates
    that qualify. Outside this, I will definitely vote
    Marcos, Santiago, Teodoro, Gordon should they
    decide to run. Other than this, I will vote any
    New comer that can show an ilk of integrity.
    I believe Binay is a fool, he is part of the
    dinasty and will cowtow Pnoy’s dictates. His blind
    Loyalty to the Aquinos has just destroyed
    his chances to lead the country. What a pity!

  6. Hindi ito ang klase ng kaibigan na sinasabi ni binay,kung nahihiya siya sa pamilya ni abnoy,di siya dapat mahiya dito!
    Ang tindi din ng sikmura ni binay para patuloy niyang pakisamahan ang taong nagbabaon sa kanya sa kumunoy!
    Habang may nakikita pang pakinabang ay magtitiis pa si binay!
    Kapag nakaahon siya matalang ang walang latay ang aabutin ni abnoy!
    Ganito ang politika! Nakangiti pero nagbabanta!
    Malamang kapag nanalo si binay maraming mag-aabroad!!

    • Silverio G. Nome on

      Maraming mag aabroad pag nanalo si Binay. Tama ka dyan. Malamang, ngayon pa lang pumupusisyon na at naghahanda na ng plan B…