Binay: I will win


UNA standard bearer predicts 4-M vote lead over closest rival

GUTALAC, Zamboanga del Norte: Vice President and United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) standard bearer Jejomar Binay on Friday expressed confidence he will emerge as winner of the presidential derby this May, predicting a 4-million vote lead over his nearest rival.

Binay said it is difficult to speculate who will place second in the presidential race in terms of the number of votes, but added that he believes the fight will be between him and the administration Liberal Party (LP) bet Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd.

“Ako ho ang mananalo [It is I who will win],” Binay told reporters in an interview.
Citing his experience and political machinery, gained optimism after hearing about his other rivals’ “lack of fieldwork and organization.”

“Ah, basta’t ako ho, ako ho ang mananalo. Sabi ko nga, sa tantya ko, sa pag ikot-ikot natin, kayo mismo ay buhay na saksi e palagay ko aabot sa apat na milyon [boto]mahigit kumulang ang magiging lamang ko… sa pangalawa [I will win, I win. Like I said, in my estimate, with our barnstorming, you yourselves are witnesses, I think I will lead by four million votes],” Binay said.

“Sa tingin ko, dahil sa sabi ng maraming mga namumuno sa pamahalaang lokal e ‘yung dalawang kalaban kasi namin wala namang fieldwork at wala namang organisasyon [I think so, because many leaders in the local government said that our two rivals have no fieldwork and no organization],” Binay said, apparently referring to Grace Poe and Rodrigo Duterte.

He also learned of the ruling Liberal Party’s (LP) show of force at Club Filipino in San Juan City (Metro Manila) on Thursday. The LP said the event was not a loyalty check.
House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. said the show of force was a “pampalakas ng loob” (moral booster) to everyone that they are still together.

Last week, Binay during a proclamation rally in Quezon province noted the campaign had reached a point when organization and fieldwork mattered.

“Tayo, e mabuti nagsasama-sama tayo. E ‘yung mga kalaban ko ay ngayon pa lang naghahanap ng kakamping lider, e ako nakatayo na ang aking organisasyon. At ito ay nadaanan ko na noong ako ay mag-kandidatong Vice President [It is good that we have long started coming together like this. My opponents are looking for a leader only now, but my organization is already established. And you can count my experience as I’ve done this before, when I ran for Vice President],” Binay said in his speech at his proclamation rally in Unisan, Quezon, last week.


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  1. matino na pinoy on

    Few to couple of days before election, Binay will open up his warehouse full of money, intended for buying votes. However, his P12 Billion Bank accounts under the name of Limlingan and baloloy are still under the control of the government. If Binay doesn’t have the money, P12 Billion to buy votes, he will not win the election.

    COMELEC can no longer help you at this time because the Supreme Court made the them to put back all those security measures, kaya hindi na pwedeng dayain ng election na ito, and secondly, you still owe the COMELEC on what they did for you in 2010 election.

    Presently, you are now on the bottom of the presidential survey, and it is already a common knowledge to every Filipino voters that you have many lawsuits pending against you because your whole family have stolen so much money from the Filipino people.

    There is only one thing I like about you, uncle Jojo, and that is, I want to bid on your house in Tagaytay when the government starts to put it in auction to recover some of its money that your whole family have stolen. The property will have a big part of the history as well, because it was once owned by Makati City biggest thief in history, The Jejomar Binay and Family.

  2. Binay the King of CORRUPTION in the Philippines is predicting the overall winner of the May 2016 Presidential election? who in the HELL will vote and install a Corrupt Politician? except the Corrupt Filipino voters who sells their vote for P300 pesos and if Binay wins, it is a proven proof that most of Filipinos are worth P300 and are diciples of CORRUPTIONS just like their leaders , Erap, Jingoy, Binay, Enrile, Revilla, GMA, Marcos, Imelda and Napolis. Binay is counting the unhatched eggs to be baklang chickens.

  3. What? Palagay mo ba may tutulong pa sa yo sa comelec samantalang di mo daw binayaran yong utang mo dati?