Binay is now the indispensable candidate


FROM a scanty wheatfield of three announced presidential wannabes, we ended with a charlock-infested crop of 22 filing their certificates of candidacy for president on Monday. Vice President Jejomar C. Binay led the filers, but the pack failed to include the two other most frequently mentioned presidential wannabes—Liberal Party’s Mar Roxas, whom President B. S. Aquino 3rd has anointed as his candidate, and the “Independent” Grace Poe Llamanzares, whom the corporate elite and their external partners would like to impose on the electorate despite her known constitutional ineligibility. Their fengshui masters and soothsayers will decide their “luckiest day.” In any case, the Commission on Elections should receive the last COC by Friday; it could then start weeding out the “nuisance candidates.”

Perennial presidency candidates Pascual Racuyal and Lucio de Gala are no more, but they have been replaced by new “celebrities.” If Mrs. Llamanzares files a COC, more than one individual may want her classified as a nuisance candidate for being legally “stateless,” or at the very least not a natural-born Filipino. This question is already pending before the Senate Electoral Tribunal, where former senatorial candidate Rizalito David has filed a quo warranto suit against her. But David has since joined those who would like to become president and may no longer want to file a case against Mrs. Llamanzares at the Comelec. It may now be Mrs. Llamanzares’ turn to try to get David declared as a nuisance candidate.

Mrs. Llamanzares’ case has become so clear to discerning minds that even the normally pro-Grace Poe Llamanzares Philippine Daily Inquirer has been compelled to run a most lucid tract by lawyer Frank E. Lobrigo upholding our view. It is a breath of fresh air from this major daily which had hitherto tried to bamboozle its readers with legal mumbo jumbo from former Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban and some other ambulance-chasers about “international law.”

The Llamanzares camp has tried to bring in all sorts of argumentum ad hominem against her critics, and argumentum ad misericordiam in her favor (for being a foundling). But Lobrigo tries to squash all these by pointing out that “the debate is not about the persona, integrity or competence of Sen. Grace Poe to lead the country. It is about the Constitution, the fundamental law of the land to which all statutes, doctrines and principles of law, rules and regulations, ordinances, and acts of the state or government, including international conventions or treaties, yield in subservience.” From his analysis, Mrs. Llamanzares’ claim of being a natural-born Filipinos is pure legal fiction.

But we have all the time in the world to talk of Mrs. Llamanzares later. For now we have to talk of VP Binay. On no other personality has the administration expended so much time, energy and resources to prevent from running for president. But this appears to have failed. Binay is officially a candidate for president, whatever threats or declarations you hear from the LP camp or the Ombudsman. The political master plan —hatched and put into motion as early as last year—-to make sure he would be out of office and the presidential race by this time of year has been defeated.

On Monday, the Ombudsman ordered Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay Jr. dismissed as Mayor of Makati. The mayor will not take it sitting down. For his part, Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th, who is running as nobody’s vice-president, continues to announce he would send Binay to jail, as though he had any power to do so, before the elections. But it looks like Binay has weathered the worst part of the storm. I know of many people who never liked Binay before, but just because of the unrelenting political prosecution he has been subjected to, by hypocrites who are guilty of worse crimes, have decided to support him. Whatever his sins and imperfections, they cannot be as big and as unforgivable as those of Aquino, who has turned the country into one big brothel where everything, beginning with the nation’s sovereignty, is now for sale.

If the elections are to push through, regardless of the sordid situation at the Comelec with respect to Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) or Optical Mark Reader (OMR) machines, the voters would need Binay as the only alternative to Mar Roxas, after Mrs. Llamanzares is disqualified for not being a natural-born citizen. He would become not only the indispensable candidate —-indispensable to the crudest simulation, which is all we could afford, of democratic elections. He could also become ‘the stone rejected by the builders, which has become the cornerstone.”

I also hear strong rumors that my next-door neighbor, Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago, could spring a surprise before the filing of COCs ends on Friday. Miriam is capable of springing such surprise, not necessarily to win the race but simply to make a point. She and I did that in 1998, when we ran without any funds or political organization just to be able to tell the nation that it deserved better than its most popular candidate. That proved to be a lost cause. Despite our fantastic speeches, Erap won by a landslide just because the masa thought his publicly acknowledged vices were virtues.

But the real question now is, are we going to have honest to goodness elections? The unflinching effort to ensure Smartmatic’s stranglehold on the electoral process has not only intensified but also assumed far more dangerous proportions. The latest report from a London-based international auditing firm, filed with the British House of Commons, says that Smartmatic-TIM (Philippines), is wholly-owned by Smartmatic International, which has no legal right to do business in the Philippines. But this has failed to win the Comelec’s attention.

The more disturbing development is that new non-Venezuelan parties have reportedly taken over the firm. A new international board was appointed in 2013, to include one Sir Nigel Knowles. Not much later, the international political operator Lord Mark Malloch Brown became the international chair, allegedly largely because of his “special Philippine connection.” He came to Manila in June and had a private meeting with PNoy in Malacañang, while the Comelec was reportedly “studying” Smartmatic’s PCOS/OMR offer.

The firm is said to be controlled now by people believed to have a specific interest in the precise results of the 2016 Philippine presidential elections, exactly as Col. Edward Landsdale had a well-defined interest in the 1953 presidential elections that elected Ramon Magsaysay.

The director and general manager for the Philippine operations is Alastair J. J. Wells, but the project manager of the automation project is said to be Marlon Garcia whose last known public act was to change the script in the transparency server and install an intermediary server at the Pope Pius (PPCRV) Center during the 2013 elections. He was never made to account for that highly questionable act, but he will apparently be performing a much bigger role in 2016.

As in the previous two elections, all the cards are heavily stacked against sanity and common sense. Some of the rules are absolutely insane. The deadline for the filing of COCs is October 16, but the campaign period does not begin until February next year. Why can’t the deadline be extended until the beginning of the campaign period, to allow more qualified individuals, who had not thought earlier of running, to finally come on board? Then we wouldn’t have to put up with a barren desert or a scanty wheatfield.

There are other practical concerns. The minute you file a certificate of candidacy, you are officially a candidate, and everything you do from that moment on is the act of a candidate. But until the campaign period starts you are free to say you are not yet campaigning, and the money you spend on ads and political meetings cannot be charged against your official campaign expenses.

Even more insane is the fact that before you filed your COC, you had already sunk millions of pesos on TV ads; but the court has ruled that so long as you do not ask the TV viewers to vote for you, you are not yet campaigning. It is one cruel way of decreeing officially and infallibly that we are all morons. All right, if all our brains must yield to this absolutely insane hair-splitting, can the court or the Comelec not say that in the runup to an election you could bombard the public with all the TV and print ads, and billboards you want, without having to report their expenses to the Comelec, but that if you end up running for any public office then all those non-campaigning expenses shall be charged against your authorized campaign expenses? Why should E.R. Ejercito alone be singled out for overspending, when every one else does?

One final insanity for now (the list is endless), why do we say, as we did in 2010, in 2013, and even today, that we elected this president and these senators who are so full of themselves when we could never say we knew for a fact that our votes had been correctly read and counted by the PCOS machine?


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  1. Despite mudslinging against Binay, still no case filed in proper court. Binay is the most prepared candidate, has track record, and will be the next president, come hell or high water…

  2. Don Pablo, Jr. on

    Hindi po nakapag tataka…?

    nag iisa po sya na SERBISYO PUBLIKO ang tangin dahilan kung bakit sya nasa Posisyon nya ngayon at inaasahan ng Maraming Pilipino na magiging kanilang Pangulo … sa kabila ng ginawa at ginagawa sa kanya at sa kanyang buong sambahayan na pag sira at pag yurak ng mga mambabatas at katulad nya ring Opoisyal ng Gobyerno….

    Tama na po ang lumang pamamaraan ng pag pigil o pagsalungat upang ma kundisyon sa Utak at damdaming Mairap kasi mga BOBO at TANGA daw po sila….?…!

  3. Will Grace announce finally that she is natural born Pinay before or after filing her COC?. Her DNA says so. For the drmatics and more mileage, she should announce it right after filing her COC. I can just imagine the pandemonium at the COMELEC. But I will not be voting for her though..

  4. Michael Gonzaga on

    I grow tired of the fact that we would be wealthier than Japan except we have one of the most consistently corrupt govt. officials in the world and are kept down by the greed of a handfull of wealthy families. Corruption+Oligarchs+Nepotism equals a reputation around the world as a joke. If you travel a lot like I do, you know right away people of other countries feel sorry for us for living under oppressive corruption.

  5. Politics is a game – specifically of perception. It is apparent that VP Binay is losing this game but I think his resilience from the point of his declaration for the Presidency (a long time ago) up to his filing of his Certificate of Candidacy with all these underhanded tactics by the current administration should be a point to ponder on by the masses. He’s a smart guy and no one can doubt that. If you’re looking for qualifications, look up to him because he has it. Yes, he does have baggage but make his accusers take him to court and let the judge – not us, the audience – convict him. He is entitled to due process as we all are. It is ironic that Martial Law has ended but he’s still fighting for the rule of law today, and the dictator? He’s the one who makes the members of the public judges to make a ruling not based on law in order to make a man a criminal long before he is heard to make his defense.

    It is tiring to hear persons call the VP a thief and anyone who’s voting for him stupid. They do not know that calling someone stupid is not going to help. It shows more of their learning and pedigree than proving that indeed the VP is not worth voting for. If you’re one of those, I urge you to explain to me why you won’t vote for him and if I’m not convinced, then please respect that decision. Again, politics is a game, one of perception.

  6. Jacinto Decena on

    We should not blame those candidate who are not qualified if they will win in the election but the voters themselves who will vote for them. It is already in our culture to vote for the candidate who are very famous even though the candidates are not qualified.We should educate the voters first that choosing a candidate shall all be considered and not by his/her mere popularity.

  7. Idiot and stupid people only will vote for Grace Poe… People should learn from their mistakes about EDSA revolution 1.. This is the great mistakes by the Filipino people. Becaus of this , EDSA revolution 1 many people went abroad to look for a job. I remember when I went to POEA during time of Corykong , POEA told me , you have no choice but to work abroad. There is no job offer by this Corykong government. What cory does, esp to the women,, she sells our women as domestic helpers througout the world. That is why the Oxford dictionary write the meaning of FILIPINA mean Menial job, and domestic helper…Really, it is very painful for Filipinos to deprive our people because of this Corykong who wants only vindictive to marcos family and to destroy the filipino by any means.. She is a fake religious person, nagkukunwari makadiyos iyon pala DEMONYO..She is no hero and No Aquino hero at all. They were the traitors of our nation and to the Filipino people.

  8. pinoychicagoans on

    Pinoy is a mess!..and Binay was a part of it in the past 5 yrs. .it does not spare Binay of Pinoy’s failures. Both of them are undeserving as public servants. Go for Defensor-Trillanes tandem!!

  9. Mr. Rizalito David has no chance of winning the presidency. He can best serve the Philippines by continuing to challenge the eligibility of Mrs. Grace Poe Llamnazares to run as a presidential candidate. He already has sufficient data and documentation to make his task easier. This time, apart from her natural born status, the residency claim of Mrs. Llamanzares should be questioned. Of course, even as presidential candidate, Mr. David can still challenge Mrs. Poe Llamazares’ eligibility. In fact, from his perspective, it is even better as he now has standing to mount his challenge.

    I hope that other concerned citizens or organizations will step up to the plate and challenge Mrs. Poe Llamanzares before the Comelec as soon as possible. An American family with dual allegiance living at Malacanang Palace should not be countenanced by the Filipino people. Shades of colonial mentality!!!

    As for VP Jejomar Binay, he is a crook, and his days are numbered. His choice for his VP candidate G. Honasan is no better. Two thieves of the same feather flocking together.

    Finally, to solve the problem of manipulation of the digital or Smartmatic voting, why not appoint a volunteer precinct captain at every precinct to ensure honest counting? It would take time to make a call and appoint volunteers. But if somebody or an organization is willing to pick up and undertake this worthy cause, the people would really be grateful. No more “Garci tapes” and some such shenanigans.

    The best, of course, is to sue the Government and permanently stop the use of the Smartmatic machines. Two ordinary citizens did something like this in Germany and won. Germany’s highest Court agreed with the petitioners that the use of digital or e-voting machines is subject to manipulation and is unconstitutional. Electronic voting is now forbidden in Germany – a country of about 80 million people. The same prohibition can be applied in the Philippines with its 100 million people. Electronic voting is unconstitutional!

  10. Manding Villapando on

    As a protest vote I decided to go for VP Binay, the Administration is using even the supposed independent govt agency (Ombudsman) to demolish the opponent.

  11. Why dont you line up Jojo Binay, Bongbong Marcos, Erap Estrada, Imelda Marcos, Gloria Arroyo in one political party and vote them to office so that we will be the laughingstock of the world for all eternity! God damn those stupid Filipino voters!

  12. Michael Corpuz on

    He is now a damaged good.. Yellow, Trillanes, Cayetano and Pimentel did a splendid job on putting him down.

  13. If you have clear cases of corruptions and families in congress, senator, mayor, VP and councilor. What do you think of the person?

  14. Omg, question yourself this. If this is the USA, where do you think binay would go? The nerve of some of these people saying all these binay allegations are political in nature is so absurd that is is sickening! How can a mayors salary, a piggery, a flower shop finance a Vp, a senator, a congressman, a mayors campaign, plus money left in the banks amounting in the hundreds of millions? If you do not smell corruption then you are idiots!

  15. Without Duterte and no alternative choice, kahit na lang sino maski siguro si Binay wag lang yung candidate ni Pnoy, thats a lesser evil

  16. ludicrous! nobody is indispensable, anybody can be replaced even the president even the vice-president, even the binays!

  17. I will go for VP Binay!
    I believe that all accussations hurled against him are politically motivated.

    • alvin stamaria on

      all the stink in the kitchen have been thrown at this man, yet he is still standing…guess the saying is correct, You cannot put a good man down, this time around all his accusers are running around looking financial backers to support their dreams….

  18. Yeah, Binay is the only qualified among presidential aspirants who filed for COCs to date to replace Aquino. Although he is now “convicted in the court of public opinion” for alleged wrongdoing – fabricated by the junk-yard-dogs in the senate who love to barks to get public attention (Trillanes and Cayetano) the masters of dirty tactics to get elected. I think VP Binay will survive these attacks.

  19. The Philippines is now listed as the most Corrupt Democratic form of government in the world, It is so insulting and sickening, because obviously the same people who initiated the decision has been made aware of Binays bank deposits through different sources “Marcos style” in different countries especially Canada made it through the mainstream, Why can’t the Filipinos learn about how not to tolerate such unlawful act by voting these people out of the office ? We even embraced some body who was already kicked out just to give him a chance to empty our National treasury while people are moving out to seek for better opportunity irregardless of how foreign slave drivers treat them, recently some foreigner hired a maid and pushed her to her death, this is what we get for not giving our poor Filipinos a fighting chance before others treat them like dogs that can easily be discarded without facing consequences because our poor Filipino workers are treated like third class citizens in a foreign land. Is this a country that has the highest quality Gold,the biggest supply of Palladium, the biggest source of natural resources such as Coconut, Rice, and among the many things that we can cultivate , thailand learned from the Philippines how to grow our miracle rice,now the biggest supplier in North America while China is selling us cheap fake rice. We have the best mango for the past 30 years and yet I pay $1.65 per mango that was grown elsewhere but labeled as Philippine mango. Our students excel in various fields but failed to serve the Filipino Hospitals and other institutions because of no available funding to pay their deserved salary for their vast knowledge of modern Medicine. Let us keep these corrupt politicians hand off our National treasury that uses them like their bank account.

  20. It is regrettable and a great waste that Mr. Francisco S. Tatad is not in the government even as a Senator or Justice of the Supreme Court. I have been following all his comments and I found myself completely in agreement with everything he says.

    • It is really incredible for Mr. Tatad to come up with this piece saying that Binay is the indispensable candidate and that Binay’s sin is lesser than Pnoy’s blunders. Mr. Tatad is ignoring the fact unearthed by AMLC regarding the Binay’s joint accounts with Ebeng Baloloy and Gerry Limlingan where billions were kept and stashed. Mr. Tatad, why don’t you ask Binay to explain where did he get all those fund and then after hearing his explanation, tell us then, if he deserves to be the president of this country.

    • all the accusation that had been hurled against binay has never been proven. those attacks against him and other members of his family are all politically motivated perpetuated by a politician who had already languished in jail.

    • Pignoy is the worst president of the Philippines and who will follow his footstep to continue his tuwid na daan is an idiot candidate for the president this coming election…

    • Then prove it in court Bozo!. Not just through trial by publicity. Prove his culpability through the legal process.

  21. If those machines will only hoodwinked the Filipino people, why can’t patriotic businessmen just finance a group of mercenaries and physically blow up to high heavens to destroy those hardware? Why can’t a similar ABB just shoot all those known election count operators? Surely, the NPA can easily find out where the homes and location of the families of these operators. Anyway, I know the retired military men will never sit idly while benigno et al will try to rape democracy come May 2016.

  22. Sir, you asked: “Why can’t the deadline be extended until the beginning of the campaign period to allow more qualified individuals?” My analysis is so that they’ll have more time to manipulate the memory cards and test the outcome of their desired results which, by the way, must be somewhat close to the also manipulated survey results!

  23. Nancy Bulok Cake on

    Anybody for President except Binay. Yes you are right, Llamanzares thinks that because she is ahead of the surveys that she can now become the President. What bills did Llamanzares proposed in the Senate and what achievements did she ever have as senator and clerk in the U.S. Masyadong ambisyosa.