• ‘Binay: Kulay-mahirap, asal-mahirap’—Trillanes


    Of course Senator Antonio Trillanes 4th would blow his top. Why, a shabby-looking security guard in some rural area refused him entry into the Batangas estate! Why, a Chinese-Filipino businessman had a Senator of the Republic wait under the sun!

    There’s nothing like a man’s huge ego pricked for him to reveal his true colors. Trillanes was so livid he blurted out his repressed world-view. He was mad waiting outside the gates of an agro-tourism park he was insisting was Vice President Jejomar Binay’s, and barked: “Kulay-mahirap si Binay, asal-mahirap.”

    Those terms are really a bit difficult to translate in its nuances, and the best I could do would be: “He’s got not only a poor-man’s skin color, but a poor-man’s behavior.”

    Translated, that’s certainly shocking. If Trillanes were in some other nation and said a similar thing, he’d be booted out of office in a week’s time for a racist, bigoted remark.

    Trillanes expectedly got slammed in social media:

    From left clockwise: Barreto, “Kutis-mayaman”, Binay, “ kulay-mahirap”, Trillanes, the brown-skinned accuser, Roxas in an “asal-mahirap” role.

    From left clockwise: Barreto, “Kutis-mayaman”, Binay, “ kulay-mahirap”, Trillanes, the brown-skinned accuser, Roxas in an “asal-mahirap” role.

    “Being poor is nothing to be ashamed of. However, Sen. Trillanes’ comment re kulay mahirap suddenly seemed so offensive.,” one posted in Twitter. Another netizen asked: “Pag maitim ba mahirap na agad? [Does being dark mean being poor?] Respeto naman Senator Trillanes.” “Just because you have brown-skin kulay mahirap na? Hiyang-hiya naman sayo ang mga pinoy, Sen. Trillanes!” a Tweeter said.

    A blogger also asked: “Asal mahirap, kulay mahirap, hiyang hiya naman ako sa sinabi ni Trillanes. Siya kaya? Asal mayaman? At kulay mayaman?”

    Although I haven’t heard nor read the “kulay-mahirap” term used publicly, it undoubtedly represents a common notion in Philippine society. One’s skin color is perceived, with exceptions of course, as an indelible marker which socio-economic class one belongs to. There is even a gradation: the elite have pinkish-white skin color, the middle class (using that term loosely) “Malay” brown, and the darkest brown for the poorest.

    Trillanes is right, though, to some extent. Color tone in our country is the result of our colonial history, as it is in most countries colonized by Spain. The white-skinned Spanish colonizers conquered the brown-skinned Malays six centuries ago, and their progeny, more accurately the descendants of the conquistadores’ business-minded hangers-on, became the Ayalas, Sorianos and Aboitizes of today. A few—many actually from the friars—intermarried with the Malay native population and with the Chinese trading class (or forcibly sired children in the case of the clerics) to produce the mestizos of today, such as the Cojuangcos, Romualdezes and Aranetas.

    This is the reason why more people are mestizos in provinces where the Spaniards and the Chinese had their colonial agricultural businesses, mainly sugar—for instance in Central Luzon and the Negros provinces—compared for instance to the northern provinces such as Isabela where Binay’s mother comes from and the Marcoses’ Ilocos provinces that were nearly inaccessible frontiers in the 19th century.

    Dark-skinned became to be entrenched in our minds as being poor, since the poorest in our country are farmers and fishermen who spend most of their days under the sun that further tans their skin. (A noticeable rise in fair-skinned Filipinos among the lower-class, one observer noted, could be the result of out-of-wedlock children by rich mestizos and lower-class Filipinas.)

    The closest that Trillanes’ term “kulay-mahirap” had been used publicly, but in reverse, was a skin-whitening cream’s commercial that had socialite Gretchen Barreto as a model, with the ad copy “kutis mayaman” (complexion of the rich). Its huge billboards along SLEX always had me irritated, with my socialist predilections, to no end.

    Barreto’s ad represents the sad evolution of our world-view: Fair-skinned not just means the rich; it means beauty. Rather than due to women’s striving to be identified as rich, the booming skin-whitener industry here (and also in India and Southeast Asia) is based on the notion deeply entrenched now that beauty means fair-skinned.

    It has become such a craze here that probably a third of media advertising now is for those skin-whiteners. It has become a billion-dollar industry after multinationals rushed only in the past decade to formulate and sell these mostly glutathione-based medications that before had been used solely to treat abnormal skin conditions. Several aisles in drug stores and supermarkets are now devoted to skin-whitening brands. In a Mercury Drug store in the town I live in, I’ve seen obviously poor young women buy skin-whitening products, in sachets which they can afford at a time.

    There seems to be a regression in our notions of beauty. In the 1970s, getting some traction was the view of the beautiful brown-skinned Filipina morena, with such icons as singer/actress Nora Aunor and beauty queen Gloria Diaz. There are no counterparts of Aunor and Diaz today. Or was that merely our aping of the Black-is-Beautiful craze in the US in that period?

    I haven’t heard nor read anybody though using Trillanes’ term “asal-mahirap” (poor-man’s behavior), and I’m puzzled what he was referring to. One interpretation would be that he thinks Binay is acting like a poor man, which I disagree with. It is rather Mar Roxas’ photo-ops as a tricycle driver, as a cargador and as a carpenter which I think are gimmickry to behave like a poor man, a desperate attempt to shed his indelible haciendero label.

    Binay may indeed, as one columnist claimed, be “playing the class card.” But was there ever an election in our impoverished country where the poor make up 80 percent of voters, in which candidates didn’t use the “class card,” even if they really couldn’t and really wouldn’t deal it?

    If that’s what Binay is doing, he is doing the right thing, politically, and Trillanes is even helping him.



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    1. “Kulay mahirap, asal mahirap” Ako ay ipinanganak sa Tagalog Region at ito ang pagkaunawa ko sa mga salitang ito: This phrase was used as a figure of speech. Kapag ang hanapbuhay ko ay mostly menial or labor intensive at ako ay hindi gumagawa sa opisina bagkus sa labas ng isang gusali o kaya sa field work.. Madalas sun burned ako, maiitim dahil sunog sa araw. Kung ako ay magsasaka or mangingisda or laborer sa construction ( na totoong naging hanapbuhay ko rin noon) Anak araw ang tawag sa akin. Hindi ako nasasaktan or affected or sensitive sa ganitong mga salita. Kasi totoo naman na kulay mahirap ako dahil sa hirap ng trabaho ko. Asal mahirap: Mahirap ang pamilya namin. Papaano ba kumilos at umasal (behavior) ng isang mahirap? Ako alam ko kasi mahirap ang family namin. Kung ano ang kayang i-provide ng Tatay at Nanay ko, yun lang ang gagastusin namin. Hindi kami maluho.(Extravagant). Tipid na tipid kami. Walang magarang sasakyan, simple ang tahanan. Maliit ang bahay namin at luma pa. Rental apartment pa rin. Wala kaming TV. Radyo lng. Wala rin refrigerator. Tapayang clay ang palamigan namin ng tubig. I lived in Caloocan and Tondo…maraming slum areas and squatters sa lugar namin. hindi malaki ang sweldo ng Tatay at Nanay ko dahil pareho silang kawani ng gobyerno. ang itinurong magandang asal ng mga magulang ko sa aming apat na magkakapatid “Huwag kang magsinunghaling.” Huwag kang Magnakaw.” “At magkaroon ka ng tamang takot sa Diyos.”Kung titingnan ko ang lifestyle ni VP Binay (alisin ko na si Senator Trillanes sa eksena). Hindi naman mahirap si Binay. Napakayaman ng pamilya nila at napakaluho.
      Madali kasing magkunwari, ang pagbabalatkayo ay natural nang ginagawa ng mga tiwaling nanunungkulan sa pamahalaan. Kung sa sweldo mula sa pamahalaan ang magiging pamantayan natin ng Assets and Liabilities ng isang government employee katulad ng Binay family, saan sila kukuha ng milyones na salapi? Balatkayo….mapagkunwaring mahirap daw sila…

    2. Napakahirap talaga magkunwaring mabait kung likas na masama ang ugali. Arroganteng Senator Trillanes na laging galit sa mundo, sayang ang binabayad sa kanya ng gobyerno ano pa kayang asal meron sya kung maging presidente ito, baka masahol pa yan kay BSA. Sympre kahit sabihin ni Tiu na pwede sya pumunta dun sa sinasabing Hacienda Binay kailangan pa din nya humingi ng pahintulot o appointment na dadalaw sya dun, hindi naman yon community park na pwede ka pumunta anytime na gusto mo. Dahil senador ka pwede ka na basta pumunta lang dun at dahil hindi ka pinapasok sisinghalan mo yong mga nakakababa sayo dahil hindi ka pinapasok, lahat ng tauhan dun ginagawa lang nila ang kanilang trabaho.

    3. Ito ang winika ni Trillanes ng makita nya ang hacienda sa Rosario:
      “Well, nakita natin ‘yung karangyaan nitong lugar na ito at gusto ko ngang maipakita na ito, dalawang pagkatao nito ni Vice President Binay na nagpapakita siya na mahirap siya, kulay-mahirap, na asal-mahirap, pero ‘yun pala mayroon siyang sikretong mundo na, ito nga, na karangyaan”

      Teka baka mali ang intindi ko ng tagalog ni Trillanes ah, pero wala akong makitang itim o dark brown na associated sa kanyang sinabi. Ang nabasa ko ay “kulay mahirap” na sa aking pagkakaintindi ay ASTA, KILOS, o PAKITANG PANLABAS na ipinoproject na kaanyuan at kilos ng isang tao.

      Sa pagkakalimilimi ko sa gustong sabihin ni Trill: Si VP ay nagaastang mahirap ngunit sa kabila nyan sya ay filthy rich. Katumbas lang ito ng Wolf in a Sheep’s clothing – playing a role contrary to their real character.

      Ang sumulat ng editorial na ito ay siya ang nagpatungkol ng ang ITIM ay KULAY MAHIRAP dahil nga maitim o dark ang kulay ng balat ni VP.

      Mr Editor Tiglao, please explain kung saan mo kinuha o paano mo napaglahok – na ang MAITIM NA BALAT ay kulay ng mahirap?

      • Ang ibig sabihin ni trillanes ay hindi yung iniisip ng karamihan na negative.bagkos yung ugali ginagawa ni Binay na nag aasal ng akala mo mababa..yung pa humble effect..ni Binay.. Hindi para laitin ang mahirap.iba yun.

      • Sa totoo lang, sana matakot tayo sa Panginoon..sana mahuli na yung nagsisinungaling.watching the hearing in the senate on tv.,…talagang my isang nagdadahilan lang..Im praying God will convict this group soon. Nothing is impossible in God..

    4. Here is a quote from the great altruist Martin Luther King said once : “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

    5. Skin whitening is very popular only in Asia, especially Southeast Asia like Pinas where they are more effective as our skin is not as stubborn as those of black Africans. They have already given up on Africa I quess and because Africans have already accepted the fact that their color is beyond repair. Not with Asians. Trillanes perhaps need to visit more places rather than spend his time in his air conditioned abode. He might find to his amazement that there are poor people who look, act and behave more proper than him.

      • Skin color…it is a huge issue in India as well. Somehow, dark people represent a certain society caste system. The darker Indians are the poorer Indians. So even East Asia has this concerns.

    6. puro nalang kagagohan ang iniisip ng tatlong senador na ito alam na ninyo kung sino sila…kung ang mga taong ito ay matino at may respeto sa tao at sa katungkulan nila they will not resort to this kind of investigation against vp binay which is very damaging to an innocent person. they are already convicting vp binay guilty of wrongdoings… si corona nga na impeach dahil sa SALN niya. a person is innocent until proven otherwise in court… kung matalino pa mga taong ito, they conduct the investigation in a very discreet manner… walang media coverage…reach out as much as possible credible witnesses as resource persons that can really substantiate the allegations against vp binay, gather documentary evidences…give also vp binay’s camp their day in the hearing with all the resource persons they have as well as all documentary evidences related to the allegations… then after due hearings and evidences are substantial enough to legislate laws then let it be as it may… then recommend to the ombudsman to file appropriate case against vp binay so the ombudsman can come up with recommendation to congress to impeach binay… ito dapat ang normal procedure…. eh ang ginawa nila trial by publicity and let the people decide kung iboto ba si binay o hindi based on what the media published or say …. masyadong mapolitika ang pinas kaya maski sinong leader na aakay sa atin mabait man o balasubas..hindi tayo aangat… nakaw lang nasa isip. inggit ang saloobin ng mga magnanakaw na ito… sabi ni cayetano, trillanes at pimentel… masyadong malaki ang nakaw mo binay sa amin maliit lang kaya hindi ka namin tatantanan hanggang hindi pumantay ang nakaw mo sa amin…..

      • You cannot do that sir. Public figures ang involved. The Filipinos should know how corrupt this Binays have become. Matalino nga ang mga senador na ito for dragging the nation into this draman. Discreet ika mo…sorry but that is bull crap.

      • Malinaw na hindi ka nanonood ng hearing paenglis2x kapa.. Cgruo nga may alam ka at mukahang edukado pero puro ka salita manood ka muna ng hearing subaybayan mo..kya bumabagsak ang Pinas dahil sa mga edukadong tulad mo…

    7. For me both the accused binay, and the accusers trillanes, cayetano, pimentel, and 99 % of the Senate as a whole are all corrupt. And have no rights to point fingers to each other because they are all guilty of illegally pocketing the government taxpayers money thru PDAF and DAP.
      These senate and Congress are useless and should be abolish together with the abnormal eneprt useless aquino.

    8. pasasalamat pa rin kaming mga kulay mahirap dahil napatunayan na ang mga lola namin hindi agad tumiyaya nang alokin ng mga puting dayuhan…pero itong mga kulay mayaman na to cgurado kami na tumiyaya agad ang mga lola nila ng alokin ng mga puting dayuhan..kaya yumaman din sila…it’s simple as that.!!

    9. Let him do his job to investigate for heaven sake!!. After all he is our Senator. I like this guy not intimidated by individual or group of individuals who criticize him for doing what appears good for our country. . Why shoot the messenger? It’s up to Binay and his family to answer the alleged overprize, unexplained wealth, etc.

      • What a idiot Trilliones nuthugger. I accuse you of being Bakla for sucking trilliones dick! Come to the kangaroo court senate and disproved all my allegations bring some documents saying you’re not Bakla and you didn’t actually sucked trilliones dick, aight hommie?

      • Trillanes is a senator, but he’s not acting like one. He is not intimidated but he’s the one doing the intimidation. He acts like the “terror” sergeant major who relishes in harassing and hassling soldier trainees, getting his high in sowing fear rather than earning respect. He is not longer a disgruntled officer, but still acts like one.

      • nobody is saying he must not do his job. But to look down on the color of a native pinoy and to add that asal pobre comes with being poor, he was very condescending. He meant that because a person is poor, his ways and manner are that of an uneducated person. Who cares if you like him or not, what matters to the public is the truth, whether favorable or not to the person you like. He was the one who wanted to imress people during their manila hotel sting, et al, that he is poor man only looking for changes. My ass, did you really know this guy? Talk to the people who know him personally without bias. Education and color does not make a person, you know that don’t you? Or maybe not?

      • True, if he were in the US, he would lose his job just like that! People will not take that and will fry his ass.

    10. It looks like Trilannes is running out of things that Binay has done. It started with a garage, then cakes, then hospital, and then many more. Now it is Binay has a bad dark skin. This attack only makes sense when you consider that all attacks have had no proof. Trilannes wanted to have some proof so he choose skin color. Of course Trilannes misses the point that Binay had nothing to do with his skin color. Only his parents made him. Maybe he will call the vice mayor back to have him testify that the parents conspired to make Binay dark skinned so he will have the poor people on his side. Do not think Trilannes will not do because it is so stupid. Trilannes is proving every day how stupid he really is.

      • The investigation is not complete so I would not jump to conclusion. But the true colours of the Binay is in question. After being Mayor for many years, his son and later wife followed the senior to the Makati City Hall. What do you think of all of these? It is clear as crystal!

    11. Bonifacio Claudio on

      Mr. Trillanes have forgotten that everything we, including him, are enjoying in life are the fruits of the labor by the kumain-dili tulad namin. Where would civilization be had it discounted or misappreciated labor coming from the blood, sweat and tears of the lowly poor workers. Mr. Trillanes, I surmiss, was elected to his position by majority kulay-mahirap asal-mahirap na tulad namin… Ngayon, heto kami at dinudusta dahil sa aming kulay at gawi… O Diyos na mahabagin, iligtas mo po kami sa kapahamakan…
      Naa-alala ko tuloy yung tula noon sa grade school na dapat isina-alang alang ni Mr. Trillanes ay nagpapayo:
      “LET NOT AMBITION MOCK their useful toil,
      Their homely joys, and destiny obscure;
      NOR GRANDEUR hear with a DISDAINful smile,
      The boast of HERALDRY, the pomp of POWER,
      And all that BEAUTY, all that WEALTH e’er gave,
      Awaits alike the inevitable hour.”
      Nakalimutan ni Mr. Trillanes ang sabi sa kanta na “tayo’y pare-pareho lamang na may damdamin ding nasasaktan…” Mabuhay po kayo, HONORABLE senator…

      • Madrama ka at overacting manong. Suck it up! Mr. Trillanes was very upset kaya nasabi niya yun. It was out of disgust. Huwag personalin. Trabaho lang yun. Kaya di tayo umuunlad ay dahil sa tingin natin lahat atake sa ating pagkatao. Walang ganoon…

    12. Don’t expect Trillanes to be a reasonable man. He want to accuse Binay and have a one track mind that the accused is already guilty even without presenting an solid evidence in court. The senate investigation on Binay is to destroy Binay politically and if these is enough they will resort to impeachment to completely eliminate Binay as a potential main opponent in 2016. If the next SWS and Pulse Asia survey will show Mar Roxas leading the pack by 20 percent the investigation will suddenly stop. isip ka naman ng para bayan Senator Trillanes.

      • We’ll if the Binay do not have anything to hide then the show must go on. There are a number of issues the Binay got into.

    13. My impression of Trillanes is that,
      he’s self-righteous, a bully, arrogant, racist and anti-poor.
      His true colors recently unmasked.
      He is only fit to lead a mob or to lead ASG and other rebel groups,
      Bandidos in the South.

      • The guy (Trillanes) is with military background. He is a leader and very analytical. He is confident, high self esteem, have a strong character and full of confidence. He is by no means a good communicator as he admitted. I don’t think he is bully perhaps his questioning technique may have been misinterpreted, he is not a racist for sure and anti-poor.This is what I thought of him.

    14. Mr. Ken Qagayen, this is not excusing VP Binay for placing “Bina” on the packs of goods for distribution to the Yolanda victims. That shows only a showmanship of ACCOUNTABILITY. If the relief goods coming from him were found wanting, or not fit for human consumption, then we know who to blame. VP Binay knew how to risk his name and position where many “senathieves” and “tongressmen” would dare not do, as we are presently witnessing and experiencing today in our “Lupang hinirang” na dapat sana’y “duyan ka ng magiting”. Hayyyyyyy!!!! Mr. Tiglao…

      • You are right Sr. Gloria V. Felix and Batang Hero na kapag nagbigay ng gift lagi mo linalagyan ng name mo. Better to have Binay as president than having a president who always blames other people for their shortcomings.

    15. I do believe this article is just blurring the real meaning behind the statement of Trillanes. This is a good example of mass media playing on the poor mind of the Filipino people and a clear bias in favor of the accused (Binay). Instead of investigating the details of the corruption accusation, they prey on the lesser issue. Media has become a tool of politicians in shaping the opinion of the people, rather than unbiased provider of current events. This is the one of the reasons why the Filipino State continuously fail.

      • Media plays a major role anywhere in the world. Look at Fox news in the US bringing disinformation to the public. No matte how much evidence there are to rebut their statement, they continue to misinform. According to the survey, people who watch fox news are the most misinformed people in the US. It is not only the Philippines, all countries, and in many cases, politicians, oligarchs, businessmen, etc, etc, pay journalists to paint a good picture of them and criticize the opposition. That has always been the methods everywhere especially during election year.

      • Trillanes is one of the main reasons the Philippines is still third-world. Binay might have contributed for his Makati Dynasty but it is the kulay mayaman, and asal mayaman Trillanes that brings the whole Filipino race down.

        When God distributed humility, he obviously hid and came out only when it rained hubris.

    16. Kung si Binay ay “Kulay mahirap asal mahirap,” si Trillanes ay ASAL MAYAMAN NA MAYABANG, KULAY ASONG DUWAG NAMAN TAHOL NG TAHOL.

    17. Hypocritical, thats what trillanes is all about. Nakakasuka na itong taong ito. Dapat nang maalis sa senado ang mga gaya niya. Lets NOT vote for the likes of trillanes, cayetano and pimentel anymore, para mabawasan na ang mga bully sa senado.

    18. in all of it why is it , that binay is being compare to roxas when infact roxas has not been on this ordeal,,, it should not be like that …….. because hindi magnanakaw si roxas, wala syang political dynasty, ibig sabihin hindi sya gahaman sa kapangyarihan at posisyon.

      • roxas as a reminder, came from a political dynasty in capiz. And how do you know that roxas hasn’t stolen anything from the government? because he said so? do you believe in his words? of a politician? all of them lie at one point or another, some lie all the time, some lie to save themselves, some lie to destroy others. Binay hasn’t been convicted, once he is then, maybe he is guilty. Unless, like corona, money will rule and guilty or not guilty, he will be crucified anyway. Marcos has his children and wife in politics. The Osmenas had been in politics from one generation to another. Oh, I can name a few more for youj.

      • wla ding alam to.. daming salita..haha.. bobo rin.. so boto ka kay Roxas? anong ngyari sa Yolanda..

    19. hindi si trillanes ang nagsabi ng binanggit ni mr. tiglao kundi mismo ang kampo ni VP binay.. mali po kasi ang nais ipaunawa ng kolumnistang ito sa nais iparating sa mga nagbabasa dito.. sanay maunawaan natin ang napapanahong usaping ito at mailagay natin sa tama ang lahat. mabuhay po tayongf lahat!

    20. I am a retired US Navy, and most of my military career is spent on Navy ships. I also have relationships with mostly white women of European descent. My point is this I see this white people naked most of my life and to me they remind me of a butchered pig that has the hair shaved and ready to be sold to the market for consumers. We see this white people oiling their bodies and tanning under the sun to have a brown tanned skin, because they themselves cannot stand that pale white pigment that is the natural color of their skin. Tanning lotion, tanning booth, and expensive resorts are a billion dollar industry all design to make the white people get a brown color. So this mentality of Filipinos thinking that being brown is shameful, inferior and equate to being poor is just ignorant and a product of that colonial mentality that if you are not white you are not right. We Filipinos are a brown race, and that is the reality that we as a nation should identify with. We are not white, mestizo, or any other race, we are a majority of brown skin Asians and that is a fact.

      • Well said. Indeed, we Filipinos want anything associated with white people – many local folks even dye their hair so they’ll appear brunette or blonde! – that it’s becoming laughable. As a former-OFW, I once attended a party and there was this Irish woman who said she envied my brown coloring, and when I told her during the course of our conversation that some Filipinos use all kinds of beauty lotion to make their skin turn white, you know what she said? “Crazy people, you don’t know how blessed you are. Darn, I’d give up everything if Have your skin color!” So there.

      • Daniel B. Laurente on

        You cannot blame some new generations wanting to have a white fair skin stone because it has embedded in thier twisted mind that having smooth white skin tone would project them as mayaman, clean, more attractive, more better looking than the morena color. TV celebrities, Religious icons CEO’s and others, looks attractive but also prone to commit immorality because one is horny interested in the skin tone and beauty.

      • Exactly the reason why I posted in facebook a few days ago why pinoys/pinays are working hard to whiten their skin, enriching businessmen. While in other countries, our color is looked upon as the best color, olive, not black, not white. Whites spend more time darkening themselves just to be brownish. Why in the world would we spend money to change the color that we have? It is about time that we must be proud of what we have, who we are, and what we do, and that includes our color, our accent, and our hospitality. The important thing is we are as we are, a person of dignity and character.

      • It only shows that people are not contented with what they have..
        Whites would like to be Brown or Tanned..Browns would like to be white.

    21. Kutis-mayaman ka nga, eh mata-pobre ka naman o walang magandang asal, mas mabuti pa ang kulay na kayumangging kaligatan at may ugaling uliran.

    22. P. Akialamiro@yahoo.com on

      It is sad that we have this type of people in the government; they can’t simply be models of proper conduct and yet they want to be ‘leaders’. This reminds of me the saying: “The robe does’t make the priest”. By he same token, there’s more to the title of anyone called senator, or any other title for that matter. There’s such thing as ethics and proper docorum which turn into “charisma” or “it” for aspiring leaders.

    23. Jose A. Oliveros on

      There is a phrase in Tagalog that will describe Trillones’s during his Oakwood and Manila Peninsula capers – BAHAG ANG BUNTOT. Recall that seeing media people all around, he defiantly proclaimed that he and his cohorts would not surrender come what may. But when he realized that the ground commanders of the government troops surrounding Oakwood and the Manila Pen would make good their warning that if Trillones would not surrender, he and his cohorts would be blown to smithereens, the once defiant mutineers gave up like a meek lamb.

      • What do you expect? Contrary to what he wanted to project as a rambo-like image the man doesn’t have the combat experience to back up his hubris. He was a Naval officer.

      • The truth? I was surprised he won as senator! a senator! I wanted to cry! Now I am pulling my hair, why, why why?

    24. Mr. Tiglao, I like your very balanced exposition/explanation on the derogatory outburst of Sen. Trillanes against VP Binay. I wonder if Trillanes ever come across of the names of the following historical luminaries: Booker T. Washington, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Mahatma Ghandi? In our own backyard, we have Jose P. Rizal, the “Pride of the Malay Race” who “could not see why he should be despised because his skin was brown. In the schools of Manila he came to the conclusion that ability did not depend upon color”. I wonder, too, if Trillanes ever read the Holy Bible, for if he did, he would not have missed this verse: “I am as dark – lovely … Song of Songs, 1:5. In the great basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC, it is the Black Madonna, Our Lady of Good Voyage of Antipolo, the one being enshrined there. I have a presage, a dark one, Mr. Tiglao, that it won’t be long that Trillanes will soon be off for a (buen viaje) farewell voyage from the Senate! The Katipuneros who drove the white-skinned invaders were mostly, I supposed, dark-skinned, and they won!

      • Madrama ka sister. It was out of disgust. A tiger only growls when it feels intimated. Kung masaktan ka sister, aalma ka rin. Human nature yun. No amount of bible lessons can deny that.

    25. Kulay Mahirap:

      Ang pagintidi ko Sir, Ang Kulay Mahirap, ay ipinapakita ni VP Binay hindi ang kaniyang Kulay kundi kulay Mahirap.Ang Kulay Mahirap , ay isang pagkukunwari na ikaw ay mahirap at handang tumulong kung mayroon kailangan. Eksampol. Itong nakaraang Yoland. Ang daming kababayan natin ang biktima. Ang ginawa ni VP Binay, nagpunta doon na namahagi ng tulong. Ang kaso, ang mga ibinigay niyang tulong (goods)ay may tatak na BINAY. Kung taus puso siyang tumulong, bakit lagyan niya pa ang BINAY ang mga goods?

      ASAL MAHIRAP: Noong sinalanta naman ang Bagyo ng Lalawaigang Isabela, itong VP Binay, nagpunta naman at namahagi ng mga T-Shirt na may tatak BINAY. Nagpakita siya ng magandang loob, na handa siyang magbigay ng tulong. Yan ay ASAL na hindi katanggap tanggap. Kung totoong handa siyang tumulong, huwag ng lagyan ang BINAY ang mga T shirts na ibinigay..

      • Agree, Mr.13% is using the people money thru corruption ang kanyang pinamimigay kaya madali siyang magbigay dahil hindi nya pinaghirapan.It was actually Mr.13%VP Binay who said asal mahirap,kulay mahirap because of his dark skin he is divisive,Sen.Trillanes is merely saying what Binay said.

      • Ano ba gusto mo palagay sa mga goods. galing sa DWSD or galing kay Roxas, Trilla-ines, Cayetano etc…May naglagay sa pangalan ni Binay sa goods dahil baka may umankin na iba. alam mo ba yung mga goods na tulong na galing sa ibang bansa nirepake ng DWSD at nilagay yung pangalan ng ahensya. sino ngayon ang nakakahiya yung umankin ng tulong na di galing sa kanya. at least si Binay honest sa pagtulong. Hirap sa atin tumutulong na yung tao minamasama pa.

      • di ba’t ang importante ay tumulong sya? ikaw reklamo ka ng reklamo may naitulong ka ba? Regardless kung meron o walang name dapat maging masaya ka nalang na may tumulong sa mga victims. pag nagbibigay ka ba ng regalo di mo nilalagyan na galing sayo yun? shempre at some point ng pag tulong mo gusto mo din pasalamatan ka ng tinulungan mo. masarap kasi sa feeling kapag tumulong ka tapos pinasalamatan ka at alam mong kahit papaano ay nabawasan mo ang burden na dinadala ng isang tao.Malaki na naitulong samin ni VP Binay. Yung lola ko napaospital ng halos walang bayad dahil sa magandang pamamalakad nya. mga pinsan ko nakakapagaral ng kumpleto gamit dahil sa kanya. eh ikaw? anong na contribute mo sa buhay ng ibang tao? puro panghuhusga. wew

    26. May ill gotten wealth seguro si trillanes with the comment “KULAY MAHIRAP ASAL MAHIRAP”. Ang alam ko ng bagong senador yan sa SALN niya wala pang isang million ang net asset niyan. Kasi pakiramdam niya “KULAY MAYAMAN ASAL MAYAMAN SIYA..

    27. If i remember right he was told by tui that he could visit there. Then to be denied entry is, well lets say a little provocative. Now he was wrong in saying what he said, but lets not go over board here. He cant be called a racist as to comment on someone from your own race isnt racism. If he said that to an african then that would be racism.
      Now here is a question has binay signed a waiver for the bank secrecy law, as wasnt all senators supposed to do that in the wake of the corona affair. If he hasnt why hasnt he signed it. All workers related to government works of any kind should have to sign that bank secrecy law waiver, but more important than signing the banl secrecy law should be got rid of. Whilst you have it you make it much easier for these corrupt officials to hide their ill gotten money

    28. crisostomo, cesar on

      I think you’re a bit off tangent here dealing with the Senator instead of the more pressing allegations of corruption hurled against the VP. Indeed it would have been a more interesting read had you find time to discuss the issues against him. Let me just say that I admire and respect your opinion thus it tickles me no end to find out your position re the VP’s culpability or not. At any rate, I believe the VP is the “center front” of these alleged shenanigans in Makati hence would have been a more interesting subject to write. On Senator Trillanes, here’s my take: I owe it to him and the other two senators for bringing out to light the avalanche of accusations against the VP which, I might add, has been slumbering in the darkness for the past 28 years. They proved to me that they have the courage and guts to investigate as opposed to their colleagues in the Senate. By the way, I’m with you on all other issues, you know that.