• Binay ‘invades’ LP lair


    Vice President Jejomar Binay took his presidential campaign to Batangas province on Friday after wooing voters in Laguna and Cavite provinces.

    Most local executives in Batangas are members of the Liberal Party but Binay was undeterred, confident of his welcome in the province because his late father Diego hailed from Bauan municipality.

    “You know, Vice President Binay is really working hard so that we will be successful in the coming elections. That is why you see that he is steadily going around different provinces, including Batangas. Now, in barnstorming Batangas, we saw that we were welcomed pleasantly here and we are engaging directly with the people . . . Batangueños will help him win this election,” campaign spokesman Rico Quicho told reporters during a stopover at Plaza Burgos, Barangay 9 in Balayan.

    While most mayors in the province are from the ruling party, Quicho said they have the people’s support.

    “As I said earlier, we go village to village, town to town because this is not new to VP Binay. Even if they are saying that we lack political allies, you saw that a lot of our fellowmen trust and love VP Binay. That is why our approval and trust ratings remain strong,” he said.

    During a short program in Balayan, Binay noted that the only Batangueño President the country has had so far was Jose Laurel – who led the country during the Japanese occupation.

    He also spoke of his leadership style as he mentioned his achievements as Makati Mayor.

    “Kaya po naman sinasabi ko sa inyo, maiaangat ko po ang buhay ng tao dahil sa ako ay may pinagdaanan na. May karanasan po ako [That is why I am telling you…I can uplift people’s lives because I have experience],” Binay said.



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    1. Quiche said and I quote… That is why our trust rating remain strong .. End of quote. Mr. Quiche, where did you get this information ? Look at both SWS and Pulse Asia, Binay ratings went down at the low 20s. As time goes by, this rating will reach 17 to 18. That is how bad Binay is doing . He is campaigning not to win but to avoid jail time because as VP , he has immunity like Arroyo when she was president. there is a big possibility that Arroyo , Binay , Pinoy Aquino, Abad, Abaya will be sharing the same prison cell if grace Poe be elected President.

    2. Nonsense Beenay on

      The supporters of Binay are Enrile, Leviste, and some corrupt politicians. Don’t you notice that these accused criminals are supporting Binay in the hope that Binay will free them