Binay-Marcos talks ‘almost complete’


Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Wednesday said he is running for higher office in next year’s elections.

He, however, did not say which place he is setting his sights on but said his camp is almost done with talks with Vice President Jejomar Binay.

“We are about to finish the talks, I think we will have something already in the coming days,” Marcos told reporters after attending a campus forum at Universidad de Manila.

In an earlier interview, he said the option for him to run for reelection is not anymore being considered.

He also telegraphed a message that he is gunning for the vice presidency.

“In my case, I think we are headed in that direction. We are now presently talking about VP [Vice President],” Marcos said as he admitted that he is in “high-level talks” with the Binay camp.

He added that he is also in discussions with people identified with Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

“It is at the highest possible level. We talk directly to each other and I don’t think there would be any level higher than that,” Marcos said, referring to his meetings with the Vice President.

Binay earlier said Marcos is among those being considered to be his running mate in 2016.

Friendship-ending event
Senate President Pro-Tempore Ralph Recto is hoping that the 2016 contest among the five senators will be fierce but friendly, not a friendship-ending event.

The five Recto was referring to are Sen. Grace Poe, who has announced her candidacy for the presidency; Sen. Francis Escudero, who is Poe’s running mate; Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th, who is gunning for the vice presidency; Cayetano, who announced his vice presidential run in Davao City on Tuesday; and Marcos.

“You can disagree without demonizing each other. You can lock horns on policies but don’t stab your opponents’ backs with lies,” Recto said.

He expressed belief that the five, “having worked together in close proximity for years in a chamber as small as a volleyball court, would be a deterrent to a dirty campaign.”

“The election should all be about constantly lifting up one’s qualifications, not solely putting down the opponents,” Recto said.


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  1. VP Binay is not yet convicted in any wrongdoing. Like Mr. Aquino he is accused in many instances like DAP-PDAP-Mamasapano and other issues but block by his party-mates for being investigated. Nobody should jump in to conclusion without due process.

  2. Marwan Limlingan on

    Well I’m rooting for Binay but Marcos maybe we will see in election time. He’s different from his Father…

  3. Mr. Senator my message for you for this article…team up with Binay…..?????……?????

  4. Naku! Kapag si Binay umalyado kay Ferdinand Marcos jr, parang pinalabas ni Binay na wala siyang prinsipyo, OK sa kanya ang diktador, ang human rights abuses.

    Kapag si Ferdinand Marcos jr naman ang umalyado kay Binay, parang Pro-corruption siya, zero-accountability.

    Masisira sila sa mga isyu na pasan ng kanilang running mate.

  5. Binay-Marcos Tandem is the true opposition – they will be unbeatable ! Solid north will carry Binay and Marcos. The Bicolano votes are split over Escudero, Robredo and Trillanes – all three don’t stand a chance. Their only hope is Hocus Pcos.

    For all Filipinos who are sick and tired of the “daang matuwid” which now means: DAP, more crimes, mamapasano, mismanagement of yolanda,increase three-fold of smuggling at customs, no respect for the judiciary,LRT. MRT mismanagement , bribing of senators and more crimes committed by the Aquino-Roxas Administration – they have no choice but to vote for Binay-Marcos tandem. The “daang matuwid” of Mar-Leni /PNoy is all “kalokohan” !! Leni Robredo has no experience and she flunked the bar exams 3X ! Kawawa naman ang Pinas – we need leaders with more experience like Binay and Marcos because at the end of the day – most politicians equally have issues which includes corruption. While Pnoy admin is accusing Binay of corruption – the corruption and other crimes committed by PNoy and Mar is even WORSE ! We can’t wait for the end of the yellow regime. People should not vote for all the yellow people !

    • It is still fresh in my memory how Marcos viciously sacrificed a lot of my friends (at their prime age) just to keep his dictatorship. No offence but Marcos and Binay share the same pool of genes. Filipinos want to look forward for prosperity and not to bring back the traumatic nightmare of the Marcos of yesterday.

  6. Wonderful ! A Binay-Bongbong Marcos tandem is a great s combination of deceit and opportunism, a very clear picture of what had become a sickening spectacle of our political system. The former building his political career fighting the Martial Law dictatorship and the latter trying to rebuild the dynasty that cause irreparable damage to our country. But rejoice, they will fail and fall like the mighty of yonder years.What a great feeling seeing them lose as they try to hoodwink all decent filipinos.

    • You’re barking at the wrong tree… Go spew your venom to the Yellow Ribbons pinned up the chests of the traitors & enemies of Inang Bayang Pilipinas… Getz mo?! Oh Dios na mahabagin, ako yata’y mababaliw sa kawalang katinuan ninyo!!!


  7. To all Filipino who had been doped by the first Aquino Administration and , their so called EDSA1. They promises us heaven, but what we got rampant corruption and abuses of power. The Aquino sipsips the likes of T. guingona,N. Pimentel, Diokno,Salonga and the other one a Manila times writer now and among others makes us believed of the changes.But, what had happened this people are the one who get all the goods of power and money. Bring back a Marcos!!

  8. on

    Of all 4 VPs candidates, Marcos will beat them all. For 3 presidentiables, Binay will beat them all. However, should Duterte join the fray, he will handily beat them all, the reason being that, the people are tired of Aquino brand of politics – “noynoying.” Finger pointing, passing the buck, vindictiveness (selective), and lying are his style.

  9. Thank you, Mr. Recto!

    Present you dreams, your accomplishments, trust the Filipino will make the right choice. Trust their votes will really be counted!

    Avoid demonizing your opponents!

    Good advice, Mr. Recto!

  10. Roldan Guerrero on

    I am still hopeful BBM will decide to run for the presidency as I believe he is the best among all aspirants. I believe he can make this nation great again out of the damages these Aquinos have inflicted. His father the late FM is continously defamed and demonized by these YELLOW DEVILS who could not show visible accomplisments compared to what the late FM has done. Where had that more than 10 Trillion combined annual budget in just 5 years gone? This is a living proof that the Aquinos are the corrupt ones. What FM accomplished are still around and are still benefial to every Filipinos. BBM should be given a chance to continue what his father was unable to do. THIS NATION CAN ONLY BE GREAT AGAIN THRU BBM PRESIDENCY!

    • What FM has done? Countless human rights violations, taking up loans to build almost useless to unsustainable facilities, cronism… etc. No doubt FM was a very brilliant president but his reputation was tarnished by such acts. The debt servicing that eats up at least 30% of our annual budget is from the Marcos era. People who compare the Marcos era as the best economic times of the Philippines compared to neighboring countries do not realize also that it was during his term that the PH economy did go down. He might have made the Philippines great at one time, but he also had a hand why we are still behind our neighbors now.

      On the other side, I will not compare and hound BBM for his Father’s accomplishments the way we should not compare PNoy to Ninoy. I think BBM is a good senator. What I’m afraid he would do is try to reverse history to make his father’s name better rather than serve his countrymen today.

  11. Nancy Bulok Cake on

    It will be a big MISTAKE for Marcos to team up with thieve Binay. That will be suicide for the career of Marcos. Marcos should not forget the arrogance of Binay towards the elder Marcos during the 70s. I know it because I was there. Binay’s motive to team up with Marcos is just to make sure to get the Ilokano votes. Solid north votes already dwindled that millions of Ilokanos dislike the Binays. The Binay family is arrogant unlike the Marcoses. It will do good for Marcos if he will run for President than a VP candidate for thieve Binay. Binay-Marcos team means more votes for Roxas. Some Ilokanos are going for Roxas-Marcos in the Ilokandia.

    • Harrison Valencia on

      not actually a mistake for marcos to tie up with binay, my dream team actually would be duterte/marcos, if we really love marcos then we vote for him as vp, and ill vote for duterte as president, so it’s still a duterte/marcos for the win.