Is Binay inquiry a cover up for unfinished PDAF scam probe?


While most may agree that the Senate has the right to investigate the questionable wealth of Vice President Jejomar Binay, some wonder, however, if the Blue Ribbon Committee will still pursue its inquiry on the priority assistance development fund (PDAF) anomaly, where most of its members are involved.

Opposition Sen. JV Ejercito doubts if the said committee will still tackle the PDAF scam, now that it has its attention and that of the public focused on the Vice President.

Sen. Nancy Binay earlier said she is surprised at this point that only Senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Bong Revilla Jr., and Jinggoy Estrada are facing charges of plunder despite over a dozen senators having been also named both by Janet Napoles and Benhur Luy to have allegedly received kickbacks from their respective pork barrels.

Other than Enrile, Estrada and Revilla, both Napoles and Luy named on their respective lists Senators Allan Peter Cayetano, Koko Pimentel, Gringo Honasan, Tito Sotto, and former senators Manny Villar, Loren Legarda, and Robert Barbers.

Key witness Luy mentioned Senate President Franklin Drilon on his files to have received commissions from his PDAF while Chiz Escudero’s name appeared in Napoles’ business transaction records.

I have no qualms if the Blue Ribbon investigate Binay on his hidden wealth, but it should also pursue and finish its investigation on its members that made millions out of the people’s money aside from Enrile, Estrada, and Revilla.

Political analysts believe that the Binay investigation is not only a political strategy but could also be a cover up for a much bigger and wider PDAF scandal case.

Ms. Bea Arellano, Chairman of Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap (KADAMAY), agrees saying the PDAF and Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) issues are far more important than the Binay issue.

Is the P2 billion Binay allegedly pocketed bigger than the tens of billion of pesos that the lawmakers stole from the people?, Arellano asked during a radio interview.

* * *

Is going after the Vice President Binay’s wealth really far more important than looking for ways to ease poverty and create more jobs for the millions without work in this country? KADAMAY Chairperson Bea Arellano does not think so.

Arellano who heads a group of the underprivileged in the urban areas, says the government, particularly the legislative branch, should focus on ways to improve the lives of the poor in this country rather than waste its time in investigating corruption.

“There are a lot of people dying because of hunger, yet it seems that the priority of this administration is to go after corrupt officials,” Arellano lamented.

Bea clarified that they are not supporters of Binay but they believe that the Senate should just leave the investigation to the proper authorities, such as the Ombudsman and Sandiganbayan, in going after the VP.

She said both the executive and the legislative branches should put their heads together to find ways to alleviate the lives of the poor than finding corrupt officials at this time that make no sense.

She added, “We need more jobs, higher wages, and lower prices of commodities, which have been the problem of this country ever since that no president wanted to deal with.

Right on, Ms. Arellano!!!


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  1. The Senate Blue Ribbon committee who investigated Senators Estrada, Enrile and Revilla, now VP Binay, it is now investigating Sen. Drilon who is the senate president himself and a member of the Liberal Party. therefore, the investigation body being SELECTIVE is not true. whoever continues to argue that the senate is selective is irresponsible.

    Should focus instead in “alleviating the lives of the poor?” Binay funded a school building worth more than a billion pesos, supposedly to alleviate the lives of the poor, but 500 million pesos only went to the actual cost while the remaining 800 million pesos went to Binay and the Binayarans. if it were not for the Senate hearing, no one would believe Binay can do such things.

    The government running after the corrupt should precisely be the main objective. What help can our poor fellows expect when the supposed billions alloted for them only end up in our policitians pockets?

    Wag nyo na kaming lokohin. hindi na kami nadadala sa sinasabi nyong dapat sa pagtulong ng mga mahihirap nalang ang pagtuonan natin ng pansin. gasgas na linya na yan sa mga kawatan at kurap.

  2. It would appear that every level of the Philippine government, from the barangay,town mayors,governors,congressmen,senators ,armed forces generals,to them highest level
    levels of elective officials are involved in either graft,corruption,plunder and/or womanizing. These are all indicative of the moral fibre of the Filipino people. As one senator said ” what are we in power for ”

    This unique Philippine phenomenon, now known worldwide as ” Philippinization of the
    government ” is perpetuated by the largely uneducated and ignorant electorate who
    themselves placed these personsonalities in power.

  3. They must investigate all senators, congressmen, vice president and all other corrupt government officials.

  4. nagtataka kami na bakit pinipilit nila na kay binay ang mga lupain na wala namang kahit kapirasong papel na nagtuturo na sya ang owner…pero ky tiu pinipilit dn nila na hindi sa kanya yon kahit may mga papeles na…sabi nila hindi yon ky tiu dahil walang titulo..pero pinipilit nila na kay binay yon na kahit wala rng titulo…! ano ba talaga kuya…!!! d pa ba yon halata??

  5. I agree the Senate should be pursuing some serious investigation (PDAF/DAP) instead of creating and financing a TV drama.

  6. I agree that this investigation of binay has gotten out of hand by what really shocks me is a news item where cayetano goes after Mr tiu for failure of tiu to explain how he became wealthy. What business is it of cayetano to inquire into Tiu’s wealth who is a private businessman. This is a disgusting forcing through and reeks of arrogance like being a senator gives license to these people to throw out all principles of legal and correct conduct. Tiu rightfully just ignores cayetano and trillanes and I wish his case for defamation prospers. I don’t know any of them personally from binay to tiu to cayetano and trillanes but my sense of what is happening around us gives me dread and fear of impending disaster for our country. How I wish that a new breed of officials will by some merciful miracle come around for our picking come 2016 the likes of Leni Robredo with the support of decent people will e most welcome.

  7. Vicente Penetrante on

    Everbody knows a continuation of the PDAF scam probe will have most of the senators and a large group of representatives under trial. Congress would have to be suspended until after the next election. There will be no budget for 2015.
    What happened to exposes on MRT3, the PNP, the Ampatuan bribery of DOJ prosecutors, Malampaya, shot-up prices of rice and garlic, and many others involving people with the administration?
    Our cries for help to the poor will be answered with statistics of a growing economy.

  8. She added, “We need more jobs, higher wages, and lower prices of commodities, which have been the problem of this country ever since that no president wanted to deal with”..

    That should be a slap in the thick face of BS Aquino III

  9. matagal ng maraming nagsabi na ang inquisition ng yellow ribbon committee ay to cover up the pdaf and dap scams. as usual, alam na alam ng lp psy-war group ang kiliti ng mga pinoy – teleserye at walang katapusang intriga lalo na sa mga politiko – kaya gumawa sila ng isyu laban kay biNOy. eto kinagat ng tao at nakalimutan na ng tao ang isyu ng pdaf at dap pati na malampaya funds. proven na ng lp psy-war group ang istratehiyang ito. ginawa nila ito kay arroyo. hindi ba walang katapusan ang imbestigasyon ng senado sa mga anomalya daw ni arroyo at asawa nya sa pamumuno ni lacson? hindi ba kinagat ng mga tao itong mga inbestigasyon/teleserye ito? pero naghanap ba ang mga tao ng konklusyon na report ng senado sa mga imbestigasyon? hindi na sila interesado kasi may iba namang isyu.

  10. Pati pala tong si Tulfo kasama sa BBC. Ang issue ay kung totong may anomalia. Ito ang importante hindi ang motibo.

    • Darewin Ocampo on

      Sinabi ba ni Tulfo na di totoo mga anomalya about Binay? Sabi nya okay lang ifocus si Binay kung nabibigyan din ng sapat na attention ang PDAF scandal na di pa naman nawrap up. Pero hindi eh, na kay Binay na lahat ng attention, pati midnight insertions sa 2015 budget halos di na pinapansin.

  11. No, Its not Erwin. What was a suspicion before is now a becoming TRUE. Let the SSBC continue the VP Binay investigation and let us call Sen. Tito Guingona to investigate all those who are involved in the PDAF and DAP scams more so HIS own party mates in THE LIBERAL PARTY.

  12. I would tell arellano that by not going after the corrupt government officials means you will never have the money to help the poor. Its only by catching them & punnishing them will you alleviate poverty. First stop officials from stealing money, then that money that wasnt stolen can be used for the betterment of the filippino

  13. Let me tell you why i wouldnt worry over if these senators investigate the rest or not, when we get a new government in power they should do it & if they find these other senators are also guilty then also prosecute all the senators that didnt investigate those senators named.

  14. P. on

    Drastic reforms are needed in the Philippine government and society; too much politics, negligible sincere public service; too much colonial mentality, less love of country; and, too much religion, less Christianity.