‘Binay gained from DAP’

SHOULDER TO CRY ON Vice President Jejomar Binay lends an ear to an elderly woman in Navotas City.  PHOTO BY MIKE DE JUAN

SHOULDER TO CRY ON Vice President Jejomar Binay lends an ear to an elderly woman in Navotas City.

VP’s agencies got P11.4B in 2011, says DBM chief

Budget Secretary Florencio Abad on Friday hit back at Vice President Jejomar Binay, calling him a “hypocrite” as he said agencies under him benefited from the Administration’s controversial Disbursement Acceleration

Program (DAP).

In a statement, Abad said Binay received at least P11.45 billion funding from DAP in October 2011.

“I find it hypocritical that he is against DAP… He never raised any issue when the two agencies received and used those funds,” Abad told reporters in a text message.

Binay headed the National Housing Authority (NHA) and the Home Guaranty Corporation, which were recipients of DAP funds.

“Why was it okay then, and not okay now when he is out of government? When was he telling the truth?” Abad said.

In a speech on Wednesday, Binay accused the administra

In a speech on Wednesday, Binay accused the administration of persecuting him while tolerating those allegedly involved in the DAP controversy.

Rebutting Binay, Abad insisted that the DAP, despite being declared as invalid, was done in good faith and no official was declared guilty of any offense by the Supreme Court (SC).

“Unfortunately, he does not understand or more likely refuses to understand the Supreme Court’s decision on DAP,” he said.

“The SC did not declare anyone guilty of any wrongdoing or graft. But in fact reiterated in a clearer manner the doctrine of operative fact, which presumes good faith in all the acts and decisions made in relation to DAP,” Abad added.

Like a leper

Binay also on Friday said he felt like a leper during Cabinet meetings.
When asked by reporters if he was treated like an outcast by the other members of the President’s official family, the Vice President said he felt like a leper after his critics allegedly spread rumors that he would soon be arrested for plunder and graft.

“Hindi naman naa-outcast. Pero, alam mo itong mga bandang huli na nga kasama na ito siguro ng resulta ng panggigipit, at sabihin ko lang sa inyo ha, lalung-lalo na na kalat na kalat na at ikinakalat ng mga kalaban ko sa pulitika na ako ay ipaaaresto. Alam mo para kang may ketong doon sa Cabinet meeting [Not really an outcast. But lately, as a result of being persecuted and I’m just telling you that especially when my political opponents started spreading rumors that I would soon be arrested, I started to feel like a leper during Cabinet meetings],” he added.

The Vice President on Monday resigned his Cabinet portfolio. Binay was presidential adviser on overseas workers affairs and chairman of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council.

Gross misrepresentation

Commenting on Binay’s claims, Malacañang said the Vice President was treated with respect by his fellow Cabinet members.

“With the utmost respect to the Vice President, the underdog image he tries to portray is a gross misrepresentation of what happens inside Cabinet meetings,” its spokesman Edwin Lacierda said in a text message.

“The truth is he is given all the respect due the second highest official in the land during Cabinet meetings,” he added.

Lacierda refused to engage the Vice President in a word war, saying the Aquino administration has no time for politicking as it remains focused on governance and public service.

“As we have stated, we will gently address to the Vice President’s camp all the issues he could have raised to the President as a Cabinet member but chose not to,” Lacierda told reporters.

“Resigned Chair VP Binay and his people may have the luxury of hitting President Aquino and his men and women but President Aquino, the incumbent Cabinet members and his entire administration are committed to fulfill our oaths with undivided devotion, ardent fervor and utmost dedication to serve the Filipino people and tread daang matuwid [straight path]until the last day of the Aquino administration,” he said.

In a separate statement, Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. appealed for calm and reason from Binay’s camp.


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  1. If our vice-president resigned from the cabinet is the government paying him a salary to keep on complaining in the media. It seems to me that he is leaving his work which the people of the country expected him to be the vice-president until the next elections on 2016. He is actually leaving the government and complaining about it for his own future while he should be finding solutions on poverty and his other complains and keep working on it. Why quit when you still have about 10 months left to help your country. Is that the plan? You quit and just complain… you have to do something as vice-president of the country. What are your solutions for poverty and the MRT, forward it to the government where you are serving now and take action. The people of the country want solutions and not complaints.

  2. Samuel Santos on

    I’d rather keep calm. This is just the beginning. There’s much much more to come. For the moment, let’s enjoy the “fun.”

  3. A priest in his homily once said that the corrupt in government have adopted the following modes of action: 1 “huwag pahuhuli” 2 “pag nuhuli huwag kang aamin”
    3 “pag hindi makaiwas sa pagamin magdawit ka”. This is what the second leader of the pack abad is doing saying in effect that binay is just as guilty as the rest since he too benefited from the illegal DAP largesse. “Idinawit nya si binay” as if this will exonerate him from his crime. I say to him “magsamasama na Lang kayong lahat sa kulungan”. Another thing I cannot understand is his “palusot” of “operative fact” which says in effect that since it was already done it is now alright. This has to be wrong and don’t implicate the justices in this like they are a bunch of morons like you abad. If I throw you off a cliff with my good intention of ridding this country of a scoundrel like you can I now claim that I have done no wrong because I acted in “good faith” and it is now an “operative fact” in other words a “fait accompli” ridiculous isn’t it.

  4. About DAP or PDAF. What Bise meant to say is that Sycip-gorres or any other accounting firm can check but they won’t find any court-admissible evidence that DAP money went into Bise’s Canada or Hongkong bank account. Bise has experience!!

  5. There you go. It is very clear that the DAP BOSS, said ,,”You are crooked ,” Mr Vice President . DAP Is Illegai as the Supreme Court Declared, any one who got DAP and used it…. is CROOK !Maliwanag yan Mr Vice President. Kaya, you do not have any moral value or stand to accuse your fellow crook and making yourself SAINT…!

    • Rogelio Feir on

      Alam pala ni Abad it is crooked, hindi naayon sa matuwid nd daan. It is really A Bad practice. Kantahan pa more.

  6. P.Akialamiro on

    The accusations and counter accusations of government officials like the subject of this article only illustrate the kind of ‘unscrupulous’ officials we have in the goverrnmet, doing disservice to the people. “Pardon, you’re exposing your dirty laundries” What a shame!

  7. The Filipino people should know that Binay and his attack dogs are twiting the real truth, What they are blurting out in the papers are all lies and bullshits. Specially Certeza, Salgado, Tiangco, Bautista, and others are all expert liars.I dont think they have any credibility.


    This Binay is really a hypocrite. For 5 long years that he was with the administration,he did not say nor criticize the administration of Aquino. Why?
    Because he too was enjoying the corruption under the administration. And now,
    that he already got what he wanted and to project himself as what pulse asia
    is saying that he is the most trusted and look good, he now turn around
    and criticize his benefactor Aquino. If what he is saying is true, why did he not
    disclosed it during the 5 long years that he was a cabinet member. He is resemble
    to story of a cop who at the thick of the fight he hid himself safely. After the fight
    when the dust settles, he surfaced. This kind of a person is COWARD. He is not
    worth the pants that he is wearing.

  9. Felt like a leper si Bise….. pero psychologist would say “GUILTY CONSCIENCE ang mas tama”. Sa katakutan ni Bise na baka dumating na nga ang arrest warrant, lahat ng mga taong nagkukuwentuhan, ang akala niya ang pinag-uusapan ay ang kaniyang mga sekreto.